Overcoming Fears and Misadventures While Traveling Solo

Well as everyone knows, I am the Queen of travel fails. However, with each misadventure, I learn a new lesson. Each failure gives me strength, makes me stronger and more determined to face the world – on my own!

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Traveling solo can be daunting, no doubt about that. Having no one to rely on when things go wrong especially on the road (and they DO – I can say from own experiences) can be intimidating in itself.

Every day, as a blogger, I get other female travelers (even males) asking me questions about solo travel. All I have to say is – Just do it! You will never know if you never try!

Few of my friends whom I have inspired to travel alone loved it. Few of them disagreed, as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, no matter if you find solo travel is for you or not – everyone learns something from it.s

Solo travels give you a critical eye into your own self – your fears, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

So no matter what, you MUST try venturing out of your comfort zone at least ONCE in your life.

Some important things to keep in mind while travelling solo:

Research and Planning: This is probably the hardest part – deciding where you want to go and planning the best route, itinerary, etc. Make sure you have done a weather check, packed sufficiently (but not heavily) and prepared in case you get stuck at any point of your journey.

Safety: No matter where you decide to go, safety comes first. Pack basic medicines, a first aid kit, Swiss knife, flashlights, etc. You never know what you might need.

Prepare Your Vehicle: If it’s a road trip you are heading on and you love to drive, it is imperative that you check the overall health of your car. Make sure the fuel tank is full, check tyres for punctures, keep your documentation like license, registration, etc. in place. Don’t forget to check the condition of your car battery as it is the most essential part. You can opt for a zero-maintenance car battery like Amaron which is not only known for its durable performance but offers the longest warranty.

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Now, what happens if you travel alone and something goes astray? 

Well, my theory is just keeping your chin up, understand the situation, and tackle it as best as you can. It’s true that you will not always make the best decisions in this state of mind, but do the best you can.

For me, everything that can go wrong, probably even has! I felt I was prepared for everything after all my fails – losing money in Bali, cards, phone, getting into a bike accident in Laos, going to an emergency in Sri Lanka, and so on so forth.

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This part has been added keeping in mind the flow and tone of the content. The brand has been seamlessly integrated as well.

However, during my current trip to Bali, something that I had never anticipated happened. My ATM card got cloned. So even though I had my bank card with me, over $1300 in cash was withdrawn from it before I could block it – in a matter of 2 minutes really!!! I was shocked and totally unprepared for this.

After losing my bank card in Bali, I was so careful and never carried it out to the beach or a party. I always tucked it away safely in a drawer or a locked bag. How in the world could I even imagine the hi-tech world has taken crime to a new level where someone can “clone” your card using some machine directly at the ATM, and you won’t even realize it?

So, with NO backup cash or card, I was pretty much stranded in Bali with no money. 

Now, I could either cry, book my flight back home the next day or FACE IT! Of course, as always I never let misadventures end my travels or dampen them.

After 4 days, I found a way to get money (Thanks to my friend Shradha in Singapore who was kind enough to Western Union it to me – I also found out Western Union transfers are not allowed Ex-India). So finally I had a little money, and I budgeted my remaining 3 weeks accordingly.

My point is travel is not all hunky dory sunset cocktails on the beach and amazing adventures (for most of the part, yes), but also about getting robbed, being in an unfortunate accident or losing your passport and money. Anything CAN happen (I hope it doesn’t but it can) and you need to be prepared to overcome all of it. Train your brain and yourself to be strong and durable.

So adventures or misadventures? Tell your wins and fails on the road in the comments below!

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