Ethical Treatment of Birds at KL Bird Park

The initial reaction on seeing Kuala Lumpur during my recent visit in May 2017 was pretty disappointing. The entire city was noisy, traffic was crazy with  rampant construction going on everywhere…but then, I have never been a fan of big cities. Since I had few days left for my return to India, I decided, with mixed feelings of course, to explore the city’s attractions, with a visit to the KL Bird Park being high on my agenda, where I was welcomed as a guest travel blogger.

peacock kl bird park

A peacock sitting pretty at the KL Bird park

As I drove past the beautiful Perdana Botanical Gardens, I was impressed by the scenic and serene environment.The area was clean and peaceful, with the tranquil Lake Gardens area that houses the park providing a truly picturesque backdrop. Known in Malay as Taman Burung, Kuala Lumpur, the bird park was easily the showpiece of the vast British legacy of these world renowned Gardens, also comprising of the Butterfly park, Hibiscus park and Orchid Garden.

I was reliably informed that the park had an astonishing number of 3000 plus birds, comprising  of more than 200 local and foreign species,The huge 8.5 hectare area easily made it the largest free flying aviary in the world, delighting visitors to witness birds flying freely and happily.

The bird park was set among a gorgeous landscape which included, gardens,waterfalls and several feeding points for the birds. As a nature lover and avid photographer,I was enthralled with the walk in the park area. Since the park boundaries were large, one never felt being in a crowd despite the large number of visitors who throng the aviary daily.

The authorities had done their best to provide a natural habitat for the birds as best as they could. High nets were in place to allow most species to fly about at their own free will, and at the same time keep them within the park environs. I found useful information boards at strategic places describing the various zones and feeding times of different birds. The twice daily bird show at the amphitheater had a tremendous following as well.

hornbill park kl

This Majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill roamed freely in the Hornbill park

A few hours around the park was a pleasant experience for me. After all, where else in the world you can find peacocks, egrets, pelicans, crowned pigeons and peafowl walking by your side. Allowing such birds to move around freely and enjoying their stipulated diet have made the captive breeding programme extremely successful. Some popular species included parrots, flamingos, owls, brahminy kites and my eternal favorites the hornbills.

How does KL Bird Park ensure Birds are not Mistreated?

A Yellow Billed Stork perched upon a Restaurant roof

A Yellow Billed Stork perched upon a Restaurant roof

As a guest of the KL Bird Park, who has visited umpteen bird parks, animal parks and wildlife reserves, I had just one pressing question for the authorities –

With so many visitors flocking to the park everyday and literally walking with the birds, how do they ensure the birds are never mistreated by anyone (Within the park or outside)?

Needless to say the question came as a surprise but was answered in a very professional manner.

The entire area is divided into well planned sections to allow the park employees to have easy maintenance and better control.

In addition to the rangers, all other staff persons like kiosk owners, cleaners, guides and maintenance workers have also been very well informed and trained about not only performing their respective duties, but to liase with the management in the safeguard and upkeep of the birds.They have further been specifically asked to report any incident of mistreatment immediately to the management.

This park happens to be twice as large as its well known contemporary, the Jurong bird park in Singalong. If I hadn’t had other things lined up I would have happily roamed around for a much longer time, just immersing myself into the colors, sounds and habits of the birds. I did however take back with me innumerable fond memories, video clips and photographs.

Throughout the park area there are ample number of benches and tables, with  strategically located public toilets, cafés and kiosks and not to forget the wonderful Hornbill Restaurant for delicious meals and the occasional  Rhinoceros Hornbill visit to your table for scraps.

KL Bird Park Map

kl bird park map

Booking and Information

KL Bird Park Opening Hours – Daily 0900 – 1800 hrs

KL Bird Park Entrance FeesAdult 67 RM/ Child 45 RM .

(Special discounts are available for MyKad holders)

For info about feeding times, shows and more, check out their official website.


  1. Great article, thanks Jo! I’m heading back to KL and had considered visiting here but I’m always unsure about animal attractions in case they’re mistreated. Now I know I can be happy to visit here!

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