Unlimited Fun at Imagica Theme Park and Imagica Snow Park

Post Updated on 31st May 2017

Adlabs Imagica is located on Khopoli – Pali road, almost midway on the Mumbai-Pune expressway in India. The close proximity makes it an ideal family getaway for people from both cities. Imagica has risen in popularity since its inception and is now one of the top 10 theme parks in Asia and undoubtedly one of the best in India. With the inception of new Imagica Snow Park, the park is expected to win hearts all over Asia.

My Experience at Adlabs Imagica

Imagica Theme Park

I was in Pune last week and decided to check out Imagica because of my “not so secret” love for amusement parks. I am a huge fan of big thrill rides and Imagica did not disappoint in that segment. With rides to match international standards, excellent visual delights and photo opportunities, entertaining shows, lovely food and my fast pass – I was ready to conquer the world, or well, at least the park.

Top Imagica Theme Park Rides

With 24 attractions and shows to choose from, sadly, I had to skip a few. With 8 hours in hand and my fast pass, I still didn’t have enough time to cover the theme park and 45 mins in SnoMagica.

photo opps in adlabs imagica

Plenty of photo opportunities which eat into your ride times but they are soooo worth it

From my personal experience and the rides I managed to get on, here are my top 6 picks –


Okay so I had “heard” about this one and without much ado, I jumped on this ride as soon as I entered the park. I had an express pass so I was literally strapped in on the roller coaster in less than 2 mins (No time to take it in or gather myself). It IS the fastest and biggest roller coaster in India. Unlike other roller coasters it is floorless and reaches heights of upto 132 ft with several twists, turns and scream enhancing drops. It tops my list of rides in Imagica hands down.

Here’s a sneak peak of this bad boy – Think you can handle it?

Deep Space

I am a big fan of Space mountain (from my experience at Disneyland, Paris and Dreamworld, Bangkok) so even before I got in this rocket to space, I knew I would love it. It is the first dark roller coaster in India which takes you on a trip to space. The launch as you zoom through is the best part of the ride. Beware of the neck breaking speed of the launch and glue your heads to the head rest to avoid sprains. 

Check out the launch at 45 sec –

Rajasaurus River Adventure

Rajasaurus means “King of lizards”. Aptly named, the ride is themed around a prehistoric dinosaur era. Okay to be honest, I was in such a big rush to see all rides that  I missed all warnings at entry which exclaimed boldly “You WILL get wet on this ride“. Blindly making my way to the express lane, I didn’t know what was in store for me. As I enjoyed the lazy boat ride, without expecting any sudden accelerations or drops, I breathed a sigh of relief as the boat took us through cute dinosaurs of ancient era.

A bit skeptical of the T-rex popping up anytime, my first cause for alarm was as the boat slowed down even further and started moving at a snails pace towards a huge T-Rex protruding from the roof. With no idea of what was going to happen, I braced myself. As soon as you reach the T-Rex, you suddenly see light (its an indoor boat ride) and a massive drop into water. You start screaming and in seconds the ride ends with your nerves on edge and your clothes all wet. I loved the fast surprise climax of this slow lazy ride and that’s why it makes it to on my list.


Your typical haunted fortress with live actors and awesome decor. The climax of this ride is the most enjoyable as you face a blank TV screen at the end of the ride. Suddenly a ghost pops up with a eerie scream and you drop – Yup, thats right, the floor opens up and eats you. You “actually” drop a floor and the ride ends.

Check out this awesome official Salimgarh teaser by Adlabs Imagica – Are you brave enough? Imagica dares you!

Mr India

Based on the Bollywood flick, Mr India, this is a virtual roller coaster that takes you (virtually) on all rides of Imagica. It is just as enjoyable as the real coasters and very thrilling. The typical tale of good guy (Mr India) vs the evil villain (Mogambo) from our classic Bollywood flick. It brings back nostalgic memories of our golden Indian cinema, as you become part of Mr India’s world and tackle Mogambo as his side kicks.

Official trailer of the ride –

Gold rush express

This reminded me of Indians Jones and the temple of peril ride in Diseyland, Paris. The wild west county theme adds to it and it is not as fast as Nitro so can be enjoyed by all. Lot of photo opportunities in the wild west style and a lovely theme to boast of. This ride is on my list more for the theme than the actual roller coaster.

Wild west adventure preview of the Gold Rush Express –

Imagica Snow Park

SnoMagica park is a great way to beat the seeping summer temperatures and seriously, where else can you enjoy snow fall in Maharashtra? With tons of enjoyable activities like snow climbing, snow slides, snow walks, snow disco, there is a lot to do in your allotted 45 mins. I thoroughly enjoyed this park and the entire theme with igloo, penguins, seals and ice sculptures (And incase you are wondering – no, the animals were not real).

imagica snow park images

Tip for SnoMagica – Carry your jeans and socks as they only give you a warm hoodie, gloves and snow boots. 

