[REVIEW] 4K Action Travel Camera by FLUID + FORM

With the flourishing digital world, it has become almost necessary to have a good camera handy to capture the amazing moments. A still camera can only go far as to capture moments where at times the essence of the fluid movement is lost.

As soon as I received my FLUID+FORM action camera, I was jumping with joy – the box was full of amazing mounts and lo behold – a remote control too.

Although there are a lot of gadgets that inculcates many distinctive features, it is hard to find a single gadget that encompasses everything which can make it a one stop solution for all imagery requirements.

With the new action camera from FLUID+FORM, capturing those movements have become much easier all the while being quite affordable. With various features such as 4K recording, wide angle lens, WiFi connectivity, a convenient remote control and a long-lasting camera.

It was time to start experimenting….

fluid& form

One of my first shots taken in Taroko, Taiwan (You can choose to turn the timestamp on/off)

Being one of the most advanced action camera in the world the FLUID+FORM action camera boasts of a quick and easy setup that does not require any technical know-how whatsoever. Everything with this camera is about being convenient and easy to use.

With a form that can literally fit anywhere, it is one of the best gadget for photo and video enthusiasts.

wide angle lens

Love the wide angle fish eye curves

While the action camera can capture images as wide as 170 degrees thanks to its wide-angle lens (without the fish eye effect). A burst mode that captures three images in 1.5 seconds is commendable all the while giving its user the ability to upload any image or video instantly with its easy Wifi and iSMART app.

fluid & form

Yaks in Sikkim, India – Great to shoot with your F&F cam 🙂

The feature which makes this FLUID+FORM action camera unique is its 2.4G remote control. It is quintessential in terms of its versatility which allows the user to just sit back and click images and videos without the usual distortions that are synonymous with amateur videography.

The settings on this camera is extremely easy to access and can be personalized to soothe the user’s requirements. Whether it is a time-lapse with lag of 2/3/5/10/20/30/60 seconds or to capture slow motion videos at 30/60/120 frames per second. The setting also allows the user to change the usual pre-defined settings such as time-stamp, ISO, image resolution, etc.

Fluid&Form cam

Stunning scenery of Yumthang valley, beautifully captured on my Fluid&Form cam

The light-weight camera is extremely easy to mount anywhere or any surface thanks to the various mounts which comes pre-packed with the FLUID+FORM action camera. There is a plethora of mounts such as stand-alone mount, bicycle mount, helmet mount, strap mount, etc. which makes recording so much fun and with a personal POV (point of view). An ultra long battery life is what all gadget lovers crave for and this action camera delivers on it, with a 1300 mAh battery (additional battery included) there is no way that anybody would mind recording the whole day away gleefully.

Combined with the remote control and various mounts, the unique perspectives that can be attained through FLUID+FORM action camera is almost un-paralleled in this category of gadgets.  


Great for all sorts of captures


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