The Top 10 Beach Vacation Destinations

Are you daydreaming of sipping coconuts, swimming with tropical fish and feeling powder-white sand between your toes? If so, prepare to book one of the best beach vacations you’ve ever experienced! Holidaying by the sea can boost Vitamin D intake, enhance well-being and influence an active lifestyle.

Seeking Out Pristine Coastlines for the Best Beach Vacations

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Every year, adventurers book their beach vacations on Expedia and flock to the best beaches in the world for sunbathing, watersports and sightseeing. After all, why wouldn’t they? Planet Earth presents travelers with plenty of opportunities to get salty hair and sun-kissed skin. From secluded shorelines and surfer’s paradises, to vast expanses of wildlife-rich coastline, the choice truly is overwhelming. 

For example, Brazil is home to the longest beach in the world – Praia do Cassino Beach. At 150-miles long, there’s a lot to discover on the Brazilian coast. Alternatively, there’s a colony of pigs waiting to greet visitors on the uninhabited Pig Beach in the Bahamas!

Don’t let yourself feel baffled by the world’s beaches. We’ve narrowed down 10 of the best beach vacation destinations where you can enjoy an exotic recess with loved ones:

Dreamland Beach, Bali


Known as “The Island of the Gods,” Bali is a magical island with a vibe unlike any other. Let the magical feeling wash over you in full force at Dreamland Beach, which is one of the island’s lesser known beaches. Concealed on Southwestern Bukit, the white sand beach is a stark contrast to many of the island’s black volcanic sand beaches. Creep around the caves and look out onto the turquoise blue waters, where you’ll catch a glimpse of professional surfers (and tourists) carving through some of the world’s best waves!

Tikehau Island, French Polynesia


Part of the Palliser Islands group in the Tuamotu Archipelago, this island is based just a 40-minute boat ride from Motu Pouarua, better known as Bird Island. Witness nesting birds like the red-footed uaau and brown noddies here, or swim alongside tropical fish in the crystal clear waters surrounding Tikehau. If you fancy it, you can get further beneath the surface by diving with the Tikehau Blue Nui Dive Centre.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

This golden crescent of sand has been named “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” and there is no wonder why. It is picture perfect and may even look familiar to you, since it has been photographed so many times for the cover of magazines! Sitting on Grand Cayman Island’s western end, Seven Mile Beach has powdery white sand and warm waters that are perfect for swimming. It’s a good idea to pack a snorkel for this one.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Several marinas can be found at this island, which exhibits the famous Bahamas image of white sand and vibrant blue waters. The pastel-painted cottages scattering the landscape around the sand adds to the allure of this tropical beach. If you get peckish after swimming amidst turtles at Devil’s Backbone coral reef, grab a bite at one of the restaurants or cafes nearby.

Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Waipio Valley

One of Hawaii’s many beaches, Waipio Valley Beach is considered a natural wonder. Take one look at it and you will understand why. Its name translates to “curved water,” which is a fitting name due to its natural shape. The curved bay of black sand is hugged by a steep cliff, which hikers tend to love. The cool thing about this beach is that it can only be accessed by four-wheel drive, meaning that you might be the only person on the beach!


Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

Located in the United States Virgin Islands, this public beach is contained within a 21-acre protected park. Many visitors believe it to be the nicest beach in the Caribbean, what with its calm and clear waters gently lapping up onto a blanket of white sand. Visitors can use the hot showers and foot washes after snorkeling at Lindquist Beach, but expect to pay a $5 fee to enter the beach first. Don’t worry… it’s well worth it.


Treasure Beach, Jamaica

A mishmash of bays and coves can be found on the south coast of Jamaica, including Treasure Beach. A traditional fishing village with an off-the-grid location, the remote bay is a destination for complete tranquility and relaxation. White and dark sands merge together around the many secluded swimming areas. Keep an eye out for the local fishermen getting their catch of the day!

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido Island Hopping

You have never seen a beach like this before. Unspoiled in its beauty, El Nido is being added to more people’s bucket lists all of the time. Cliffs tower above the emerald green waters, giving the cluster of islands around El Nido a dramatic appearance. The coral reefs are some of the best diving spots on the planet and there are plenty of dive sites to choose from. Dive through an underwater cavern at Dilumacad Island or take a sunbathing break on the white sands.

Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii certainly won’t disappoint, with its vivid landscape of lush green lands and pristine beaches. One of Hawaii’s best beaches has to be Honokalani Beach. Hidden inside aiʻanapanapa State Park, its name translates to “glistening freshwater”. This is exactly what you will find at the black sand beach. Cutting through the flourishing green foliage above the beach are walking trails. Take a dip to cool off after traversing the land and make sure you climb to Kuaiwa Point at sunset if you get the chance.

Reduit Beach, St. Luciabe

Windsurfers favor this sublime stretch of sand, which is frequented by tourists and the locals. Located near shops, bars and restaurants, this beach offers a range of watersports for visitors, including adrenaline-pumping experiences being pulled across the ocean on an inflatable rubber ring! A water park named Splash Island can also be found at this stunning safe-swimming spot.

Packing Suitable Gear for a Trip Beside the Seaside

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Preparation is everything when it comes to booking the best beach vacations. From the clothing you are wearing to the personal documents you take with you, there are a lot of things to think about. Consider the climate and what kind of activities you will be doing ahead of packing your clothes and shoes.

Get your tickets, passport, travel insurance, credit cards and identification at the ready. Don’t forget to inform your bank of your plans to travel, since this may affect your ability to use ATM machines abroad. Got a GoPro? Bring it with you to capture special moments. A good book will serve you well on a beach break, as well as plenty of sunscreen, a portable cooler and snorkeling mask. And don’t forget to document your trip and share your best vacation moments as social media videos with your friends and family..

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