Jiufen Old Street (九份老街) Picture Diary and Travel Guide

Jiufen old street 九份老街 is nestled in the small, quaint hill town of Jiufen (Also known as Chiufen) in Ruifang, New Taipei city. This Taiwense village near Keelung, is popular among Japanese anime fans as the town that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award winning flick “Spirited Away”.

Jiufen old street food itself drives hoards of tourists from all around Taiwan and Asia. Heck just the yummy taro balls (芋圓) in a sweet red bean soup make for the number one hotsellers at 九份老街 and are the sole purpose of many a visit.

For me, the lanterns, decorations, cute souvenirs, tea houses and the cute village vibe was sufficient to steal my heart. However, it does grow on you, so I would suggest booking a place to stay nearby to spend at least two days in Jiufen. That’s when you can truly soak up the vibe and just walking up and down the multitude of stairs at the old street turns out to be so much fun.

There’s so much to do in and around Jiufen like hiking up Keelung mountain or taking a short trip to Shifen falls that spending a nice weekend there with friends seems ideal.

Jiufen old street Taiwan – Day vs Night , When to Go?

Okay so most tours will take you to the Jiufen old street during day for obvious logistic reasons. However, your best bet will be to do what I did –  simply book a day tour to Jiufen and stay back. You can easily book a taxi or bus for your way back to Taipei or opt to spend a couple of nights in this lovely hill town, like I did.

What to Do in Jiufen Old Street during the Day

Enjoy the sea view while sipping hot tea in one of the many tea houses.

teahouses jiufen old street

Loving ocean views from almost every teahouse

Buy souvenirs of your favorite anime characters.

cute japanese anime souvenirs

Think totoro, noface and all your top anime characters!

Enjoy local delicacies.


So many options for eating and shopping

meatballs jiufen

Meatballs anyone?

Watch a movie in the oldest theater of Taipei (Shengping), and its free!

Shengping Theater at Jiufen old street

Shengping Theater at Jiufen old street

Walk up and down the stairs and get lost in the crowd.

Things to do in Jiufen Old Street at Night

There’s a lot to do here at night too. My favorite part was walking in this narrow hidden tunnel-like path.

Narrow tunnel in Jiufen old street

Narrow tunnel in Jiufen old street

Why not check out the ghost temple? You can even make a wish but if it comes true you must come back and give offerings to the spirits – Are you ready to head there at night?

Ghost temple at Jiufen

Ghost temple at Jiufen

Plus enjoy the lanterns and night lights 🙂 I believe it truly comes alive at night (Think: Spirited away).

No matter which option you choose, watching the setting sun while sipping a hot cup of tea and enjoying a night walk are just some of the reasons I would recommend enjoying Jiufen at night too! Plus, its way prettier and less busy after dusk.

Traveler Information Jiufen Old Street


Pretty lanterns at the old street

Jiufen Old Street Opening Hours

Even though Jiufen old street is open 24 hours, most shops close between 1900-2100 hours with just a few restaurants and tea houses staying open a bit longer.

Jiufen Old Street Map

So, what are you waiting for? If these pictures convinced you to add this lovely Jiufen old street to your bucket list and allow yourself to be “spirited away“, book your tours with KKday now!

Disclaimer – I was a guest of KKday during my wonderful trip to Taiwan. All opinions and pictures are my own 🙂


  1. I spent almost two months in Taiwan and missed this one. You know how it goes – oh, I still have plenty of time, so I visit next weekend. I guess I have a good reason to come back

    • Hi Elena – wow two months? So cool, where all did you go and which was your fave spot? Yup, I am sure I missed a ton of spots too so I will be back for sure 😉

  2. Love your little photo diary, It looks like a very entertaining place to visit.

  3. This is magical, it totally has the vibes of “Spirited Away”! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I enjoyed the town more on my second trip. Arrived late at night and then wandered the touristy streets before the shops opened. The views were better without the crowds. First time there I tried to escape the crowds and ended up on a mountain overlooking the town. I have no idea how I found it.

  5. Hello, is the city’s name Jiufen, and the old street’s name Shifen?

    • Oh sorry if its confusing. Jiufen is the town name and Jiufen has an old street – Shifen is another town nearby which has an old street as well. Jiufen old street is the one with the hilltop tea shops, Shifen has the railway , waterfall and lanterns 🙂

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