Pantai Pandawa (Aka Pandawa Beach) BALI

This is a guest post by Diganto Ozzy of WanderWithOzzy coz this is one of the beaches of Bali that I managed to miss in my quest to see all. I am going back though, so surely will cover tons more 🙂 For now, here’s an introduction to Pantai Pandawa (Aka Pandawa Beach). 

Pandawa Beach was, until a few years ago was a hidden and secret beach, that was very difficult to access due to its location in the deep valley and surrounded by the white stone cliff. People had to go through small steps down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and the only local people who could access the beach were fishermen and seaweed farmer.

The scene at Pantai Pandawa has completely changed over the years since locals have come together to construct roads by sculpting through the cliffs and is now accessible to everyone.

pantai pandawa

Well paved road that has been constructed with utmost attention to make sure it is a smooth ride made Pandawa beach jump on the Bali beach map. Although the parking charge at IDR 15ooo is a tad high compared to other beaches, the area is still developing, so it might take a while for the charges to drop to the usual IDR 2000. With such easy access it is no wonder that a lot of domestic as well as international tourists visit this amazing beach every day.

When entering the area of Pandawa Beach, I was astonished by the beautiful view in front of me. The sand in this beach is so white and clean combined with a background of turquoise sea is pure magic. The ambiance is still quiet, serene, and clean on one side while tourists throng the main beach area that is crammed with small warungs.

pandawa beach

Stunning scenery at Pandawa beach – you do need to walk a bit to find an isolated spot

There is no visible trash on the beach, and the ones visible are only the remains of seaweed brought in by the ocean currents. Pandawa beach is suitable for swimming because the wave and current is not extreme. Various activities such as sunbathing, collect corals and build sand castles. Because of its geographical location in the east of Bali Island, watching the sun rise on the horizon is a beautiful sight.

Pantai Pandawa Map

Besides that, there is also an interesting recreational activity around this area which is called paragliding. If the weather is fine and the wind is quite strong, you can see or try this activity of gliding over Pantai pandawa.

The location for paragliding actually starts on top of the Timbis Hill that is a stone’s throw away from Pandawa Beach. Usually, paragliding is done late in the day or afternoon, if the weather meets the requirements. It is said that while paragliding, the true mesmerizing beauty of Pandawa Beach can be experienced and the sight will remain etched in memory forever. With many training centers and instructors available, paragliding can be enjoyed at an average cost of IDR 250,000 per glide.

pandawa beach bali

Pandawa Beach is also a popular spot for music festivals and a permanent stage has been constructed for the same. With a huge parking area that is safe and well taken care of, one does not have to worry about their belonging left in their vehicles.

Time spent in Pantai Pandawa is quite relaxing and fills the heart and mind with positivity, guess that’s the calming effect of blue waters and white sand beaches combined with clear skies.

So, just come over and enjoy a day of amazement in this beautiful part of Bali before it becomes over-crowded. Also, it might also be a good idea to combine a visit to the other nearby beaches – Green Bowl Beach, Melasti Beach as well as Angasana Beach.

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