Top Scenic Road Trips in South Africa

No matter which way you choose, South Africa is one of the most amazing countries to discover, and more so if you decide to travel overland. We all have an inbuilt urge to go from place to place, a thirst probably inherited from our ancestors who were always on the move, and which can only be quenched by experiencing a new country like, South Africa, by road.

Personally, during my visit to South Africa, I only did the Chapman’s peak route and loved it to bits. This was a short one but road trips in South Africa are aplenty and stunning.

While flying across may have taken months of planning, simply hopping into your vehicle and seeing South Africa with your loved ones can be a life changing experience. So roll down the windows and with your favorite music for company, try out these best routes we have earmarked to make the most out of your South African trip.

ROUTE 62 (Western Cape)

route 62 western cape

This scenic road trip, which takes about three days to traverse, begins at the lovely town of Paarl passing through some famous farming and wineland towns if Rawsonville, Worcester and onwards to Montagu. The journey provides the road enthusiast the ultimate Cape experience of both high class hospitality and fine food. Every passing town offers something unique in it’s own way, be it food or boutique wineries.


road trips in south africa

This is unquestionably the most popular and beautiful road trip not only in South Africa, but in all probability the entire world. The stunning 200 km stretch can be covered and is absolutely crammed with spectacular scenery all along the way. The Garden Route runs parallel to the Indian Ocean and meanders it’s way through lush green forests and charming coastal towns of Mossel Bay and Plattenberg Bay, where the beaches are just awesome.


Though the principal attraction of Mpunalanga is undoubtedly Kruger, it is well worth the effort to do this road trip on the side. This two day heart stopping adventours escapade, will take the traveler through some jaw dropping scenery. This is the highest tar covered road in South Africa which leads to the historic mining town of Graskop. All along the way one can have lovely views of the mountains are valleys. Other options include visiting the Blade River Canyon, the third largest in the world, and attempting to land a fish at Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve.

THE WILD COAST (Eastern Cape)

the wild coast

The aptly named Wild Coast road stretches for a distance of 350 km beginning at East London and ending all the way down in the northeast at Kwa-Zulu Natal. This region had a bloody history during the apartheid years, a fact symbolized by the numerous heritage sites here, especially those of Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. The trip takes around seven days to complete if you consider spending quality time at some of the most secluded and idyllic beaches in South Africa. The nearby Coffee Bay is a paradise for backpackers and well worth a visit.


kruger road

Anyone visiting South Africa, especially Kruger National Park, will come with the ultimate dream of seeing the Big Five, irrespective of any other interest. Embarking on a road trip, through this enormous park, will surely be an unforgettable experience for those who venture to do it. Because of the enormity a minimum of seven days are needed in order to savour most of the animal species.

Ideally, the journey should begin from the southern section, which also happens to be the most popular, and drive down north. There is good reason to do this, as the landscape is diverse and full of varied game. Start from Crocodile Bridge and then onward to Lower Sabie. Spend a night at Sayers and two at the lovely bush camp at Balule and Shingwedz and finally ending at Crook’s Corner at the northern tip of Kruger. Take time off to see the Limpopo River, where it converges on the border of three nations, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Road Trip Tips

Ensure your vehicle is operating smoothly and do due checks before heading on a long road trip. Maybe get some spare parts for cheap on sites like – wWw.BuyCarParts.Co.Uk beforehand. Better be safe than sorry!

Bring tons of awesome road tripping music along for a fun-filled ride and some friends to ensure there is never a dull moment.

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