How to Send Gifts from Abroad Back Home

When traveling abroad, it takes a massive amount of self-restraint to not buy everything you lay your eyes on—especially during the holidays.

Whether you’re wandering German Christmas markets or the hottest clothing stores at the Champs-Élysées, you’re bound to find endless arts and crafts, sweaters, chocolates and trinkets you simply can’t live without.

But traveling overseas, especially during the winter, requires suitcases full of clothing. Instead of trying to cram everything into your suitcase and dealing with possible weight fees at the airport, consider sending your treasures back home. One of the best ways to make sure your loot arrives safe and sound is with Shiply.

How It Works

Founded nearly a decade ago, Shiply relies on shipments that are already being made. That is, extra space on trucks is filled with the help of Shiply.

Simply log on and list the items you need moved. The offers will start rolling in, allowing you to review the quoted prices and choose which transport company you’d like to move your items.

Because these trucks often operate at half-full capacity or less, companies can afford to charge minimal prices to move your goods along with their materials. Aside from increasing company profits, it cuts down on harmful emissions and helps you save money.

While this online marketplace mainly helps people to ship large items like furniture, cars, motorcycles, boats and even pets, their fragile foods transport service is perfect for travelers who need to ship their gifts and souvenirs back home. This service is especially beneficial during the holidays when you’re getting presents for everyone you know!

Based in London, Shiply is available in a wide variety of countries, including the United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and more. With plenty of options as well as fast and simple service, Shiply will change how you shop abroad.

Why Shiply is For You

With endless websites and apps popping up all over the place, it’s natural to doubt that a service like this will work out. But Shiply’s website is filled with thousands of positive reviews, ensuring that the online marketplace is the real deal.

The most important reason to use Shiply is because of the stellar prices. International shipping isn’t cheap no matter where you’re visiting. Rather than spending all your funds to ship everything home, save some money—it just means more to spend on new things in your foreign land.

Shiply is also worth it simply for how easy it is. Don’t take time away from your trip to track down and stand in line at a post office. Spend a few minutes on the website setting up your shipment and you’re good to go. Whether they pick up your goods or you drop them off, it’ll be quick and painless so you can get right back to your fun.

Because the company specializes in large-scale items, you won’t have to worry about anything you buy being rejected. While most postal services charge by weight, the Shiply process doesn’t take that into account so you won’t have to stress.

The final reason that this innovative business is definitely one you should try is because of how widespread the marketplace is. With availability in numerous countries, there’s simply no reason not to try it. The days of holding back while shopping abroad are over.

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