Ten Actionable Trip Planning Tips for Your Next Vacation

Planning for any vacation, especially if it is a long one, can be quite an arduous task. If by chance it happens to be your first time, it is but natural to get overawed by the whole situation. Where to start? Where to go and what to bring are all questions which need to be carefully addressed. So in order to assist you in overcoming these problems, this specially created guide will help you in planning your adventure in the best way possible. Irrespective of whether you are a first timer or seasoned traveling pro, these ten easy steps will ultimately encourage you to take that one final push to get out and see some of the best loved destinations on our planet.

Step # 1 Choose your destination carefully

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Picking a proper destination is vital in the making or breaking of any trip. This,in fact, should be the first thing to decide once you have made up your mind to travel. If you have any specific place or region in mind, it will make it that much more easier to pinpoint on a place which fits your desire.

Step # 2 Recheck your travel documents

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Believe it or not, invalid travel documents are the bane of many a traveler from around the world and have resulted in many failed vacations. There could be nothing worse than arriving at your port of call and finding out that your passport validity is for less than six months. Many countries and even airlines enforce this rule stringently.

If you intend to travel, make sure you have the visa for where you are going as different countries have specific requirements. Also visas for some countries are more difficult to obtain than others, so up to date visa information should also be factored carefully.

Step # 3 Plan your stay

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Planning your next vacation is not just about making your holiday a success, it actually improves the mindset of an individual and boosts the spirits. Make a rough itinerary of where to stay, eat and explore and keep updating it as the date approaches by using Instagram or doing some research on Pinterest.

Accommodation is a major travel expense, so choosing one which suits you in advance, will give you ample time for other activities. One can also gain an insight on any destination through the food and drink on offer. New cafes, restaurants, bars and joints to try out the local cuisine are a great way to discover a new place.

Step # 4 Getting around

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Choosing a proper transport option for your desired destination is important. Check out on the services like, train, bus, Uber, car rentals etc. Different countries have different travel cards. With proper research, this travel planning can help you save a lot of time and money when you reach a new country.

Step # 5 Take help from a reputed website

Searching for a perfect vacation through a travel website is very important. Sites, like tripcentral.ca, allow you to view a comparison of different destinations at a glance through their vacation grid. Not only will you find great prices, but the selection on offer is very vast. The tripcentral.ca tool is extremely user friendly and highly efficient. Not only that, price fluctuations are constantly uploaded to allow one to grab a cheaper deal with relative ease.

Step # 6 Book flights at the appropriate time


Flight costs form a big part of any trip and require advance planning, especially if you have limited time.
While searching online, take the help of the various airline sites available in order to get the best possible comparison. Once you have done so, download the relative App to get better deals on things like car and hotels. Once the flight has been selected, try booking directly from the concerned airline as they are likely to have lower fares on their own sites.

Step # 7 Sightseeing

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Make a list of the popular tourist hot spots of the place you intend to visit, as most of these get booked well in advance during high season. Research theme parks, concerts and zoos to look for special passes which can save you money and time. Book the necessary experiences you wish to see in advance, through the concerned websites which display handpicked attractions.

Step # 8 Get vaccinated

Get the correct health advice on the country you wish to travel beforehand. Apart from health concerns, some countries do not allow entry unless you have the proper vaccination. To allow ample time, take the vaccinations well in advance as some of them need to be taken six to eight weeks prior to departure. Take records of your shots with you.

Step # 9 Copy important documents

Documents can get lost, reservations can disappear due to communication breakdowns and flights can get delayed. For peace of mind make copies of tickets, visas, passports, hotel reservations, tour bookings, credit cards etc. Keep one copy in your email account and leave one with a trusted friend at home.

Step # 10 Internet access

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These days almost everyone, especially travel bloggers, require a smartphone and gadgets for accessing the internet quickly. Research the sim card and data plans for your destination to stay connected. Do not forget to carry your international travel charger so you can use your phone, charger or laptop anywhere you go.

So hope these trip planning tips come in handy for your next adventure! Share your travel hacks and tips in comments below.

Disclosure – This post is written in collaboration with tripcentral.ca

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