How to Buy Ocean Park Hong Kong Discount Tickets [Or Go for FREE]

Ocean park is amazing. Hands down one of my favorite attractions in Hong Kong. So if you are in the city and looking for a fun-filled, adrenaline packed day (apart from the epic hikes) – then here’s how you can buy Ocean Park Hong Kong discount tickets online, easily. With so many promos going on, you never have to pay full price.

First, I need to convince you to add Ocean park to your Hong Kong itinerary. Just saying its awesome is not enough.

7 Kick Ass Reasons to Add Ocean Park Hong Kong to your Itinerary

ocean park hong kong

I love love love Ocean Park – That’s one reason to add it to your Hkg adventures

New age VR ride

Have you ever rode on a VR roller-coaster? I hadn’t! Heck, I didn’t even know there was one in existence. So, in the amazing “Mine Train” coaster at Ocean Park, you can enjoy the new age virtual reality game. What we didn’t know in our first time riding it, was you could even make points if you take photos by tapping your VR headset. How cool was that? Since, we had a fast track pass, we skipped the long queue and rode it again – I made over 500 points this time, which was pretty awesome (I think!?, well its better than a big fat 0 eh?).

Dine with the Penguins

Another awesome reason to visit Ocean Park are the lovely themed restaurants. Be it the Panda inspired Club Panda or the stunning ocean view Cafe Ocean, there is something for everyone. However, I honestly believe that the lovely Tuxedos Restaurant, is a class apart. This one of a kind restaurant features a lovely 70 penguin exhibit inside and is a feast for your eyes as well as tummy.

Imagine gawking at cute penguins frolicking on ice? Everyone there was mesmerized by their Charlie Chaplin walks. The glassed exhibit, offers amazing underwater views too where you can watch them swim and then jump back on ice.

Here’s a video I took at Tuxedos

Note – You need prior reservations to ensure you have a table. There is a minimum spend as well here. So, if you want to dine in style with cute Penguins, be prepared to shell out some dough!

Big Thrill Rides Galore

There is no dearth of big thrill rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong – that much I can guarantee you. As an amusement park ninja, you can blindly follow my lead here. After visiting both Disney as well as Ocean Park in Hong Kong, I honestly found a bigger and better variety of big thrills at the latter. Disneyland still holds a special place in my heart but quite honestly it is more geared towards younger audience.

Ocean Park boasts of crazy rides like the Hair Raiser (let me tell you it DOES live up to its name), Crazy Galleon, Rev Booster (I was red from laughing and screaming in this one), Eagle (My friend Karla didn’t even attempt this one), The Abyss (We did this deathly drop twice), The Dragon and The Flash – are simply un-missable. I have honestly never experienced so many big thrill rides in one park. Plus there are several other notable fun rides like Whirly bird, Raging River and Flying Swing, among others.

Animal exhibits

Love animals? Well you have come to the right place. Personally, I don’t enjoy seeing animals in exhibits, I rather enjoy them wild and running free. So, I skipped their awesome marine and land animal exhibits. However, I must say Ocean Park takes great efforts in animal and marine life conservation – the shows and exhibits are all for educational purposes and animal welfare is their priority.

Shark Mystique

Shark Mystique – as the name suggests, its the Shark exhibit 🙂

If you are with young kids or curious about the spectacular animals, check out these special exhibits – Arctic fox den, Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Giant Panda adventure, Shark Mystique, Sea Jelly Spectacular and North Pole Encounter, to name a few.

Aerial Bay Views

Want to check out amazing aerial views of the stunning bay below? Hop on the Ferris wheel or go up the Ocean Park tower. Standing tall at 72m, the tower is your best bet for top 360 degree views in a rotating room.

Views from the Ferris wheel

Views from the Ferris wheel

Hogwarts-Style Express Train

This is one of the must do things in Ocean Park Hong Kong – you simply got to hop on the Ocean Express from the waterfront to the summit. It’s a short 1.3 km, 4 min ride, but this was one of the best experiences for me. I felt like I was in Harry potter world as soon as I entered the Ocean express ‘station’.

They have tried to stimulate an underwater world inside a submarine. Once you are on the express, the lights are dimmed and a blue light peeps though the glass windows. This mesmerizing journey is one of its kind as you feel you are under water, making it a unique, memorable experience.

Cable Car Ride

To try both the express and cable way, its best to take the cable car for your return from the Summit to the Waterfront. You can enjoy the spectacular views around you as well as get a bird’s eye peek of the entire park. You might spot something you have missed. The cable car ride ends at the lovely “Old Hong Kong” which relives the 60’s era. Its the perfect place for your Instagram shots.

If these are not enough, here is a complete list of top attractions in Ocean Park Hong Kong, to make you want to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong NOW!

How to Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong for FREE

Now that you are convinced you need to visit Ocean Park, let’s see how you can skip paying admission fees and visit for free.

Yes! You heard it right. You CAN visit Ocean Park Hong Kong for free if you are a Hong Kong resident or have a local identity card and its your birthday! I know a few locals who wait each year for their birthday, just so they can get free admission to this wonderful attraction. After all its worth the wait and what a lovely birthday treat!  Also local senior citizens over 65 years of age, can enter Ocean Park at no cost.

You can also enter Ocean Park for free to visit the evening fire and water show at the Chill out zone (More info below).

Buying Ocean Park Hong Kong Discount Tickets Online

staff at oceanpark

Karla getting our media passes from the smiling staff at Ocean Park 🙂

Well, what if its not your birthday? Here’s how you can get Ocean Park Hong Kong discount tickets and package deals online.

Not only do you skip the long queues at the ticket counter by pre-booking online, you also get great deals, awesome meal packages and HUGE discounts on KKday.

Click here to check out all package options and best promos for Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Don’t forget to add fast pass to your package list. Even with a fast pass, I thought one day was simply not enough for Ocean Park. I had to skip various exhibits and even 2 rides though I entered at opening hour and left after the gala sound and light show at the Chill out experience.

The awesome limited-time Chill out by the lakeside is from 13th April till 29th June 2018. Boasting of awesome food, kick ass drinks (yes, alcoholic), beer pong, awesome fire and water show, life sized jenga, and live music +DJ – there is so much to do here. After our all day adventures and rides at Ocean Park, we spent another 3 hours chilling by the lakeside. We loved the bacon wrapped sea bass, HKD 20 beers and Roasted Pork and seafood platters.

This zone is open from 1830 till 2300 hrs so you have ample time to just chat, watch the show and the laser fountain or take in the live music vibes. Karla and I, really enjoyed just putting our feet up with a couple of beers and scrumptious cuisine here. I would highly recommend it, if you are visiting before 29th June.

Note – Even if you don’t have an admission ticket to Ocean Park, you can enjoy your evenings here with promo beer and a free sound and light show.

So, why wait? Grab your Ocean Park Hong Kong discount tickets here and get ready for a kick ass day of adventure and fun!

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