Temple Tree at Bon Ton, Langkawi – Perfect abode for Nature Lovers

As our Uber followed the sign to Temple Tree, we saw over 10 dogs and cats on the narrow path leading to the main reception area – Needless to say, we were bursting with excitement. My folks and I are avid nature & animal lovers and in all honestly, weren’t expecting to be in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by trees and fauna – This was paradise to us!

Temple Tree at Bon Ton – Mecca for Nature Lovers

More squeals of excitement followed as soon as I went to check-in and was handed a checklist of items guests can borrow from the resort. Things like binoculars for birding, tripod, mosquito repellent, bird book and more made me feel at home right from the start. Enthusiastically, I asked about birding opportunities in the area and was told there are ample around Temple tree or the sister resort of Bon Ton, just 5 min walk away.

chinese house temple tree

100 year old Chinese Farmhouse where we stayed at Temple tree

We were then offered a welcome drink of our choice – The refreshing mojito was amazing and so was my glass of red wine and dad’s mug of Carlsberg. After some quick talks, we learnt Temple Tree is also home to over 40 rescue dogs and cats via the Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation (LASSie). As guests, you can take the dogs for morning walks and play with any of the cats which roam freely around the resort.  A percentage of all room sale profits go to the rescue shelter which is wonderful to hear.

Adorable kitty on rooftop

Found this adorable kitten on a rooftop. What a darling!

You can also enjoy a refreshing dip in one of the three swimming pools (one owned by Bon ton and two by Temple Tree). So basically you get perks of two resorts if you book either of these.

Swimming pool at temple tree

Our house was overlooking this beautiful swimming pool

Accommodation Options at Temple Tree Boutique Hotel

I have always been a big fan of boutique hotels. Just because they bring a unique element to the stay and I never really know what to expect till I actually step into my room. Temple tree was no different and I gasped when I stepped into my 100 year old Chinese farmhouse by the pool – I mean, seriously, we had an entire wooden house to ourselves. How epic is that?

My eyes popped as I looked around the lovely, spacious house with two rooms, living area, sprawling veranda and heck even a bar with high stools! The washroom had the cutest wooden bathtub and was as big as my room.

Video of our Villa at Temple Tree

All houses at Temple tree by Bon Ton have amazing and interesting decor. Yes, you can rent an entire heritage house here based on your style preferences – Chinese, Indian, Malay or Eurasian! Each villa is around 100 years old, restored to perfection without losing their traditional charms. Houses are named based on their background and style. For example – Colonial house, Penang house, Chinese house (Where I lived) or the pretty Black&White house and more.

Note – There is no Wifi in rooms (Especially those further from the reception area). However, I count this as a positive. For me it was a much needed digital detox in arms of nature. Plus, whenever you do need to be connected, hop over to the reception to grab a drink and enjoy high speed internet whilst at it.

Birds and Wildlife Around our Chinese Farmhouse

This was the most exciting part for me, hands down. Inside the house, I found a bat (in the bathroom) , a rat (in the living room) , a beetle (in the shower) and several lizards (Stealing my bf ham). It was like Nat Geo all day long. Not just that, we had a mysterious night visitor who effortlessly ate the banana at the bar. I still don’t know which animal that was but my bet is on the giant squirrel…though I am clueless how she would get in.

I woke up at the crack of dawn to the sound of chirping birds with my 50x zoom camera and bird book in hand. I was ready to see what was “out there”. My most amazing find was a nesting Scaly Breasted Munia couple.

Scaly breasted Munia - Female

Scaly breasted Munia – Female

This strikingly pretty pair were busy collecting twigs for their nest in a small tree by the pool and were easily visible from our veranda. I spent a lot of time just sitting outside looking out at these darlings. The pool was also frequented by a pair of Greater coucal and a lone White Throated Kingfisher.

Pair of Greater Coucal

Pair of Greater Coucal – Site for sore eyes

Bulbuls were everywhere and a Indian Giant squirrel was a frequent visitor to stir things up a bit.

Indian Giant squirrel malaysia

Indian Giant squirrel was a frequent visitor to an adjoining tree

A short walk to Bon Ton took us to a swamp where Purple swamp hen’s were a plenty.

Purple swamp hen at Bon Ton

Purple swamp hen at Bon Ton

The pool side restaurant deck was a great birding spot and seemed a popular place for cats to chill as well.

White cat sitting pretty at Bon Ton

White cat sitting pretty at Bon Ton

Black naped oriole was found fluttering around the path to Bon Ton and also dropped by our poolside occasionally.

Black Naped Oriole perched on a tree branch

Black Naped Oriole perched on a tree branch

The next morning, I even saw this pretty frog right on the edge of our pool and a pair of nesting White Bellied Sea Eagles on a high tree next to the second pool at Temple Tree.

Pretty frog by the pool

Pretty frog by the pool

You can imagine I was in bird heaven and simply didn’t want to leave. With adorable cats and so much greenery, wildlife and birds around, I didn’t want my perfect nature retreat to end. But like all good things, this came to an end too and I am already hoping to revisit someday.

Video of the Cute Rescue Cats at Temple Tree

If you happen to be in that neck of the woods, I would rate Temple tree at Bon Ton 10 on 10 and highly recommend spending a few nights there.

Booking and info –

Temple Tree at Bon Ton, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, 07000, Malaysia

Email: info@templetree.com.my, Website: www.templetree.com.my

Tel: 604 955 1688 / 3643 Fax: 604 955 4791

Disclaimer – We were guests of Temple Tree at Bon Ton and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Our opinions might be biased due to our unbiased love for nature 🙂 

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