Safety Tips to Ensure you have an Epic Full Moon Party Experience

Every full moon, hoards of avid party goers par take in one of the craziest beach parties of the world – The Full Moon Party. It occurs every month on a full moon night at Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan , Thailand, welcoming thousands of neon painted party hoppers from all parts of the globe.

Neon glow in the dark paints

Neon glow in the dark paints

Being a party girl myself, I was more than excited to join this epic party. I went there with my friends last year and had a gala time. However, the full moon party can get pretty damn intense. You need to be careful and keep these notes handy to maximize fun and minimize injury/ disappointment at the party.

The ferry which arrived when we were starting off from Koh Samui to Phangan for the party was full of injured people – some were on stretchers – so it is no joke that things can go seriously wrong when thousands of drunk people get together on one small stretch of beach.

Not to scare any of you away, it is truly one of the best parties in the world – just be a tad careful and you can be assured of an awesome time.

Safety tips to enjoy full moon party, Koh Phangan to the fullest –

Full moon party wrist bands

Full moon party wrist bands

Wear sturdy foot wear – Don’t walk barefoot or with flip flops on Haad Rin. There are shards of glass from broken beer bottles everywhere. If you are not wearing tough footwear, you risk cutting yourself and limping through the party instead of dancing the night away.

Bucket stall at the full moon party

One of the many Bucket stalls at the full moon party

Don’t have too many of the “Deadly buckets” – Surely the vodka & red bull concoctions in those cute bucket stalls are cheap and strong but have too many of those and you can find yourself passed out on the beach with no recollection of the night. Vodka gives you the high and red bull keeps you awake – Nope, not a good combo.

Stay away from fire limbo – You will be invited to join many fire limbos and if you have one too many of the buckets, you will be inclined to. Many people are badly burnt during the limbo so unless you are a limbo – pro, I would say – just watch and enjoy the show from the sidelines.

full moon party haad rin beach

Full moon party haad rin beach

Don’t accept drinks from others & Watch your drink – Another big no-no but this is a ground rule for even clubs. Never accept any open drinks from anyone – They can be spiked. Also be careful with your own buckets incase someone innocently spills something in it.

Keep your valuables safe – I put my cellphone and cash in my bra after hearing all the pick pocketing horror stories. So, carry just the minimum cash and stuff you need so you can hide it safely.

full moon party dance

Stay away from mushroom mountain – Surely you would love to try a magic mushroom shake when in Thailand, however, refrain from doing so at the full moon party. Things can get really crazy really fast when so many people are involved – so, not the right place or time to risk getting paranoid.

Keep these easy tips in mind and you can have a wonderful and safe full moon party experience. Now, go and have the time of your life.


  1. Woah! I never knew these could be dangers of a Full Moon Party but I’m FAR more inclined to go! It sounds just as crazy as Ibiza

  2. I wish I’d read this before going to the party 8 years ago. Sang som and red bull = the worst hangover of my life… and this was the day BEFORE the Full Mood Party, so needless to say, that night was quite chilled!

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