Things to do in Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting is one of the top holiday destination for people from Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks to its pleasant year round weather, Genting is the perfect hill town with winding roads and misty views. Located just an hours drive from Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, it is thronged by tourists throughout the year. With ample things to do in Genting Highlands due to the massive influence of Resorts World Genting, the destinations popularity is growing manifold with most hotels of RWG boasting of 90% occupancy rates with no low season.

Resorts World Genting is literally your one stop holiday destination with family or friends. They have made Genting a popular resort destination of Malaysia with all sorts of entertainment you can imagine under one roof. You literally don’t even have to step out of RWG for anything once you are there.

First World Hotel – The Largest Hotel in the World

During my recent stay with Resorts World Genting, I was happy to experience the bustling First World Hotel. It holds the record for being the World’s Largest Hotel as per Guinness World Record. To be honest, even though I knew it was massive, I had no idea it would be so humongous. The hotel itself has over 7,351 rooms (with expansion plans in pipeline) and thousands of visitors flocking the lobby area all day long. At first, it was quite a cultural shock but I soon got over it and started enjoying it immensely.

Our world club room was comfortable, though basic but the highlight was surely the stunning valley view from the window.

I loved the fact that they had self check in Kiosks where you can simply scan your passport, choose room preference and bingo – your key cards pop out. Isn’t it amazing? This is the first time I have ever seen this in a hotel and I think its a step forward in today’s digital age.

Culinary Delights at Resorts World Genting

I think I need several articles just to describe food at Resorts World Genting but in short – it was finger licking awesome. We tried several popular restaurants at the Sky Avenue (which is over 1.4 million sq feet in size) and weren’t disappointed even once. With over 70 food outlets to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. We finally zeroed in on few international and Malay F&B outlets like London-based Burger & Lobster, Parisian Cafes Richard, Spanish La Fiesta and the highest food court in Malaysia called Malaysian Food Street.

Click here to read about all the gastronomical delicacies we enjoyed at Sky Avenue.

Fabulous Experiences at Resorts World Genting

Cable car at Awana Skyway

Cable car at Awana Skyway

Cable car Gondola with Glass Floor

Another unique experience at Resorts World Genting is the Awana Skyway which has 99 gondolas, 10 of which has a awesome glass bottom floor which gives you breathtaking aerial view of the rainforest below.

The cable cars can go upto top speed of 6 meters per second and transport a whooping 3600 passengers per way in just an hour. I took the glass bottom car right up-to the Chin Swee Temple even though there are stations to stop en-route.

Theater at Genting International Showroom

Genting International Showroom often hosts live concerts and performances but we totally lucked out with our timing here and got to experience the opening of Broadway musical “Soul of Shaolin”. Can you imagine watching a show from Broadway in Malaysia? I was totally speechless as I enjoyed this Kung Fu extravaganza performed by real monks, live in front of me whilst taking pictures from the best seats in the house.

Soul of shaolin

Front row VIP Seats to Soul of Shaolin Theater

Shaolin Monks who performed this Broadway extravaganza

Shaolin Monks who performed this Broadway extravaganza

Casinos and Clubs

From the Sky Casino to Monte Carlo, Exclusive high roller casinos and ones with private tables, RWG has something for all types of gamblers. If you are a gold member, you also get entry to exclusive Genting club which is the ultimate mecca for high rollers. Plus leather sofas in the cigar room, aged whiskeys, exotic cocktails and live music/DJ till wee hours of the morning – They sure do know how to make you feel special with the VIP treatment wherever you go.

Shopping at SkyAvenue

The brand new SkyAvenue mall houses most of the top international high street fashion brands such as Body & Works, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Pandora and many more . Luxury floor at level 2 is in the pipeline and I can’t wait to go and explore more shopping options there.

Twentieth Century Fox World theme park

Twentieth Century Fox World theme park is the most anticipated, first of its kind in the world, attraction of Resorts World Genting. It promises to be bigger and better than ever before. I can’t wait for it to reopen and then I will definitely to go back and experience all the amazing thrilling rides for adrenaline junkies the park has to offer. As a big time amusement park buff, this is something high on my bucket list. So watch out RWG – I am coming back!!!

Other Things to do in Genting Highlands

Chin Swee Caves Temple

We had an opportunity to visit the lovely Chin Swee Temples in our glass floor gondola. The temple spans across 28 acres and is situated at 4600 feet above sea level. I witnessed interesting Taoist architecture and a huge Buddha statue.

The main big Buddha statue at Chin Swee Temples

The main big Buddha statue at Chin Swee Temples

Entrance to Chin Swee Cave Temples

Entrance to Chin Swee Cave Temples

Chin Swee Cave Temples

Stunning view of the valley below from the temple

Lovely Chinese Taoist Architecture

Lovely Chinese Taoist Architecture

The temple houses many turtles in a small pond and it is said that anyone can come to release turtles there which would in turn bring them good luck and fortune.

