Three days of being awestruck by Roman Architecture

The ancient Romans are said to have influenced the architectural techniques throughout the West and in most parts of the world by introducing new and famous designs like the arch, brick and use of concrete and cement in their construction. From Roman ruins to Renaissance art, modern day Roman architecture is crammed with a plethora of delights dating back to its thousands of years old rich history.

roman architecture vatican city

Though a mere three days does not give enough justice to see what this fascinating city has to offer by way of architecture, one can manage to see the major highlights with some deft planning and strategy by following this itinerary. To get the most of your short trip, it is first advisable to book your entry slots for the key attractions in advance to avoid spending hours unnecessarily in long lines.

Day One – Vatican City

roman architecture

Vatican City

With a population of around 800 residents, Vatican is a country within a country and deemed to be the smallest in the world.Having said that, The Vatican City is home to such world renowned sites like, Vatican Museum, Castel Sant’Angelo and Trevi Fountain, among others.This is easily going to be the highlight of your trip, so the Vatican should be explored at leisure.

With your skip the line ticket it is recommended to arrive at the Vatican Museum as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Housing many exhibits, the Sistine Chapel with its stunning double helix exit stairwell is a real treasure. Head to the St Peter’s Basilica, one of the largest and holiest Catholic church in the world, to admire a true Renaissance building by designers like Raphael, Michelangelo and Bramante.

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The Castel Sant’Angelo, was originally a designated mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian, built by the banks of the river Tiber. The building, which then became a fortress, castle and finally a museum, attracts visitors who marvel at the construction techniques involved, which have allowed the structure to stand solidly for more than two millennia.

Continuing through your must visit Rome architectural sites, pay a visit to the extremely popular Trevi Fountain. This eighteenth century Baroque fountain is the largest in the world of its kind and is said to guarantee a return to Rome to anyone who tosses a coin into the fountain.The attraction is open day and night, from which an estimated over three thousand euros worth of coins are recovered every day and utilized for charity purposes.

Breathtaking trevi fountain

Breathtaking Trevi fountain

Located a short distance away from the fountain, stands the best preserved monument of Ancient Rome namely, The Pantheon.This incredible building, which is almost 2000 years old, till today holds the record of housing the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. The building was converted into a church in 609 AD, which is probably the reason of its excellent condition, even till this day.

Day Two – Colosseum

Colosseum, Rome

The mighty Colosseum

Your second day commences with another major structural masterpiece – Colosseum. Known the world over as an arena built by the Romans for holding public spectacles, mainly gladiator fights, the building could hold nearly 80,000 people at one time. Despite suffering a lot of wear and tear owing to it’s 2000 years old existence, this largest amphitheatre in the world is still extremely impressive to visit. It is easily the most recognisable building in the whole world.


Totally loved this wonder of the world

Your entry ticket for the Colosseum includes entry to the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, which is located just adjacent to the amphitheatre. This place was originally the seat of power of Rome and the business hub. The ancient ruins of the area, including the marketplace are a must visit for any tourist visiting Rome

Day three – Ara Pacis & Corte Suprema Di Cassazione

For the last day of your Eternal City itinerary, we suggest you start the day by paying a visit to the Ara Pacis or the Altar of Peace which dated back to the 13 BC. The Ara Pacis, came into existence only in 2006 to portray a museum which had an excellent blend of old and new architecture. This  fascinating piece of construction housing the Altar, contains intricate designs and figures depicting the past history, including the many battles and processions which took place. A chamber made of glass and steel houses these treasured artifacts.

Spend the final afternoon to view the once considered infamous Corte Suprema Di Cassazione, or the highest court of appeals namely,  The Supreme Court of Italy. This hugely impressive building on the River Tiber, opened its doors to the public as late as 1911. Known for its opulence and the large scale corruption which went into its making, gave it the nickname of “Bad Palace” but otherwise remains as the best designed Roman structure till date. Inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque style of architecture, the building is easily the most attractive in the whole of Rome.

Seen everything in Rome and you have time left? There is more to see outside this city. Discover Amalfi, Napels and Pompei. Rent a car and drive yourself to these amazing places.  Here’s what you can expect in these epic spots –


Though it stretches just about 30 miles in total,from a standalone viewpoint the Italian coast of Amalfi has plenty to offer. The simple idyllic beauty of the charming coastal towns, coupled with the scenic beaches and villas are all reminiscent of a what a true seaside place in Italy should be like.

The unparalleled allure of the natural beauty of the Amalfi coast has been attracting visitors for a long time. The thirteen different municipalities, comprising of churches, gardens and vineyards have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1997, making Amalfi a truly unique and popular travel destination.


Naples, though surprisingly avoided by some tourists, is a must visit place if you want to experience the actual flavour of Italy. Authentic pizza, cobbled streets and World Heritage Sites makes this city more than just a cruise port.

Naples is located by the water, hence the two mile long seafront promenade, Lungomare, is teeming with restaurants, shopping and has something for everybody. No wonder it is said that Rome is the heart of Italy, Naples is the true soul of Italy.


Pompeii is considered to be a leading tourist destination of Italy and a must visit place on any visitor’s itinerary. The city is an important excavation site due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD and a trip here displays how the locals lived nearly 2000 years ago. Some artifacts still lie carefully preserved from that era and are on display.

Tourists can get up close to this mighty and active  volcano of Southern Italy, by riding up the slopes by vehicle till 3000 feet and then hiking up to the edge of the crater.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the magnificent Roman architecture and top your travels by visiting other awesome spots in Italy too.

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