How to Pick Traveling Bags?

Any piece of luggage which has been designed optimally, can make a huge difference in comfort as well as convenience that can ultimately help one to ease through the full duration of a travel trip. A traveling bag or duffel bag is the perfect alternative to the large and bulky traditional suitcase.

Having said that, developing the art of recognizing the best travel bag takes some doing. Ultimately finding the correct one, will then involve a great amount of experience, in order to see through the deceptive market hype and ploys employed by most manufacturers.The bags on offer are primarily designed to make more and more money, rather than lay emphasis on the comforts of the traveler.The critical points, therefore, to lay stress on while undergoing this difficult exercise should be quality, portability and finally capacity.

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Quality becomes essential, because any luggage which is not checked in, will at some stage take a beating due to wear and tear.The last thing you dread to see at the airport is your bag coming down the luggage conveyor belt with sides wide open.To avoid this, go for a traveling bag which is durable and of good make, that not only reduces travel related stress, but also proves to be more economical in the long run. Just remember that many travelers would prefer to make a one time investment for luggage for a good bag to last them for at least five years, if not more. The best person who can vouch for the quality of the product is the actual  manufacturer. Read the fine print carefully, and patronize only those luggage companies that offer the best warranty on their products.

Portability is important in order to achieve good mobility.Though initially, a new traveler tends to pack heavy, he soon discovers after sufficient experience, that all the things which are necessary can actually be packed in a  single light travel bag. The bag will in all probability pass through different environments from gravel paths to smooth airport lanes, and over large distances too.So ease of conveyance will be another major concern for selection. Traveling light is not about which size of bag to take, but by finding a small one with good design that will fit the least amount of stuff you actually need on your particular trip.

Capacity is another vital aspect since it directly concerns your belongings which you may carry or be forced to leave behind. Most bags do not perform this job adequately, hence your selection should be centered around one which can hold enough of your stuff. To maximize the carrying capacity, choose a bag with rectilinear design rather than one with rounded curves and edges. Such bags may look aesthetic, but because of the curves, they eat into the storage space by as much as a third, as compared to rectilinear travel bags.

Apart from the above mentioned basic criteria, there are a few more important points and additional design  considerations that need to be addressed while making the final choice.

– Length of journey
– Modes of transportation
– Travel destinations
– Overall weight of the bag
– Design and balance
– Quality of material used into making the bag
– Quality of zippers
– Provision of external compression straps
– Provision of internal tie down straps
– Adequate number of storage spaces
– Ability to be stored flat when not in use.
– Uniqueness for easier identification.

The chances of getting hold of a bag which caters to every demand of the traveler are very remote as no one piece of luggage will be adaptable for the different types of travel.This is the main reason for the large varieties of models available in the market.  Down the line one has no option left but to compromise. Each additional feature and benefit offered will come with a price tag, and most luggage outlets are unfortunately inclined to pay more attention to this part, rather than the real requirement of the traveler. While the costly designer luggage may be a symbol of fashion, it is in no way more useful than an economic and small good quality traveling bag.

Disclaimer – This post is written in collaboration with EagleCreek

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