10 Reasons to Visit Japan in 2018

As the year 2016 tends to draw to a close, holidaymakers have already started looking for new exciting destinations to explore. My own travel goals for 2017 are quite far fetched and adventurous, to say the least. With such exotic places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar vying for supremacy,  there is no doubt that the competition is bound to be fierce. However, the eternal favourite, Japan, still occupies the pride of place, simply because of the excellent and ever improving  infrastructure the country has to offer. We therefore have decided to lay down ten reasons here as to why you should visit the Land of the Rising Sun in 2017.

Why Visit the Land of the Rising Sun?

1) Temples and monuments

If temples and shrines are on your bucket list than Japan has you totally covered. Just imagine that a city like Kyoto on its own has over 2,000 Buddhist shrines within the city limits. If that doesn’t satisfy your religious urge, then visit Nara, home to an astonishing 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites, all in one place.

Japanese temples

2) Natural beauty

Stunning landscapes ate a hallmark of Japan, no matter where you go. The country, may initially, conjure up visions of tall skyscrapers and high technology, but beneath the facade lie some spectacular scenery, like Mount Fuji, Arashiyama bamboo forest and the countless cherry blossom trees which go into making Japan an ideal nature destination.

mt fuji japan

3) Japan rail system

The Japan Rail Pass also known as the JR Rail Pass or JR Pass, is a highly efficient mode of transport around the country. It’s punctual to the very second, cost effective and easy to use.  If you plan on doing extended travel around the country we recommend purchasing your pass. You can buy this online at Japan Rail Pass Now

4) Food

Japanese cuisine is a favourite all over the world. Cooking here is considered to be an occupation to pride for. It is for this reason that just about any food joint in this country can come up with excellent sushi, sashimi, meat or soup. Not only will you find the taste the best, but you will keep returning for more and more.

gourmet sushi in japan

5) Tokyo Disney Sea

With new attractions slated to open in 2017, Tokyo Disney Sea remains to be an all time favourite with visitors from all over. The park also celebrates its 15th anniversary from April 15 to March 17, with a number of shows slated to be on display as part of the new year wishes.

6) Visit Nagasaki

The 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings is the best time to visit and explore this vibrant port city. The present day atmosphere embodies peace, while the unique food culture of the city will make a great contribution to your Japanese itinerary. Thanks to its important influence both from China and Europe, combined with the trading port history at the background, Nagasaki somehow prevailed over Hiroshima, over the aftermath of the events of the two bombings.

7) Explore Okinawa

Okinawa is the venue of 2017 Routes Asia conference, wherein more than 400 aviation companies are projected to convene. This ever growing popular destination of Japan, has all the ingredients of an international tourist venue, particularly because of its collection of stunning sub tropical islands that surround it.

okinawa japan

8) Sapporo

Sapporo, the capital of the top tourist destination of Asia, Hokkaido, is once again going to be in the limelight in 2017 as the venue of the Asian winter games. This trendy and cosmopolitan city, on the northern frontier of Japan, will leave you marveling at the snow covered slopes as you check out on the new venues.

9)  Gawk at Art in Kanazawa

The artistic city of Kanazawa is the venue of the KOGEI World competition in 2017 where traditional Japanese craft techniques will be showcased along with other countries from around the world. Home to the 21st century museum of contemporary art, Kanazawa has become a better alternative for traditional art lovers from other cities. Having been chosen as a bullet train stop, only recently, the popularity of the place has boomed in leaps and bounds.

kanazawa-castle japan

10)  Gunma

Gunma will be the destination for the one of the few and far between art festivals pioneered  in Japan in 2017. Even though situated close to Tokyo, this place tends to get overlooked by tourists because of its rural image. Still this simple winterland has some great places to visit and explore.

As  Japan prepares itself for the 2020 Olympic games,there is no doubt that the Government is leaving no stone unturned to make the country one of the topmost travel destinations in the world.

kyoto streets

With relaxed visa regulations in place and a weak local currency, 2017 will probably be the most appropriate time to visit Japan. As a bonus, you are destined to meet some of the most proud and  generous people in the world, which will go into making your holiday rewarding as well as challenging.


  1. emily@happynfull.com December 16, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    Wow cool – I didn’t know the 2020 Olympics would be hosted in Japan… I can’t wait to see the opening ceremony!

  2. Japan looks amazing!!! The photos you posted are so beautiful!

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