How to Get Lowest Deals on Hotels Within India – Less than $6/Night

Today, I will share with you one of the biggest travel hacks for getting crazy low deals on hotels within India. Using this strategy, over the last 3 months, I booked over 5 hotels at 60-70% discount – Lowest being a measly Rs 375 (Less than $5.5) per night – Including lavish breakfast and free WiFi. This hotel was pretty decent too and not a run-down guest house – To be honest, even a run down guesthouse will cost you minimum Rs 1000 per night ($14.5) – Isn’t it ?

Wanna know how ? Read on !

Well, I used my Goibibo app to book these spectacular, unheard of, deals.

Follow these steps to avail best deals on hotels within India  –

  1. Download Goibibo app (Use referral code SHEILAR to get instant Rs 2000 in go cash – Note : You get Gocash ONLY if you sign up using someone’s referral code). Gocash is virtual currency which you can use on this app to get further discounts.
  2. Next, select “gostays” if you are OKAY with booking pretty decent and comfortable rooms at great prices. Gostays are budget rooms , usually under Rs 1500 per night. You can select “Hotels” option to see a list of all hotels – 4/5 star.
  3. Once you pick your hotel (Read reviews on the app as well as on other sites like / TripAdvisor etc before you book), just select the room. The room I booked (for Rs 375) was priced at Rs 1600 online, Rs 1300 on the GoIbibo app (regular “hotels” option) and Rs 1000 per night on the Gostays option.
  4. Next, Apply code “GOKARDE” and immediately you get upto 65% off. Wow, right ? So my new rate was around Rs 500. Go to payment page , enter your name and contact info.
  5. Click on “pay using Gocash”. Remember Rs 2000 you received on signing up under a referral code in Step 1 ? Now, a part of the total booking amount can always be paid with this virtual currency. How much or what percentage depends on Goibibo , the hotel or the deal. I got another  Rs 125 or so off making it a neat deal of Rs 375.

Of course I was skeptical so I booked just one night, but once I reached the hotel and loved it, immediately I booked it for my remaining 3 nights in Pondicherry. Heck, I had a few hours to kill before my bus to Bangalore and I booked another night, just to stay a couple of hours in the comfy hotel room to shower and rest – Doesn’t really matter for less than $5.5 – eh?

In December (peak season), I booked rooms in different hotels in Goa, all under Rs 2000 per night – Great hotels with epic locations, very close to the beach.

Similarly, I booked a mini suite in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala last month for just Rs 1300 (original price around Rs 450).

Yes, that’s right a mini suite for under $19 per night – can you beat that?

Some pictures to prove these hotels are not shady !

deals on hotels

Hotel Seasons Pondicherry for Rs 375

Lavish Inn McLeodganj Mini Suite

Lavish Inn McLeodganj Mini Suite Rs 1300

Our Room in Goa, Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Plaza, Anjuna Beach, Goa

Room in Goa, Candolim Beach

Banyan Tree Courtyard, Candolim Beach, Goa

Now go and enjoy some luxury (well, at least decent) vacations in India at downright crazy low rates. Book your awesome deals on hotels within India NOW before Goibibo takes these crazy offers off the market.

In case they do, option 2 is – Download OYO rooms app  – They have excellent rooms starting JUST Rs 699 ($10). They have awesome tie ups and hotels in every inch and corner of the country at unbeatable rates. You also get an introductory 30% off on your first booking. Go Oyo!

So, have you ever used this travel hack before or plan to ? Tell me what you think in the comments below .


  1. Hi Jo,

    Wow, not bad!! Those prices are rock bottom yet the hotels look fabulous. And you scored a room in awesome Pondicherry, which we enjoyed immensely. Just a little bit of legwork helps you score the best deals.

    We rented a place in Kovalam Beach for $300, for a month! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cable TV, jungle living, quiet hood, 15 minute walk from the beach. Absolutely freaking bananas, that deal was.

    Keep up the great play Jo!


    • Glad you found this tip useful, Ryan.
      Damn – $300 with all that jazz IS freakin awesome – Great job on that one. Any secret to scoring this deal or was it simply good luck (And little help from our friend big G?).

  2. Whaaat? I can’t believe this. This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing! It will come in handy one day 🙂 xx

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