Melasti Beach, Ungasan – #1 Instagrammable Beach in Bali

Melasti beach in Ungasan, quickly made it to the top of my favorite beaches in Bali list. This beach ticks all the right boxes, making it the perfect addition to your Bali itinerary.

Reasons to Visit Melasti Beach Ungasan

melasti beach

#1 For Picture Perfect ‘Unique’ Views

How can a beach be any different you ask? It sure can!

Melasti beach Bali is surely one of the most unique beaches I have ever seen. The road itself to the beach is pretty stunning as its cut through towering cliffs. This makes it one of the most popular spots for a photoshoot in Bali. Be it for Instagram or a wedding pre-shoot, Melasti is the perfect destination.

The beach is so pretty that I choose it for my fun travel shoot with Shoot My Travel photographer, Aprishia in Bali.

Aprishia and I both were in favor or picking Melasti beach. Of course she preferred I wore a long flowy dress and a straw hat but I skipped the jazz for my normal casual travel wear – shorts and tees. Simple is the best, isn’t it?

After my lovely shoot with them in Georgetown, I was looking forward to collaborating with their talented team of photographers again and I wasn’t disappointed. Our pictures came out amazing 🙂

The tiny natural pools scattered all around add to its unique scenery. These pools even have small neon fish and tiny crabs in them. How utterly adorable is that? I could not stop peeking into the pools and was simply amazed by how “naturally” unique and beautiful Pantai Melasti was.

melasti beach bali

Amazing natural pools all around Melasti

#2 Perfect for your Morning Workout Session

Who wouldn’t want to practice yoga or do a handstand on a lovely pristine, quiet and clean beach? I know I would. Plus the road to the beach is perfect for jogging or biking. Surely, if I was living closer to Melasti I would be lured to start my day on a healthier note!

Melasti beach bali

#3 Cheap and Good Food

There are a couple of small warungs (local roadside restaurants) that are cost effective and offer excellent Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, among other local delicacies. They also serve other delicious concoctions of meat, rice and noodles which is the staple Indonesian diet. Since Melasti beach does not have any beach shacks, these warungs near the parking lot are your go-to spots for food, coconut water or Bintangs.

coconut water bali

Kind warung owner serving us fresh coconut water

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Melasti beach Ungasan taking pictures, eating, chilling, walking up and down the cliff covered roads and watching a boy catch fish. He actually caught a beautiful neon colored one and I ended up feeling amazed (At his skills and sparkling colors of the fish) and bad (For the fish, which would probably be his lunch)!!

Its easy to see why its my favorite beach in Bali (So far as there are plenty I haven’t seen)!

Melasti beach Map

Getting to Melasti beach from South Bali takes around 1.5 hours as per Google maps. Of course it took me 2 hours as I stopped for coffee and almost fell off my bike on a steep uphill turn (duh!). Since I had to reach at 0800 hrs for my photo shoot, I actually started around 0600 hrs…zzzz. I would also highly recommend going early morning as its part of the beach charm and you will surely enjoy it more then!

Melasti beach bali, melasti

Here’s a quick map to reach Melasti beach which you can save offline as you set off to explore this offbeat paradise –

So have you been to Bali and checked out Melasti beach yet? If not, put it on your bucket list and go explore this lovely beach NOW!


  1. Normal casual travel wear! Yay! Let’s break the trend.

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