Traveling to Tuscany? Here’s How to Capture Tuscan Style!

Planning a trip to Tuscany, Italy? Well, then you need to be armed with the right wardrobe.

The fashion and design sector in Tuscany is centered around Florence. The neighbouring cities of Arezzo and Prato are better known for their gold work and textiles manufacturing respectively. Through certain  initiatives, strategic partnerships and well planned mergers, between the three places,the current fashion scene has further been restructured by adding more value and significantly enhancing the local production.

Tuscan Vacation Style Trends 2017

Tuscany, today, has carved a niche for itself in the Italian fashion arena and doesn’t stand far behind either Lombardy, or for that matter even Veneto, in terms of total production and employment. As a result, many of the leading fashion brands of Italy have made their base in this region, by establishing at least one outlet for sale in the main cities.

The internationally well known fashion events like Pitti, are held round the year in Florence. The city also plays host to Prato Expo, a bi-yearly fashion fair which showcases the textiles and garments that are solely produced in Prato.The concentration of such creative genius in Florence, has as a result made people appreciate the art of fine clothing and has thus made the city even more appealing to the true follower of fashion.

What to Pack for a Trip to Tuscany?

So how to answer the million dollar question – what should women wear in Tuscany? Apart from getting on a plane and jetting off to this fabulous place, a quick guide to keep not only looking chic all the time, but leaving ample space in the suitcase for more buying new clothes, is given here.

The perfect option for winter clothing in Tuscany is undoubtedly to work with neutrals. Colors like navy blue, black, beige and grey can be used to create many different looks. A lunch dress could possibly be a combination of skinny black trousers with a white shirt and a black blazer to match.

For a formal evening outing, change into a black pencil skirt with a black cashmere sweater as a top. Using neutrals in a mix and match manner, can lend a lot of versatility to the wardrobe, especially when on a vacation.

Perfect evening wear in Tuscany

Perfect evening wear in Tuscany

As far as footwear is concerned, the temptation to wear your best pair, will always exist. While your four inch high heels will be ideal for dinner, walking on the cobblestone streets may not be a good idea. Instead opt for something stylish with the correct arch support, like a ballet flat or a leopard front kitten heel which will always be comfortable on the ankles.

Temperatures, in Florence, tend to fluctuate during the winter months. It is therefore best to layer your look, particularly if you plan to be out most part of the day. Layers, will be the perfect answer to what to wear during winter. Be sure to add a scarf to your outfit. Not only will it hide the ageing marks, but will keep you warm and add an interesting feature to your outfit.

Tuscany fashion women

Layer up to combat Tuscan style!

The range for Men has been very wide this season making dressing them for Tuscany really a cinch. Italy is a country of well-tailored men’s wear, so none of the clothes should be ill fitting. An orange coloured elegant cotton vest with a trim silhouette, over a sports shirt will do. Dark jeans, are thought to be a travel staple for men. They can be worn on a casual dinner to a fancier meal in Florence. A burgundy cardigan and blue suede shoes will be just right for the occasion.

Spring fashion styles can be florals which are ideal for this type of weather. They have classic Italian styling, are made from exquisite fabrics, make good souvenirs and are extremely affordable. Bright and bold colours are some of the summer delights to cherish and covet. Beach wear should be lose and stylish to match your mood and give relief from the scorching sun. Hats and long skirts can be good ideas too.

Beach wear tuscany

Look cool in casual yet stylish beach wear

So whether it is a simple floral  dress, with matching  chic shoes and sunglasses, or just a jean jacket over a smart looking romper, there are plenty of options to get inspired by on your next trip to Tuscany.

Disclaimer – This post is written in collaboration with “To Tuscany” as an entry to their latest travel contest. 

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