10 Golden Packing Rules for your Next Trip

For me, packing is the utmost , and only, painful part of traveling – well, apart from unpacking. I absolutely detest these and to simplify stuff, I have this mental list of packing rules handy. It doesn’t make the process any less ‘chore-like’ but does help keep you organized.

More often than not, you are anxious about what you need, what you can take, what you should leave behind and the biggest hurdle, how to pack all that stuff without going over the weight limit. Well, don’t let the task of packing spoil your mood or seem like a daunting task. All you need to do is go through the following packing hacks that are sure to meet the needs of the most stylish and yet practical traveler.

Top 10 Packing Hacks every Traveler should know – 

packing rules

  1. Take half of the clothes you were planning

    There is no need to look like a diva all the time during your vacation. All you need to do is look comfortable and relaxed. Plus, that little black dress for the special evenings is always a great add on. However, there is no need to carry your entire wardrobe, and you can always mix and match to create new looks. For example, if you are packing three trousers and five tops, that equals to fifteen outfits! Imagine the possibilities there. Heck, you can even wrap a sarong like a dress if you are creative. Do not forget to place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes from stinking as part of your packing list.

  2. Pack your Jewelry in Plastic Wrap

    Necklaces, chains, earring, and bracelets can tangle easily, and you will not have time or patience to spend those precious travel moments untangling your jewelry. Well, what do you do? Thankfully, there is a simple and easy way to pack and hold your jewelry into place. You can place the jewelry in-between sheets and seal them in plastic bags. This will keep them from tangling into each other and will be ready to use whenever you need.

  3. Roll or Fold?

    Well, this is an age old debate. Rolling up your clothes does save space, but may leave some of your clothes wrinkled. The perfect choice would be to roll up those clothes that are wrinkle free and fold those that tend to get wrinkled. The trick lies in making the best use of both rolling and folding.

  4. Where to place cords and chargers?

    This is the 21st century, and you will want to stay connected all the time. For that, you need your smartphone and laptops during your trip. However, you will also need you chargers and cords, and if you just place them loosely anywhere in your baggage, there is a good possibility of misplacing them in the huge bag. So, the smarter choice is to take your sun glass case and place your cords and chargers inside it. Now you will know exactly where your charger is and prevent all that tangling and digging into your bag, that can be annoying and time consuming. Likewise, you can store your makeup brushes too in a compact sun glass case and at one place.

  5. Label “Fragile” sticker over bags

    Place “Fragile” sticky labels on your suitcase. This is a neat hack to ensure that your bag will be placed on top of the pile. Your baggage will be the first to get off the plane and is going to get through security faster. Ensure that you have an identification marked for your baggage if it is a common color or popular brand.

  6. How to pack shoes?

    The best way to cover your shoes and offer them protection is by placing a shower cap over them. This will keep your favorite shoes protected and your clothes clean. Incase you haven’t noticed, the space inside those shoes is going waste as it is. Make good use of the storage space inside the shoes for packing socks, small toiletries, ties or underwear to save space.

  7. What about the liquids?

    You need to carry your shampoos, shaving cream, contact lens solutions or body lotion. However, there is a significant risk of leaking. The easiest way out is to cover the top of the bottles with plastic. Another way is to decant your lotions and solutions if you do not need the whole bottles, and store them in smaller containers with spill proof caps. This way you transport your toiletries in a space-saving and spill-proof way and ensure that your clothes are safe from any spills.

  8. Keeping the Fragile Items Safe

    You might be anxious about your delicate and fragile items that are easily breakable. You can pack them between soft but thicker clothes to prevent bumping up against other items. If you are carrying wine, get inflatable bags to avoid the risk of a messy break and spill. You can always use bubble wrap as a protective case for those fragile items.

  9. Simplify your toiletries

    Use a plastic bag with several compartments that can hold different samples of toiletries and makeup. Make use of sample-size shampoo, hairspray, conditioners to stay sorted and save space as well as hassles. There is no need to carry fall sized shampoos, lotions, and conditioners.

  10. Make good use of air Compression Bags and Tote

    There are a couple of bulkier items that you might need to carry for your travel. Make use of air compression bags for such bulky clothing or other items to reduce the amount of space .  Moreover, using air compression bags takes care of wrinkles too! Always carry a Tote for taking care of the dirty laundry and keep them separate from your clean clothes during the trip.

Now you can be confident of traveling lighter and yet be able to carry more of your stuff. Those simple but highly effective packing hacks will take care of all your packing woes and needs. Make your traveling easier, simpler and more fun with those creative packing tips now!

Do you use any golden packing rules for simplifying stuff or perhaps making packing more fun? I would love to hear from my readers.


  1. These are definitely all golden rules! I agree that rolling and folding can be a matter of preference – I use a combination of both depending on the clothing that I am packing. I used to use plastic bags for everything – e.g. my shoes and dirty clothes. Then someone bought be some really cute travel laundry bags (I am too cheap that I would ever buy them for myself but I love them now!). Same with my shoes – once I bought a pair of shoes that came with a shoe bag (I hadn’t even known they existed). I also use a tote bag to carry all my socks and underwear. That way I can use it during the day as an extra bag if I need.

  2. I totally hate packing and unpacking too! I love going, but I hate that aspect. I do have a little black dress from H&M for the special times! I never thought of inflatable bags to protect the booze! I need to try it!

  3. Wonderful tips, Jo! I was hit instantly on your first tip – pack less. It really seems impossible to do that!

  4. Great list! I follow most of these now except I really need to work on Tip #1 🙂 Also, it will be must easier to pack once the kids are all out of the diaper stage.

  5. I love the idea about the plastic wrap for jewelry! Mine always get tangled.

  6. I’m a terrible offender of having too many clothes… or I was. My best trick is picking out the items I want to bring like a week in advance and then folding them and putting the piles somewhere where I’ll see them every day. As I get closer to my trip, I end up taking stuff out of the piled or swapping for more “efficient” pieces (like instead of sandals and sneakers, I’ll take one pair of cute slip-ons and pack an extra pair of gel insoles just in case I need to walk a lot).

  7. Joseph Humphreys July 5, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Some excellent tips here – shower caps over shoes? Genius! And yes, halving your packing load is definitely a good rule of thumb 🙂

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