10 Reasons why Renting a RV is on my Bucketlist

These days people of all ages are into hiring Recreational Vehicles or (RV), motorhomes and campervans, to explore the sights of their country in an economic and affordable way. Recently, when a couple close to me decided to sell their house and move into a full time portable cottage, I was sure the decision bordered on an act of insanity.

While all family and friends had trouble understanding this sudden choice, it did not take long for me to realize why they left the comforts of their home for a wanderlust life. Not only that, I discovered that more and more young couples and retirees were heading to the open roads by renting campervans and living out of portable homes. Clearly, the benefits of hiring a RV vehicle are there for everyone to see.

Why Hiring a RV will be my first choice on my next adventure

renting a rv 1)  Economical

For most RV drivers, this translates into staying in an inexpensive mobile hotel. It also allows you to travel anywhere you please, no matter what the distance, without the hassles of having to pack and unpack every day. With the cost of camping at a full service RV campground being almost 80% cheaper than the cost of a regular holiday, it is easy to see why my friends opted to hire one, irrespective of the rental costs.

2) Spacious

Apart from the comfort of a bed and TV, I found the space in a hotel room rather limited. An RV rental, on the other hand, not only gives me additionally a living room and kitchen, but much more open space around the campground as well.

3) Close to nature

An RV allows me to stay much closer to nature, under shaded trees and open playgrounds for outdoor activities. I could sleep under the stars instead of stuffy rooms.

4) Parking

When you rent a campervan , you do not have to worry about paying parking costs and hassles anymore. You can just about park your vehicle anywhere anytime.

5) Amenities

Instead of cramming camp kits and luggage in a small vehicle, you can treat yourself to a roomy and plush RV with all convenient amenities. Access to kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning all in one place is a huge advantage.

6) Flexibility

With my  own RV, you could be the king (or queen in my case) of the road. You could stay where you  wanted, check in and check out anytime without being limited by location.

hire a campervan

7) Family bonds

Renting a RV and slowly taking in the scenery and picturesque landscape is bound to rejuvenate your soul and build stronger family relationships. You can cook and eat meals together, sitting around a campfire, rather than a television set.

8) Freedom

In your own RV, all your worries about where to eat,tipping etc are covered. You can go where you want, knowing that your family is comfortably playing games while on the road.

9) Long term benefits

Taking all things into consideration, a RV rental is an economic way to enjoy the freedom of the roads. You save on taxes,loans,maintenance and storage requirements in the long term. Motor home rental can save not only money, but time and worries as well.

10) Travel with loved ones

You can literally get the entire family along for your next escapade, without having to worry about expensive air fares or uncomfortable public transport.

Need I say more? These reasons are enough to fuel my next road trip adventure – this time in a fully equipped campervan.

Disclaimer – This post is written in collaboration with DriveNow. Pictures via Pixabay. 


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