Blissful Spa Experience at Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa

If you are like me and always seek a quiet, peaceful place to completely rejuvenate yourself within city limits, yet away from the bustling metropolis mayhem – then look no more. I have found the perfect solution for all Delhiites and the perfect getaway – Sawadhee Spa.

Nestled in the heart of Delhi, this cozy joint can revamp you in a matter of hours. Well actually, within minutes as I felt relaxed as soon as I entered. The dim lights make for an excellent environment and give you an aura of mystique, putting your mind at ease instantly.

My Experience at Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa, Delhi

It was a day before my birthday and I was in the mood for some pampering. My husband could not take time off from work, as we just returned from Northeast India. I hate it when I don’t have a vacation planned right after one, but okay coming back to the point… The only way to relax was to book a luxurious spa experience – that always does the trick,  doesn’t it? Sawadhee happens to be one of the best spas in India (not just Delhi) and the invitation in my inbox came at the perfect timing.

Soon after, my husband and I were booked for the ultra rejuvenating and super sensual spa experience – A fine Romance

We weren’t sure what to expect but I always get a sense of a place as soon as I enter an establishment. It is true that first impressions are always lasting, especially with me. The warm, dim and cozy interiors were very inviting. We had a short tête-à-tête with their director – Mrs Vibha Khanna Rastogi who was delightful to talk to. We spoke about the spa, their facilities, history, awards and a fair bit about my blog and travels too.

Tête-à-tête with Vibha

Tête-à-tête with Vibha

Post that, we were asked to choose from an array of amazing massage oils and scrubs. This was an experience in itself. Small round containers were fashionably displayed in front of us, oozing of aroma and promising us a luxuriating experience. 

Aromatic massage oils and scrubs

Aromatic massage oils and scrubs

After trying to rub small portions of various massage oils which they offer – Lavender, Refresh, Relax, Detox, Indian Rose & Jasmine orange, I was more confused than ever. Each scent was more aromatic and distinctive than the previous one. We finally zeroed in on Relax oil and as the name suggested, it worked!

Next, we had to choose our body scrub. Another hard decision lay ahead of us and we made our way smelling tiny boxes of edible hand made scrubs (100% natural and chemical free) with unique fragrances like Red wine, Vanilla Chai, Coffee, Jasmine & Chocolate. Since they mentioned these were edible, it was hard “not” to eat them – that’s how good they smelt – yeah, I wanted to eat a body scrub (God save me!). After much thought, I decided to go with Chocolate while hubby went for Vanilla Chai.

Once we made our choices, we had to live with them. Just kidding, we were told we could opt for a different scrub/oil or massage type/pressure anytime in between our therapy. That was good to hear and I felt less bad about not choosing Red wine or coffee instead.

Welcome to Sawadhee spa

Welcome to Sawadhee spa

It was time for the main event – the massage, though, I was already in love with the place. Well, what’s not to love – Vibha’s warm hospitality, those aromatic delights and cozy decor – That almost always seals the deal for me.

A fine Romance – Ultimate massage therapy for couples

Romantic setting inside the couple massage room

Romantic setting inside the couple massage room

What is the fine romance you ask? I know it sounds heavenly – and it was, like everything in the spa, exactly as advertised, if not more. Priced at Rs 10,000 , it is worth every penny.

So this is a amazing 2.5 hour aromatic body bliss massage therapy. You can say its like the Thai massage but with oil and even though I haven’t really enjoyed massages outside Thailand to this extent, this was right up there on one of my best massage experiences.

Just the entire ambiance of the room spelt R-O-M-A-N-C-E with the twin beds covered in rose petals, Jacuzzi surrounded by scented candles and that warm,cozy decor again – it was the perfect setting.

Sensual candlelit Jacuzzi with rose petals floating around

Sensual candlelit Jacuzzi with rose petals floating around

Our massage therapists were simply exceptional. Both the girls were great and knew exactly what they were doing. Perfect stretches and all the pressure points were covered. We told them beforehand what kind of pressure we wanted and which body parts to focus on.

After more than an hour of the best massage in town, we had a steam, body scrub and a lovely 30 mins in the sensual Jacuzzi, followed by a hot shower. I was so fresh, I could party – and well, I did.

I think we need to go back for our anniversary or I might try their “Pamper yourself Therapy” when I am in the mood to go solo and just unwind. In any case, I MUST go back!

Looking forward to revisit

Looking forward to revisit and try Vanilla Chai next time!?

To book your perfect spa experience with Sawadhee, contact –

Address: Plot No. 3 Local Shopping Center Pocket C-9 Vasant Kunj 9, New Delhi
Phone: 011 4057 6340, Mob +91 8750023456
Website –

Disclaimer – We were invited by Sawadhee to indulge in their blissful treatments and it was truly a wonderful experience. No amount of edible red wine scrub would make me recommend something that I didn’t truly enjoy so you can safely take my word for it 🙂 Now, go and indulge!


  1. Sounds like a blissful and sensual experience!

  2. Silvia Galván Peña November 27, 2016 at 11:49 am

    So much stuff to choose from! Definitely looks worth it!

  3. I love spa days and this one looks incredible! Thai massages are the best. I’m currently living in Thailand so I try to get one as often as possible!

  4. That sounds really relaxing! I love a good spa treatment. I like the styling of this spa – very exotic!

  5. That looks like a great place. Nothing like a spa treat for your birthday. I miss being in thailand and getting frequent massages 🙂

  6. I’d definitely say yes to the couples treatment. What a heavenly experience!

  7. Wow! I feel more relaxed just reading this! Sounds heavenly.

  8. Sooo relaxing! It is definitely time for a bath now! 🙂

  9. Oh this is really nice, I think after a few months backpacking I could use this!

  10. I’ve never had a spa although I lived and worked in Thailand for almost 7 years. This place looks nice and I would give it a try.

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