Downside of my Visit to Imagica

– During my visit two of the rides were not functioning. They had to be shut down for around 30 mins for technical checks – I would say this is also a big upside as Imagica takes pride in their safety and will not allow anyone to get on board without due diligence and proper checks. However, its a downside for those who have to wait longer in queue or leave disappointed.
-Cost of the ticket is a tad higher for Indian standards. I would say it is worth it as rides are of international standard and entire theme is comparable to Disney and the likes. So if you kick your budget out of equation for a day, its your perfect family/ friends fun day out.
– You won’t have any Imagica snow park images at the end of all the fun and frolic as cameras are not allowed inside SnoMagica – for good reason too as they will just get ruined in the snow.

Tips Before Visiting Imagica Theme Park

Imagica grand parade is not to be missed

Imagica grand parade is not to be missed

– Buy the express pass to avoid long queues – it is totally worth it.
– Take a cab to save time and make the most of your visit to Imagica.
– Stay in Novotel hotel right next to the park, to enjoy all 3 parks and keep at least 2 days at hand to explore everything. Combine either theme park or water park with SnoMagica and that should give you sufficient time (especially if you took a cab or stayed in their hotel) to enjoy all attractions.
– The theme park is very lively in the evening with rain dance, grand parade and pumping music so save some time to enjoy this.

Adlabs Imagica VP, Ops, Mr Ashutosh Kale says “Imagica is for everyone. It is for the Children, the Young & the Young at heart. Here entire family’s can enjoy a nice day out together with different generations bonding, laughing, speaking or just lazing in each others company. This is something you cannot sadly do in a mall or a movie. I have personally spoken to grandparents who visited us, about how thrilled they were to spend time with their grandchildren in the park.” 

Important Information About Imagica

How to Reach Adlabs Imagica

Cheapest option is to take a bus from Mumbai or Pune. It takes around 2-3 hours, depending on traffic and costs Rs 500 for a return ticket (Approx $7.5). However, the fastest option is to book a cab with Imagica and you can reach as soon as the park opens and be the last one to go out (irrespective of the bus scheduled departure/arrivals). Cost Rs 2500 for a return cab (Approx $38) – Totally worth it if you are going in a group.

Imagica Lagoon evening view

Where to Eat at Imagica Theme Park

Imagica has umpteen restaurants and food kiosks in the main theme park so there is no dearth of options for foodies. I tend to avoid food before big thrill rides so once my rides are all checked off, I am headed to the nearest restaurant. From grills to bars, diners, cafes and food court, there are a total of 8 joints. My personal favorite was Arrmada. It is designed as a huge ship with lovely modern decor. You can enjoy a cocktail on the deck or beat the heat by enjoying a chiller in their comfortable indoor seating.

Entry fee and timings for Imagica Theme Park & Imagica Snow Park

Open everyday from 10:00 Hrs to 20:00 Hrs. Weekday ticket prices for Theme park (Rs 1999/ $30), Water Park (Rs 1199/ $18), Imagica Snow Park (Rs 399/ $6) with slight surcharge for weekends and discounts for seniors. Currently they have a Monsoon sale going on with 30% off on ticket prices. Highly recommended express upgrade is just Rs 1000/$15 to skip the queues. Click here for detailed & current price list.

For more info on special Imagica deals and offers, rides, attractions, timings, transport to park, hotel booking and more, check out their website – https://www.adlabsimagica.com

Disclaimer – I was offered a complimentary fast pass to Imagica theme park and SnoMagica. However, all opinions are totally unbiased and 100 % my own. I love amusement parks too much so that’s perhaps my only bias! 


  1. I loved it too…but had a terrible terrible expoerince of using the bus service they provide from Pune/ Mumbai! But it happens I guess…

    • Really? I used their bus service as well , what happened? Apart from being bit late, I had no issues with it – Ofcourse it would’ve been better to take a cab to enjoy more time at the park 🙂

  2. Maria Berneiser Haase June 18, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    I have to admit that I am not a big fan of amusement parks. I don’t like rides and so I just end up holding everybody’s stuff. But I love that this park takes safety so seriously. Maybe I would dare to do a ride afterall?

  3. I haven’t been to an amusement park in so long, but this is making me start to scheme my next visit. The Gold Rush Express looks the coolest — I love those themed rides.

  4. Brianna @ The Casual Travelist June 18, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    I love visiting amusement parks. Adlabs looks l like such fun!

  5. I’m a theme park junkee and this sounds like fun! While I’m not into the crazy rollercoasters, the imagination that went into Imagica looks incredible.

  6. Om my word I LOVE roller-coasters!! Nitro looks amazing and i’m sure I would count a day at this amusement park would be one of my happiest days ever!

  7. I didn’t know this magical place existed and now I need to go IMMEDIATELY. I love theme parks too… I practically live at Disney World.

  8. I love the idea of a virtual rollercoaster? I get whiplash on the real thing but a virtual rollercoaster would solve that problem.

  9. This looks awesome. I do love a good roller coaster. And I can’t believe they’ve got a place with snow!!

  10. This place looks awesome! I love theme parks! How cool is that imagica snow park? Looks so much fun

  11. So interesting. Thanks for sharing. Very different from some of the parks I’ve been to. Love that they have a snow park too!

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