International Travel Emergencies: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

You’re headed out for the international adventure of a lifetime. It is time to explore new places and seek out novel experiences that will build remarkable memories. You want these memories to be good ones and not reflective of any miserable or irreparable moments. With any adventure there is always the risk of a negative twist or turn. Any unfortunate events can be easily remedied if you are prepared and know the proper steps to take.

Here is a list of common emergency situations you may encounter abroad and how you should deal with them.


Theft on the road

Crowded, tourist-concentrated areas will draw con artists and pickpockets. If you have any items stolen from you, make sure you report the theft immediately to the local police. Provide them with specific details of your stolen items, especially the value. Protect yourself from pickpocketing and purse-snatching — use special travel wallets or money belts that can be worn around your waist or under your shirt. These wallets and packs are designed to stay close to your body for extra awareness. Make sure to choose a design that you will actually wear, and one that will easily let you keep track of your valuables.

Communication Issues

While traveling, you may need to get in touch with those back home. Make sure you are set up with a phone that can connect with the region’s service providers and be readily available for calls and texts. Another issue is the loss of phone battery, as you may be in a more remote location without electricity. So your phone doesn’t lose power quickly, a smartphone model that has exemplary battery stamina is ideal.


dirt bike in laos

My Bike accident in Laos was one of my most travel misadventures followed by 2 weeks of bed rest!

Home or abroad, there is always the risk of injury. In the event you are severely injured, make sure you choose your treatment facility wisely. If you have the time and the injury isn’t a time-sensitive emergency, call your embassy for their recommendation of hospital or doctors. It is also smart to look up hospitals and medical care facilities before you embark on your trip. Keep the list within your wallet or in an easy-to-access electronic document. Make sure your health insurance covers international travel so you won’t be stuck with any outlandish medical bills. You can acquire short-term, international health insurance from an insurance company like Blue Cross or Travel Guard.

Lost Documents

travel documents lost

Loss of travel documents can be an absolute nightmare

Every traveler’s worst nightmare is the loss of their passport or visa. These important documents are the key for your international travel and safe return back home. There are ways you can prepare yourself for this kind of unfortunate event before you set out on your trip. A major travel tip: Make copies of all your important documents before you leave. Then scan and store them on a cloud server, accessible from your location abroad. You can also leave these copies with a close friend or relative. If you have visuals and all the information from the original document, it will be easier for your embassy to reissue your visa or passport.

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