Useful Travel Tips for First Timers to Bali

From scenic waterfalls to lofty volcanoes and beautiful beaches to bustling bars, Bali is known to many but understood only by a few. As a result, due to the size of the island, first timers will always be in a dilemma on how to fit in a suitable vacation on this tropical paradise.

This informative guide will go a long way in assisting a new traveler to experience the best Bali has to offer with the minimum stress and hassle. My 3 month stint in Bali needs to be put to good use, after all. 

Health and Hygiene

A careful approach is required for a first timer to Bali when it comes to safeguard of personal health and welfare. Apart from the usual doses of vaccination which need to be taken, Bali Belly or diarrhea, is the number one travel related infection which can strike you anywhere in Bali.

Primarily caused from the intake of contaminated food and water, it is always advisable to carry anti- diarrhea drugs as a precaution as conditions can become dangerous at times. Even better, a natural product like Travelan, is designed especially to help reduce the risk of catching  travellers diarrhea (TD) in the first place.Taking a single dose before every meal, or when increased protection is needed, can greatly help reduce the risk of infection.

Travelan pack insitu USA

Clinical studies show Travelan® offers protection of up to 90% against the major strain of E.coli – one of the main causes of  travelers’ diarrhea. And a recent study carried out by the US Defense Department has shown Travelan® also offers protection against other nasty TD causing bacteria such as Camplyobacter and Shigella.- This study infuses more confidence , particularly to first time holiday makers to Bali, to lessen the chances of contracting Bali Belly, and enhancing their holiday experience.   

What to pack for Bali

Bali is hot and humid throughout the year so leave your jackets and heavy jeans behind. Stuff your backpack with cotton fabrics and swimming trunks as very rarely you will walk downtown without leaving a puddle of sweat behind. If you plan to visit temples, do not forget to carry a sash or sarong. Both men and women are required to cover their legs below the knees when inside the temples. 

Travelan tips packing list for Bali

When to Visit Bali

The peak season in Bali when is from July to August and Christmas and New Year week. Between May, June and September the prices are 30 to 50% cheaper than high season rates. April and October are good for water based activities as the surf is best at that time. This is also the best time to travel with children as the attractions are less crowded and stress free.

Accommodation in Bali

Bali has five principal regions, south, central,east, north and west Bali. The island itself is huge and driving from one end to another can take four hours. For first timers, it is recommended to stay at Central or South Bali as it is more tourist friendly and is activity based. Places like Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Jimbran in South Bali are legendary, while Central Bali has gems like Ubud with its famous Tegenungan waterfalls to keep you cool.

Dwaraka The Royal Villas Pool

Villas with private pools overlooking rice fields are the best

Homestays, hostels and hotels for every range are available on different websites. For those wishing to indulge spectacular villas are suitable for families and friends.

Things to do in Bali

Hidden under the fascinating culture of Bali are some of the most strangest wonders of the world. From hiking across deep ravines to visiting the island of the dead, there are innumerable range of exciting things to do. Swim in infinity pools or enjoy the views of the dramatic and active Mount Agung volcano, no matter where you are in Bali you will find it difficult to keep in pace with the dreamy natural beauty.

Bali beaches are da bomb

Soak in the culture

Bali is truly defined by its rich culture which is reflected everywhere you go, from the tiny shops to the temples to hotels and resorts. Ceremonies and ritual offerings are the order of the day, partaken by persons of all ages.

tanahlot temple

Tanah lot temple in Bali

Shopping in Bali

The markets in Bali are fun and a great place to be for first time travelers. Places like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud and Legian are a haven for shoppers, though, a lot of bargaining is needed. Stores house jewellery and antiques but cost almost same as home so look around for sales.

Getting around in Bali

While pre arranging a driver is the best for a new visitor to Bali to transit from the airport to hotel, the reputed Bluebird taxi is also a good option, especially for short trips. Always travel by meter to avoid unnecessary problems at the end of the journey. During peak hours consider a scooter hire to take you to your destination. They are speedy but need to be driven carefully as traffic is heavy.

These VW's make for excellent photo backdrops too

Ride in your own VW – Yes! its possible in Bali

So strap your bag around your chest, slip into your sandals and get ready to embrace Bali like a seasoned local and not as if you have stepped for the first time on the island.

Disclaimer – This post is written in collaboration with Travelan®

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