Complete City Guide for Houston, Texas

Not so long ago, the aptly named Lone Star State of Houston, in Texas, was more often than not treated with utter disdain by most travelers. This was primarily because the city just did not display any personal charm whatsoever.

Things however, in this fourth largest city of America, have changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Houston has now developed a brand new identity of its own with its rich and vibrant arts and culture scene.

Some of the diverseness of culture, is portrayed in these plethora of unique attractions which has made Houston a leading family holiday destination.

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Things to see and do in Houston

Practically all the innovative attractions of Houston are centralized in one area, known as The Loop. Even though there are plenty of places, outside this zone which are interesting, they are too scattered and spread out, to be included here.


Downtown / Theatre District

Downtown Houston is the real place to be, especially because the famed Theatre District is located there. Created very painstakingly by some of the most renowned art directors who have given this place a vibrant shape, the area nowadays just oozes with diverse culture. With such esteemed venues like the Discovery Garden Park and the Main Street Corridor, the nightlife of Houston ,too, is very much pulsating and alive.

Houston Space Center

Ever since the word Houston, was said to have been first uttered on the moon, the Space Center here, has become one of the top attractions of this City. The Johnson Space Center, which forms a part of this place, has a spectacular array of special exhibits, highlighting the ambitious space program of America.

San Jacinto Monument and Museum

This museum was built in the memory of the Battle for Independence of Texas. The historic battleship of the Navy, USS Texas, is on prominent display here. Visitors have an unique opportunity to get up close to the personal quarters of the crew and the facilities they used to enjoy.

Where to Eat in Houston

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With a large population of Latins, Hispanics and Asians, it is but natural that Houston will reap the benefits of a true culinary exposition. As such, the diversity of food offered here, can be experienced with each dish you order, right from the traditional Tex-Mex down to the BBQ.
The numerous restaurants here are the perfect outlet for some authentic cuisine and a variety of dishes. From high-end and popular dining options like The Breakfast Club and T’afia, to the laid-back street food scene, the culinary powerhouse in Houston is here to stay for quite some time.

Houston Accommodation Guide

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The hospitality industry in Houston is really on fire. With hotels catering to each and every need of the choosy traveler, new heights in accommodation and comfort levels are being achieved with every passing day. The increasing demand has led to a slew of new properties coming up day by day.

From large luxury resorts, intimate private guest houses to superior bed and breakfast options, the staying options for the visitor has reached new levels. Whether interested in arts, history, shopping or just plain relaxation there is a hotel designed for every need.

The best hotels in Houston are located in the Downtown district or adjacent to the shopping center at Galleria.

Houston today, is one of the most exciting destination of America. The influx, long time back, as a result of a rising financial city, led to a large number of professionals moving to Houston. The avante garde designers and chefs, together have turned this City into a popular Urban destination.

Disclaimer – This post is created in partnership with IHG.

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