What to do for a Life-Changing Gap Year Experience

If your life is feeling a little crazy it is the perfect time to take a gap year. Taking a year off is a great way to: clear your head, re-prioritize, and remove the stress from your life. If you’re not sure what to do with your life, it can be a great way to discover things about yourself and could help you decide on a career path. There are so many ways to spend a life-changing gap year. Here are some great examples of things that you could do.

Rail Journey Through Europe

railway europe

Europe is a fascinating continent that is filled with beautiful art, historical monuments, stunning architecture, and many other things to explore. A great way to travel through Europe is by train. InterRail, EuroRail and RailEuro have many exciting different passes that are available depending on your age, and where you are from. The schedules are flexible and it is a great way to travel to the destinations that you choose to see.

Learn About Health Care In India

children india

India is a fascinating mix of old and new and it is great place to experience a different culture and a new way of life. There are many hospitals and clinics that offer volunteer opportunities for people with medical training. You can work in major cities or rural areas.

If you are interested in a career in medicine you can shadow doctors on their daily rounds to learn more about helping people. Be sure to visit some of the beautiful cultural sites and immerse yourself in the 5,000 years of history this exciting country has to offer.

Volunteer in Romania

bears romania

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Romania, and you could even include it in a tour of Europe. You can volunteer to work with bears who have been rescued from a life of abuse. The bear sanctuary is just outside of the city of Brasov and it is located in the Carpathian foothills. The people who run the sanctuary need help with meal preparation, and monitor the bears’ acceptance of the sanctuary. If you love animals this is a great way to give back and learn many new things. You can fly into the capital city of Bucharest and then take the less than three-hour train ride to Brasov.

If you’d prefer to help people, then you can volunteer in a children’s hospital in Brasov where you’ll gain a great deal of medical experience. There are also lots of orphanages that would benefit greatly from volunteers, and you can help to teach the children English.

Rainforest Conservation In Peru

turtle conservation peru

Taricaya Ecological Reserve is dedicated to saving the animals, insects, and flora and fauna that reside in The Amazon Rainforest. Saving one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems from threats like deforestation, poaching, and pollution is a brilliant way to spend a year off. If you love animals you can help rescue sick or injured animals or work on breeding programs for turtles and butterflies. They also need help studying the diverse flora and fauna and running a pilot farm.

Live in Morocco


Morocco is a beautiful country that is a great place to escape from your hectic life. Time just flows slower here. You can live in the beautiful walled city of Marrakech where you can experience an exciting nightlife and during the day you can explore beautiful palaces, gardens, mosques, and a bustling market.

You can also take day trips to the hills and trek through areas like Atlas Mountains. You could teach English through the days to earn a bit of cash, but make sure you spend plenty of time exploring Morocco and take a trip to the coast to work on your surfing skills.

Volunteering and responsible tourism should be incorporated in our usual travel goals. I, myself, helped raise funds for Orangutan conservation in Borneo by volunteering at MonkeeBar in Kuching, Sarawak. We can all help in our own ways as no help is big or small.

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