Places to Visit in Selangor Malaysia (For All Kinds of Travelers)

During my recent Selangor holiday with Tourism Selangor in Malaysia, I experienced this royal heritage town in all its natural and architectural delights. There are so many amazing and off beat places to visit in Selangor that it makes for the perfect weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur.

Hulu Selangor has something for all sorts of travelers – from adventures to culture, food to architecture, nature to entertainment. So no matter what your travel goals are, it is effortless to squeeze Selangor into your travel itinerary with utmost ease.

Selangor to Kuala Lumpur is a short 2 hour drive which makes it easily accessible to the tourists hailing from Peninsular Malaysia. This ease of commute and close proximity to the bustling capital makes Selangor the perfect holiday destination.

6 Selangor Points of Interest You need to Visit NOW

No matter what your travel style/choice be, here are some point of interest in Selangor for all kinds of vacationers.

Kuala Kubu Bharu Town

For Artistic and Adventurous Explorers

Street Art at Kuala Kubu Bharu

Street Art at Kuala Kubu Bharu

A mecca for culinary delights and street art, Kuala Kubu Bharu is a small town atop a hill in Hulu Selangor. This cute, quaint place has everything under a small periphery. You can visit the local temple or the kaya puffs bakery, enjoy scenic valley views or adventure sports – KKB as they call it, is simply amazing.

Walking the lovely streets of KKB town

Walking the lovely streets of KKB town

We tried tandem paragliding there which was a class apart. I have only ever tried paragliding in Goa, few years ago which was lovely but this was a totally different scenery, height and feel all together.

In Goa, I was gliding over the ocean and beach which also made me kind of dizzy. Here, you could see greenery as far as the eyes can see and your take off point is only accessible by a 4×4 – So just reaching this point is a mini-adventure in itself.

Next you are strapped up and briefed. Its easy, fun and the pilots were patient and efficient. You can soar upto 4000 feet at 100 – 120 km/hr speed which is relaxing and enjoyable experience.

paragliding kuala kubu bharu

All strapped up and ready to glide with my instructor

Useful InfoParagliding in Kuala Kubu Bharu takes place from April to October. Each ‘flight’ lasts 10-15 mins depending on you, your guide and weather conditions. Cost is approx RM 270 depending on your take off point.

Weather permitting, you can even enjoy some white water rafting in the the vicinity of KKB.

Sunway Lagoon

For Family Friendly Fun Vacations

Sunway lagoon selangor

Having a blast at Sunway Lagoon with Fellow bloggers

As a big fan of theme parks, a visit to an amusement park has always been a part of my itinerary in India as well as abroad. So when I found out a visit to Sunway Lagoon was on the charts, I was so excited that I said to every adventure they offered… including… the 21m bungee!!

Okay, so maybe this one was out of pure excitement and I slightly regretted it when I was standing at the edge, having a mini-heart attack and a major freak out.

This video below of the scariest few minutes of my life as I keep saying “no way” after being all strapped up and standing on the edge, went semi-viral on Facebook.

I can see why…

I didn’t realize before I posted this video that SO many would relate to it. My fellow bloggers Devesh and Sudipto jumped without any hesitation so I was worried I was the only one feeling the dreadful fear of free fall.. but when 100’s of followers shared and commented stating similar dilemma (To Jump or Not to Jump!), I felt better.. I wasn’t the only one!

Watch this video where I am literally shitting my pants before the jump (Thanks to the instructors who were so patient and coaxed me into finally taking the plunge into the lagoon waters) –

After the bungee, I felt invincible. Only for a while though..

Next on the radar was Monsoon 360 – the scariest water slide in Asia (Again with a free fall). I think I had my free fall quota for the day so I moved on to enjoy the fun “Lost city of gold roller scream coaster” and the extremely enjoyable “Vuvuzela“.

Posing with the ATV's

Posing with the ATV’s at Sunway

A quick 5d movie, a stroll around Nickelodeon park and the longest suspension bridge in Malaysia, was a ton of fun. Sadly, that’s all the time we had and I would highly recommend opting for at least 2 days in the park. There is a lot to do and many rides to experience in the amusement as well as water parks at Sunway.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery

For History Buffs

The Klang Heritage Walk is one of the major Klang tourist attraction. It is a free walk hosted by vetted English-speaking tour guides and takes you around the lovely royal town of Klang to experience it in all its grandeur. This walk is around 3 km and lasts over 2.5 hours.

You will walk through Little India, Sultan Suleiman Royal mosque, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Klang royal club, Klang fire station to name just a few of the 24 attractions. The walk starts from the Royal gallery which is perhaps the most spectacular attraction of all.

Indian Muslim Mosque

Indian Muslim Mosque in Klang

Click here for details of this free Guided tour of Klang.

Sepang International Circuit

For Adrenaline Junkies & Racing Fanatics

sepang international circuit

Watch a nail biting race at the Sepang Circuit, every Sunday

How would you like to race at neck breaking speeds on an international F1 track or gawk at other superstar riders? Of course you can get clicked at the podium or with the riders as well and watch the races from an Air con indoor room or at the stands.

Get clicked with these bad ass bikers

Get clicked with these bad ass bikers and their babes 😉

Sungai Chiling Waterfalls

For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Chiling Falls near KKB Selangor

Chiling Falls near KKB Selangor/ Pic by ShaolinTiger

We could not include Sungai chiling waterfalls in our brief stay and hectic FAM itinerary but it is surely worth a mention as one of the top attractions in Selangor.

One of the most beautiful falls in Selangor,  Chiling is en-route to Fraser’s Hill and can be reached after an hour long arduous river side trek.

Batu Caves

For Devotees and Explorers

batu caves selangor

Inside Batu Caves/ Pic by LakshmiSharath

Another attraction which I sadly missed even after 3 trips to Kuala lumper are the amazing, much talked about – Batu caves.

It draws huge crowds each year from rock climbers and explorers who love to haunt its dark interiors in exchange for an enticing adrenaline rush, with the fruit bats swishing all around. Batu caves is also flocked by devotees of the Tamil god “Muruga”.

Apart from these must see places in Selangor, there are an array of interesting hotels in this charming town which add to its grandeur and “Royal” outlook. From over-water bungalows to slick nature retreats, Selangor has it all.

Click here to read my guide on top hotels in Selangor

Selangor Travel Video to Whet your Appetite

How to Reach Selangor

Kuala Lumpur is the main hub and from there, it is just a 2 hour short drive, or 37 kms, to Selangor. If you take a train, its just takes 20 mins or an Uber within an hour depends on which point you start from. We flew on MalindoAir from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and then hired a mini van to reach and explore Selangor.

So if you are still thinking where to go for a short trip in Malaysia, you know exactly which way to head.

Disclaimer – I was a guest of Tourism Selangor and Malindo Air on this epic 5 day sojourn to experience the charms and adventures this lovely state has to offer. 


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  2. I love adventure thats why your blog takes my attraction. Your sharing about Malaysia is informative. Thanks for it. Atv safaris, paragliding can be fun. So this places are in my to do list anymore.

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