My Vietnam Bucket List Items

I have just applied for my Vietnamese visa and if all goes well, I am headed there in February 2017. I am super excited about my upcoming trip as Vietnam has been on my bucket list for a long time now. Another reason I am psyched is because I plan to fulfill some of my travel goals for 2017 as well there.

Things I want to do in Vietnam

fishing in vietnam

Join a co-working space

I have always wanted to join a remote work program or a co-working space. We bloggers need constant inspiration which can come in any way, shape or form. I need to keep exploring different options, which also means different workspaces. Even if I am at home, I keep moving around from the bed to the dining table, from couch to the chair – all in hopes of some light bulb moments. I truly believe trying different things is the core of existence and we should never stop experimenting. Since Saigon is a big hub for entrepreneurs, joining a coworking space here sure sounds like a fruitful endeavour – plus, they are quite reasonably priced at around $30 for a week. Not bad at all for all day high speed WiFi, networking events, comfy workstations and unlimited coffee – Bring it on!

Stunning Co-working spaces

Volunteer Opportunities

For my upcoming trip to Vietnam, I have already joined WorkAway and applied to help out with an English learning institute in Saigon. Students need social interaction and general English conversations to participate in to enhance their skills. That’s where volunteers fit in with part time roles to simply talk to students in English. Pretty easy, right? What’s more you definitely get a feel good factor by doing something meaningful rather than just sipping beers on the beach (Which is not bad either by the way *hic*)

English teaching

Hopefully it will be more than ABC 😉

Visit these places

Vietnam is so beautiful and there are numerous places I want to see. However, I like to divide and rule so I will start with these places and add more if time permits.

Halong bay

Known for its emerald green waters and towering limestone pillars, Halong Bay situated in the gulf of Tonkin, offers exceptional scenic beauty in a Karst landscape. These submerged landforms, display spectacular features, like arches and caves because of the continuous erosion. Taking a Halong Bay cruise amidst these stellar settings has been a dream since long.

halong bay cruise

Hoi An

The ancient town of Hoi An, on Vietnam’s central coast, is a good example of a carefully preserved South East Asian trading port dating back to the 15th century. The town is situated on the Bon river and showcases a fusion of both local and foreign cultures.

Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is vibrant mixture of the old colonial structures  and the new sleek skyscrapers; malls set against the backdrop of the city and the relics of the devastating Vietnam war. The War Remnants Museum and the Mariamman Hindu temple are a must see as well. However, my main reasons for visiting and sticking to Saigon for a while are to offer volunteering and enjoy the co-working environment.


This former French colonial city of Central Vietnam is popular for the sandy beaches and being the starting point for seeing the Ba Na hills. The third largest city in Vietnam is situated on the eastern sea coast midway between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Danang is also an upcoming entrepreneur hub (the next Chiang Mai or Bali in the making). There’s something amazing about working remotely from a beach destination, isn’t it? Well, I want to go and experience it first hand.

sunrise at danang

So with these plans in mind and 3 weeks at hand, I hope to enjoy my time exploring the country, giving back in whatever little ways I can and learning new things in Vietnam in 2017!


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