Gawking at Georgetown Street Art and Wall Murals in Penang

Most people visit Penang for finger licking local cuisine – notably the best in Malaysia. However, my number one reason for heading to Penang was simply to walk around the beautiful Georgetown and check out street art, wall murals and heritage buildings.

While doing my research on street art in the city, I realized this would be the perfect opportunity for my very first vacation photoshoot. Usually, I click all of photos myself however, the challenge arises when I am traveling solo or with someone who barely knows how to hold a camera… and want myself to be in the pictures. Solutions tried in the past were putting my GoPro on a tripod and self clicking or taking selfies. Issues – I am not a big fan of selfies and if I can’t “see” what I am clicking it is hard to take self portraits.

How to Get Perfect Vacation Pictures?

Finally, I found the perfect solution – at least for beautiful places which you would want to remember forever – hire a professional vacation photographer.  So, I had Photographer Yi Lin for Shoot My Travel Georgetown tag along with me. Yi Lin a local , born and brought up in Georgetown, so she knew exactly what I wanted to see and how I wanted it photographed. She walked me through the best street art and wire art alleys of Georgetown and we discussed ideas on angles and photos together. She was fun, sweet and has an amazing eye for photography and I was extremely happy with the end results.

For once, I loved every shot she took of me (usually I am very critical of my pictures) and she showed my best side whilst capturing the essence of the destination – which is exactly what I wanted. Here are some of my favorite pictures and you can expect to find all these spots within 1 hour of walking around Armenian Street in Georgetown.

Georgetown Street Photography with ShootMyTravel

As a big fan of street photography myself, having a professional photographer tag along was not just fun but also a great learning experience.

Mosque armenian street

Experimenting with candid shots – that’s a first for me

Walking around Georgetown, Penang

admiring flowers in georgetown

Taking a break to admire flowers in Georgetown

pigeons in georgetown

Trying to get that ultimate pigeon flying, looking gracious shot – obviously it was a fail lol

wire art georgetown

Georgetown has some amazing wire art too

Family Photography at The Blue Mansion, Georgetown

During our short time in Penang, my parents and I stayed at the glorious UNESCO world heritage building called Cheong Fatt Tze – The Blue Mansion. Our photographer took some amazing family photos which will be a constant reminder of our time spent in this royal mansion – Renowned as one of the top 10 mansions in the world.

Lobby area of The Blue Mansion

Lobby area of The Blue Mansion

Cute Rickshaws at Entrance of the Blue Mansion

Cute Rickshaws at Entrance of the Blue Mansion

Splendid Georgetown Street Art

Now comes the best part – posing with some of the stellar street art in Georgetown.

wall murals in Georgetown

One of the most popular wall murals in Georgetown

Cats are immensely popular in Malaysia. Having spent over two weeks in the “Cat city” of Kuching, I wasn’t surprised to see all this cool cat street art.

motorbike street art

Best way to ride a bike without falling off ;p

Cycle street art

Ditto for the cycles 🙂

Swing street art

Now this one I could actually fall off from – Posing with “street kids on a swing”

Fish street art

Who wants to buy some fish?

kite street art

Or fly a kite?

Wall art in georgetown

One of my personal favorite wall art in Georgetown – The bright purple just pops out!

Fun Graffiti in Georgetown

Fun Graffiti in Georgetown

So, have you ever walked around exploring street art in Georgetown, Penang? If not, this is one MUST do whilst visiting Georgetown. Be sure to check out all the lovely wall murals, wire art and street art this wonderful UNESCO town has to offer. Go have fun and don’t forget to come back and tell me about it!


  1. Have never considered hiring a professional photographer before but I totally agree that she really captured some stunning photos of you, as you say, they not only show you enjoying the art and architecture of Georgetown but really capture the place itself — true travel photography. The Blue Mansion where you stayed looks lovely, so nice that she was able to capture some photos of you with your parents there. My favourites are the ones of all the street art, especially where it looks as though you are interacting with the art!

  2. I had no idea street art in Georgetown, Penang was a UNESCO site. My sister-in-law went there and I was so amazed at the street art. I love the one of you on the swing set. It’s so cute and I had to do a double-take because I didn’t know what you were standing on at first 🙂

  3. Georgetown is really a fascinating place with an old world charm and a cheerful ambience about it. Street art is something that has a unique appeal and we find it really fascinating studying this art form wherever we go. Street art is definitely a mirror of the people and their ethos and a silent tribute to the unknown artists who have given shape to them. Your pictures against the backdrop of the street art are stunning.

  4. I didn’t know that Georgetown, Penang is really this beautiful. I haven’t tried hiring a professional Photographer whenever I travel, I might try it next time. Anyway, you own a beautiful photos and you have captured the beautiful street art. I really love to amble around If ever I visit Georgetown. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome travel experience with us.

  5. I agree that a vacation photographer makes all the difference. It’s really fun to look back at the photos. I’m digging the street art here. I’ve honestly never heard of this area.

  6. Those photos are really stunning! As a travel writer and photographer, I can only imagine how relaxing it must have been for you to enjoy the city while someone else did the photography work. I am not a big fan of selfies either, but I really love having a few photos of myself to document my trip. I am checking out Shoot My Travel’s US locations now.

  7. I loved looking at these photos as they brought me down memory lane. I was here nearly one year ago and loved eating all the food and walking through all the alleyways with the incredible street art. Georgetown is such a special town and I can’t wait until I can go back!

  8. I love these photos and how you pose with the grafitti. I am a photographer myself and a blogger I usually get my boyfriend to take the photos of me but would have been so easier to take it myself haha. I hope I get to visit Georgetown soon.

    • I agree, I simply cant ask my hubby to take my pictures but I “hope” he was better than me at it so that I had some good memories of myself in a spot instead of just landscapes (which are nice too but I want to personalize my posts sometimes you know!?)

  9. I really enjoyed reading this piece. The photos bring your experience to life.

  10. Hi Jo. Came across this article after linking to your ’12 Pro Travel Bloggers’ post (via Sharon Gourlay’s DNW Facebook group). We’re currently living in Penang so if you find yourself here again, please do say hello :-).
    (Note we’re at the start of our digital nomad journey and the site below is under construction and not actively marketed! Our stories will be coming soon!)

    • Hey Colin – That’s so wonderful, I will def touch base when I plan on revisiting Penang. I believe you know all the wall mural hot spots there by now 🙂

      • I confess Elly and our little princess knows them better than I do! I’m slowly getting my head up for air while trying to grow our online business ideas!

        • Oh I hear ya, I know that feeling all too well. I barely ever go out here in my home town coz growing an online biz throws new challenges your way every single day. I do enjoy my work a lot 🙂 no complaints!

  11. Love the murals! Cute art, colorful walls, and great photo ops. Had no idea there was a Georgetown in Malaysia — I clicked this blog post thinking Georgetown, Washington DC. Now I know 🙂

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