Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Gallery to Inspire this Mighty Climb

Thousands of people flock every year to Tanzania with just one goal – to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, and the world’s highest free standing mountain. With an eternal snow cap, this majestic peak is located inside the Kilimanjaro National Park, on the border with Kenya.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, basically, has three main peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira Ridge. The Kibo summit is the most popular of the three, and the Uhuru Peak here, at an elevation of 5895 m, is considered to be the highest point in Africa, and the ultimate goal of any Kilimanjaro climber.

The seven official routes to the mountain are easy and no special mountaineering skills are required to access the mountain. Almost anyone with average health can do the climb, which at most places involves plain walking. There are section where one may have to hands to climb over boulders, but all in all the climb is achievable by anyone. In fact, people on wheelchairs have been known to reach the summit.

The climb to this “Everyman’s Everest”, though not all that easy, still acts as a magnet to almost 50,000 climbers every year – and with good reason too.

7 Mount Kilimanjaro Pictures and Solid Reasons for Scaling this Peak


Summiting Kilimanjaro has been on my bucket list for a while now. So, I gathered these awesome Mount Kilimanjaro photos from Instagram to keep myself inspired and push to achieve this dream, one day. Hope these reasons and images of Kilimanjaro inspire you to scale this peak too!

Easiest of the Seven Summits to climb

The Seven Summits are referred to as each of the seven highest peaks that are found in our seven continents.Technically speaking, Kilimanjaro, is considered to be the easiest to climb out of the seven top peaks.

No previous experience is required, nor any particular climbing skill. Though, roughly, ten persons are killed every year while endeavoring  the climb, that does not deter either the six year old or the eighty plus years  elder to make the attempt.

Tanzania is Easily Accessible

Though, Mt. Kilimanjaro is geographically remote, reaching Tanzania from any part of the world is easy. The international airport, near the town of Moshi, has non-stop connections with most countries in Europe, and easy hopping flights from Asia.

Portrays a splendid natural wonder

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As a natural wonder, Mt. Kilimanjaro has few equals. Imagine a snow-capped mountain, just south of the equator, having dense green forests amid vast dry savannahs. The climb to the top passes through all the climate zones, from tropical to alpine, all within a short span of just week. This place is home to the Elephant flower and the unique Kilimanjaro tree, found only on this mountain.

Excellent infrastructure

The town of Moshi, the entry point to Kilimanjaro, surprisingly has a good number of high end hotels and lodges. There are plenty of outlets for renting out climbing gear, guides, outfits and ground transportation. Porters, in large numbers, are on hand to carry your bags, set up tents and cook food.

Semi permanent toilets are in place on the most crowded routes, while some outfitters even provide private toilets.

Contributes vastly to local economy

roof of africa

Kilimanjaro attracts people in innumerable numbers, and with these hordes come an army of guides, porters, cooks and many other travel related agencies. This in return, contributes to more than 20 million US dollars to the wealth of Tanzania every year, which is of immense benefit to one of the neediest countries on the planet.

Creates an extreme feeling of achievement

Even though the world says that climbing Kilimanjaro can be achieved by anyone, the truth is that it actually takes some doing. In fact it is quite a serious challenge to reach Uhuru peak. However, once done,  the special feeling of achievement you attain, is sure to remain etched in your memory forever.

Offers spectacular views from the peak

While reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro is a common occurrence achieved by some one or the other every day, the description of the scene from the summit need to be captured, both by camera and vision, to really grasp the beautiful views this iconic mountain offers.

They say, that this Roof of Africa, allows for such splendid visions of banks of rolling clouds hovering above the valley below, that few words can really describe the meaningful scenes of beauty unfolding before your very eyes.

The most obvious reason to climb any mountain, as ascertained by the premier Everest climbers, Hillary and Tenzing is because, “They are there”. Reaching the peak inspires the inner wealth of power hidden in the body, and enables one to view the world in an entirely different way.


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