Robin Hood’s Bay – the UK’s Hidden Gem!

Guest Blogger Mike Raven (Aka the Thog) tells us about this off beat hidden locale in North Yorkshire – Robin Hood’s Bay! Read up!

For those in the United Kingdom or wanting to take a trip around the UK, there are a huge amount of places to visit in such a small country.  It’s easy to focus on some of the better known tourist destinations, like London, Edinburgh, the Lake District, and Stonehenge.

But the country is packed with great destinations, and today I’m going to talk about a small fishing village on the North Sea coast, Robin Hood’s Bay.

Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire sits comfortably between the seaside towns of Scarborough and Whitby (known for being featured in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula) and attracts upwards of a million visitors a year.  Robin Hood’s Bay was a smuggling hotspot, with merchandise such as alcohol, tobacco, and tea (yes, really) brought in illegally to avoid excise duty.

But for me Robin Hood’s Bay has always been a place for relaxation, a place to unwind and take a breather.  This is where many family holidays were enjoyed, be it for a day or for a week, Robin Hood’s Bay is an ideal escape from the outside world.

The village has a number of pubs to while away the hours in, of particular note has to be the Laurel, tiny but with a lovely atmosphere, and the Dolphin, which offers a huge range of excellent food.

..And occasionally my father with beer

..And occasionally my father with beer

“Bay” also has a good number of shops selling craft items, clothes, and some excellent bookshops.  It also has general stores filled with everything you may need during an extended stay, and many fantastic cafes should you be in the mood for non-alcoholic refreshment.

The thing I find with Bay that makes it so good is not just everything I’ve mentioned, but what it doesn’t have.  The old village, the heart of Bay, is accessed by a steep road and as a result most people tend to park in one of the car parks at the top and walk down.  There aren’t loud amusement arcades or nightclubs as you might find in larger seaside resorts.  As a result the people who come to Robin Hood’s Bay are there to relax, to slow down, to take their time thumbing through some undiscovered jewel in a bookshop, or to perhaps take the sea air.

robin hoods bay uk

Or maybe get an ice cream – the ice cream van seems to like to see for how long they can stay out before the sea takes it away!

So in summary, Robin Hood’s Bay isn’t the best place if you want a big night out.  But if you want to enjoy a slower pace of life for a little while – and get exercise tackling the steep hill on foot – it can’t be bettered.

robins hoods bay uk

Obligatory photo of the blogger trying to look relaxed while his ice cream melts and trickles down his hand.

When not drinking, relaxing, or otherwise avoiding less pleasant work, Mike blogs over at – go say hi!

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