Kedungu Beach Bali – Not Just for Surfers

While I was searching for hidden beaches in Bali, Kedungu beach did not pop out in google search results.

I realized anything that has been written about online several times, won’t be “hidden” anymore so I simply took out a map of Bali and zoomed in on the coastline from Canggu (which is where we are based for next 2 weeks).

Since its raining here in Bali almost everyday, I didnt want to drive 90 mins to the other side just yet (though I will later). So my criteria was simple – offbeat and close to Canggu.

After searching the coastline within 30 mins driving distance, I finally found a beach I would like to visit – Kedungu.

Kedungu beach, Bali

Kedungu beach, Bali

I soon discovered that it is popular for Kedungu surf camp but it was one beach none of my friends had heard about and THAT’s offbeat for me – Reason enough to go!

Kedungu Beach Bali – Unexplored By Tourists; Popular among locals

Pantai Kedungu Bali (Pantai means beach in bahasa Indonesia) is just 3 kms away from the popular Tanah Lot temple. So, my number one tip is to simply combine the two spots and make a cool day trip off it.

Tanah Lot is surely an interesting location to take pictures of the stunning clifftop temple. However, it is almost always crowded so if you are not much for the crowds, simply go for taking a few quick pictures – in any way, its a must visit! Especially if you are headed in that direction.

Entry to Tanah Lot is just IDR 60,000 ($4.5 approx).

tanahlot temple

Totally worth it for this legendary shot

So after a quick stop and bite at Tanah Lot you can head straight to Kedungu beach (more on the directions below which is also a must read if you don’t want to get lost like us)!

I would also highly recommend going during the day to avoid the madness during sunset – Wayyyyy too crowded by locals at that time. It can also be dirty and busy but its easy to find secluded spots if you cross the big lava rocks towards the epic waterfall.

kedungu beach

Black lava rocks totally make the scenery stand out

It does make for stunning sunset views and there are several small warungs for enjoying local food at cheap rates. So, its easy to see why its so popular with locals.

Kedungu Beach – Instagrammable? Yay or Nay?

I would say a big fat – YAY!

You can get Instagram worthy shots near the waterfall, on the black lava rocks, with some of the cute dogs on the beach or just with the black sands and cloudy skies. So, yes, you can find plenty of swell spots with good backdrops , minus the crowds, here.

waterfalls bali

Waterfalls on a beach – Hell yeah!


How to Reach Kedungu Beach?

Okay now this is the tricky part.

If you visit Tanah Lot first like we did, prepare to get lost.

Google maps showed us a shoddy path going through the rice fields. This path takes you around the temple area (yes its great though and you can see some abandoned temples/structures here with not a soul in sight) but yup a sure shot formula to get lost. We hit a roadblock when the roads turned from bad to “not drivable” and had to turn back.

Its just 3 kms and I was surprised we got lost with a working GPS but was adamant to find a way to reach Kedungu.

So, here’s how you do it – You need to just come to the main road and keep going the opposite side (We were coming from our villa in Canggu). Your GPS will keep buzzing you to take a U turn but alas if you do, you will be back in the paddy fields behind Tanah Lot. Just keep going for around 10 mins and then you will see a sign to turn left on your GPS.

That’s the right route to Kedungu beach.

After a lovely drive around villages and cafes, you will be asked to pay IDR 2000 to enter (Bike parking, actually). This is just 150 meters from the beach and you will see more abandoned Balinese style buildings (Temples, maybe?) and there is NO one here so much better spot for your authentic photos. Don’t miss this –

Instagram bali

Just like doors of heaven but with zero people around

Kedungu Beach Map

If you are going straight to Kedungu the road is easy to follow on the map but this path from Tanah Lot to Kedungu is just not doable.

Instead go straight from the main road and connect later.

Tips for Visiting Kedungu Beach

pantai kedungu bali

Kedungu beach – sight for sore eyes

  1. Wear comfy waterproof shoes – Especially if you want to get up close to the waterfall. You will have to climb huge lava rocks, brave the tides and the crabs that live on those rocks! So hati hati (Be careful).
  2. Arrive before the crowds or for sunset – Either come during the morning to have the beach to yourself but if you don’t mind the crowds, sunset is the best time to visit Kedungu.
  3. Visit Tanah Lot since its in the vicinity.
  4. Don’t miss the lovely abandoned temples and rice fields for your photo backdrops enroute.
  5. Bring a rain jacket esp if you are traveling in December like us – it can pour anytime!

That’s it, now go to Kedungu beach and have a blast πŸ™‚


  1. Thanks dear. I am looking for more such spots to bring to my readers..since m here for a month, make the most of it and uncover more of exotic Bali πŸ™‚

  2. that’s beautiful looking beach, I also love some offbeat locations along with touristy one, good guide you written

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