Turtle pond at Chin Swee

Turtle pond at Chin Swee

Genting Highlands For Nature Lovers

tortoise in english garden

Visit the English Garden with Treks Genting

Eddie and Pat of Treks Genting were our guides for our two days at Awana. As we were all nature lovers, our time spent in their company turned out to be the highlight of our trip.

 Eddie and Pat of Treks Genting

A lesson in Pitcher Plants by Eddie Chan of Treks Genting 🙂

english garden shop of Treks Genting

Feeling at home in the English garden shop of Treks Genting

This Malaysian couple is kind, sweet, polite and generous. Eddie patiently answered all our questions about pitcher plants and they took us around the lovely English garden where we could enjoy some nature and learn more about these beautiful plants.

The exotic colorful Pitcher plants

The exotic colorful Pitcher plants

Chilling in the English Garden with Mommy Dearest

Chilling in the English Garden with Mommy Dearest

Get close to nature at Fashion Forest

Treks at Fashion forest are also handled by Eddie and Pat. We had so much fun walking around and learning about the flora and fauna of the area.

mom and pat

We walked around while mom and Pat decided to relax and take in the fresh jungle air

The first thing we saw was a huge black Scorpion and we were mystified by this beautiful creature and more careful about where we stepped next.

Stunning Black Scorpion

Stunning Black Scorpion

Eddie and I had a great time live streaming our walk on Periscope Tv. You can click here to watch us live as Eddie talks about the forests and my eyes are constantly on the lookout for our feathery friends.

The forest owes its name to the fact that it has high speed WiFi connectivity all through. Hence, for the first time I could do a live stream video from inside the jungle. All trees have QR codes on them so if you use your phone camera on it, you will be instantly taken to a website for more information. In today’s tech savvy era, its a fun way to educate kids and adults alike, I would say.

Pretty dragonfly in the forest

Pretty dragonfly in the forest

Tip – Wear full pants, apply mosquito repellent and use proper closed footwear with high socks to avoid leeches while walking in Fashion forest.

Enjoy Birding Opportunities in the Area

Very close to the fashion forest is a lovely stretch which is ideal for birding. We arrived at the break of dawn to catch some lifers and got extremely lucky.

birding area genting highlands

Amazing stretch with trees on either side and ample birding opportunities

Eddie invited an expert birder to join us which was a real treat. A few hours stroll along the stretch rewarded us with sightings of Little cuckoo-dove, Black Hornbill (Highlight for us), Ashy Bulbul, Black-crested Bulbul, Long-tailed Sibia, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Grey-chinned Minivet, Oriental White-eye, Stripe-throated Bulbul and the elusive Slaty-backed Forktail. You can see we had a blast.

Little Cuckoo-dove genting highlands

Little Cuckoo-dove Almost camouflaged by those matching fruits

So much so that we returned after a quick bite at Awana Resort. During out second shot at the stretch we could hear Gibbons calling out in the jungles. The sounds were surreal and we spent an hour just listening to them and straining our eyes to catch a glimpse of these extraordinary primates. We weren’t as fortunate but I am sure we will return and try to track Gibbons with the help of our lovely hosts Eddie and Pat.

Eddie trying to capture a lovely butterfly

Eddie trying to capture a lovely butterfly

Treks Genting is doing a spectacular job of educating people about pitcher plants, nature and environment in Genting Highlands. Not many would even consider Genting as a birder’s paradise but you would surprised if you pay a visit and enjoy some walks around the fruiting trees with Eddie.

Best Time to Visit Resorts World Genting

At a height of 6000 ft, it is a popular year round destination with temperature ranging from 14 – 22 degrees. With amazing weather anytime of the year, its the go-to destination for Malaysians and other parts of Asia.

Bookings and Info –

For bookings , please call the World Reservation Hotline at (603) 2718 1118 or logon to

Disclaimer – My folks and I were graciously hosted by Resorts World Genting and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cuisine and all the amazing experiences lined up for us at 6000 feet. Special thanks to Asst PR manager Irene Chua for taking great care of us throughout our 4 days at the resort and to the lovely VP of PR at RWG – Katherine Chew for taking out time from her hectic schedule to welcome us in person. All in all, excellent hospitality was extended to us by each and every member of RWG crew. 


  1. Wow, what an amazing place! I have never heard of this place. I was just in China a month ago. I wish I would have heard about it before my trip. It would have been great to visit it.

  2. Just came back from this trip. We weren’t so lucky with the view. 1. there was lots of renovation and 2. LOTS of mist/fog/clouds.
    Irene is amazing btw.

    • Yes construction and fog were deterrents for our trip too but we got lucky once or twice at least 🙂 Yes, Irene is wonderful and she spoils you. Glad you had a nice time at RWG.

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