Packing Essentials for Your Student Vacation

Traveling while you are a student is a great idea. You work hard, and deserve a break. You also get plentiful holidays, and aren’t always tied down to other commitments. If you are studying an online course, such as a nurse practitioner doctorate degree from Bradley University, you might even be able to get some fantastic out of season deals. Packing can be quite stressful, you don’t want to pack too much, but equally you don’t want to forget something important. Here are a few essentials that need to be on your packing list.

Electricals and Chargers

Where would we be without all our devices? You’ll definitely want to take your smartphone; a tablet would also be a great idea. Be sure to pack these in your hand luggage for use on the plane. If you are studying a BSN to DNP online, you may also want to consider a lightweight laptop, in case you need to study while you are away.

If you plan on traveling a lot, it may be worth investing in a camera. While smartphone cameras have come on a long way, nothing beats a standalone camera for taking high quality photos.

Whatever you take, be sure to remember to pack all your chargers. Often, they come with a USB connection, so you may only need one plug for all your wires, but be sure to check they all fit before you leave.

Travel Plug

Check your destination before you travel to see whether you need a travel adaptor. These can be surprisingly difficult to buy once you arrive, so don’t forget.


Most countries will now accept all your credit or debit cards, and you can always exchange money there. However, the rates aren’t always great, and you may get charged large amounts of interest when using your card. So, try to take what you need. Consider a preloaded travel credit card for safety.

Weather Appropriate Shoes and Clothing

Check the weather forecast for your destination before you go and make sure you pack appropriately. But, be sure to pack a few things just in case it’s hotter or colder than expected.


Remember to pack things like glasses or contact lenses you’ll need while you are away. Add some spares in case of loss or accident, as they may be difficult to replace.


Pack headphones in your hand luggage for use on the plane, but consider having a spare pair in your suitcase also.


Don’t forget deodorant, make up, some antibacterial wipes or gel, as well as soap and shampoo. You may also need insect repellent, sun screen and any medications you need to take. Make sure you have enough for the entire trip.


Triple check that you have your passport, boarding pass and a print out of your flight and accommodation details. Keep the emails on your phone as a backup. Keep these documents together in your hand luggage, perhaps in a small file or folder. Also, have the name and contact details of your emergency contact written in your bag and on your phone in case of emergencies.

The list could go on. Try to make a list as you go through your day. Anything you personally use on a day to day basis, needs to be included. Remember, unless you are traveling to somewhere incredibly remote, you will be able to buy a lot of these things. So, if you do forget anything, don’t panic.

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