How to Safeguard your Valuables while Traveling

One of the most important aspects, while traveling is safety. It is one of the biggest concern for people and needs to be addressed. After losing my debit card and mobile phone in Bali, misplacing cash in Laos and getting pick pocketed in Singapore, I am now a very smart traveler (or so I like to believe).

Since my misadventures in Bali left me penniless , alone and stranded in a new country, I decided I need to have some safety measures in place for my upcoming travels. I tried the “old school method” of keeping money in my bra. Upside – Your money is 100% safe. Downside – Well, it’s a bit weird when you dig through your brassiere in public to take out cash – isn’t it?

Next, I tried a money belt – Hey, no one told me I had to take off my clothes to reach the money belt. In short – Fail!

Then, I asked my mom to stitch small secret inside pockets in all my jeans and shorts. This worked great and I was really happy with my this safe method. Of course, I could only keep cash and not phones, cards or passports but hey, this worked well. I bought new clothes and now my mom won’t be bothered with stitching pockets inside all of them, so it’s not a working method anymore, sadly.

Finally, I found something that was would offer safety with comfort and style. Exactly what I was looking for – The clever travel companion.

What is clever travel companion and how does it safeguard your valuables?

This is an amazing range of travel clothing with nicely concealed secret pockets (Shhhh..don’t tell anyone). It is perfect for any avid traveler as the clothes can easily fit all your valuables like passport, cards, phone and cash.

It can be really difficult if you lose anything while traveling (be it even a small amount of cash – as no one would foresee being pick-pocketed and account for it as a travel expense). So, I have now started using this range of clothing. Here’s what I think about it –


  1. Concealed zippers – All zips are concealed well so you won’t even know there’s a pocket.
  2. Smart, stretchable and comfortable – Their apparel is smart and very comfortable. I especially love their long john’s.  They are ideal flight wear as they are easy to breathe in and perfectly comfortable for a long flight.
  3.  Covers your bases – When I am traveling, I stick to basic colors especially if I want to travel light, which is almost always. If I carry few white, black, blue tees and shorts, I don’t need much else for a week long getaway. With this apparel line, they only offer basic colors so for me, as a traveler, this is superb.
  4. High waist Long John’s – I absolutely adore the Long John’s and the fact that they are high waist. This ensures more comfort. Plus the zips are higher up so once you have your tank top on top, there is no way anyone can reach the pockets.
  5. Different pockets in different styles – They have pockets in front as well as side in all tees and tanks. So you can choose what you are most comfortable with. I have only tried the tank top with side pockets which works just fine for me.
  6. They support charities – I really like to support brands and organizations who work with charities. I feel like I contributed towards it in my own small way. It might be a minor percentage of what I spent but every little bit counts.
  7. Cost effective – With prices starting from just $25, their range does not put a dent on your wallet. As a traveler, safety is of utmost importance to me. After losing over $2300 (total) on the road, I don’t hesitate on spending $50 which gets me safety, comfort as well as style. It’s a win-win.
  8. Worldwide delivery – They ship worldwide which is awesome as I am from India and always looking for cool things to buy and often feel disappointed when brands don’t ship worldwide. That’s a big plus for me.

Clever travel companion


  1. Waterproofing – I love my clever travel companion gear, no doubt about it. However, I found a slight flaw in usability (being a travel apparel), it would have been great if they offered waterproof pockets. From what I have heard, that’s on the charts for them so, I am really looking forward to that.
  2. Choice of colors and designs- This might be a downside for few even though its an upside for me – as I like to stick to basic colors while I am on the go. However, those who like to experiment with more designs, styles and colors can probably use the tank tops as an inner wear.

Personally, I have only tried their tank top with side pockets and a pair of Long John’s. I cannot comment on the usability of shorts, tees and leggings but judging by the quality, I am pretty sure they are all top notch. I would highly recommend you all to grab your own theft proof travel gear.

Safeguard your valuables

Here are some quick links to neat stuff like I am wearing courtesy clever travel companion –

Click here to buy the black tank top like I am wearing in the pic.

Click here to buy the Long John’s – which are my favorite (Also on discount if you buy now).

Click here to check out the entire Clever travel companion range.

Disclaimer – I was given the tank top and Long John’s to try out and review and I honestly love them both. This post contains affiliate links and I only recommend products which I have tried and liked. So, go ahead and buy without any concerns. Full disclosure policy here


  1. Thanks for the post, I will look into it and thanks for the disclaimer.

    As someone that likes to go the the beach when on vacation, I got a water bottle with a hidden pocket for such an occasion. So far, the thing has shown to be invaluable during both domestic and international travel (e.g., Since it’s waterproof, it is really quite handy.

  2. Ahah that’s clever! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard of those before!

  3. Thanks for the post and also I find it’s also important to “safegaurd” your belongings from sand… water… wind… while you are travelling in the wild – doing all sorts of exciting activities. Safe travel!

  4. This is such a great idea, I am sorry that you have had trouble in the past but I am glad you have been able to find a solution. I am heading over to their website to check them out now.

  5. I’m a fan of Clever Travel Companion, as well! I have the 2-pocket v-neck t-shirt. It helps me be hands-free when traveling with my little ones. I plan to get a couple of more items before our family trip to Europe next month!

  6. The Lavish Nomad June 8, 2016 at 6:30 am

    Those are some clever clothing items. I have a pair of shorts with these kinds of pockets as well. Very handy

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