Dream Holidays from Sydney

Have you ever wondered what your dream holiday would be like? I can be almost sure that everyone has a dream holiday in their mind but often find it difficult to make it happen. Another hurdle that comes in the way of a dream holiday is lack of options which in turn means burning a hole in your pocket. Of all the places in the world to explore, Australia has always been on top of my bucket list. The best way to chill out and relax from the hustle and bustle of Sydney is to go on a cruise. I am not talking about a day trip but a proper cruise wherein you just cruise along on the seas from anywhere between 1 – 106 nights (depending on their route).

Dream Holidays From Sydney

So, let’s have a look at some of these dream cruises from Sydney to fuel your wanderlust:

Explorer of the Seas – This massive cruise ship starts its journey from the Sydney harbor and covers almost the entire South Pacific and West coast (USA). One can choose to disembark at any of the ports where the ship docks to stock up on supplies and have a much needed break. Guests are more than welcome to go and explore the area but have to return well within time so that the ship can maintain its course and schedule. This massive ship caters to every need that a guest can have on board considering that you are in open waters. The Explorer of the Seas boasts of one of the best crew on board and can take on any challenge thrown at them. You can choose anywhere between 3 nights to 22 nights return journey.

Sea Princess – One of the longest and biggest cruise ships in the world is the Sea Princess which embarks from Sydney harbor. The longest duration on board this ship would mean that you would be on open waters for 106 nights which would take you round the world while docking at major ports all across the world. Some of the places covered by the Sea Princess are Dubai, Suez Canal, Rome, Rotterdam, St. Petersburg, Dover, New York, Lima, Easter Island, International Date Line, Auckland, etc. Once on board you are transported to a different world altogether with every sort of hospitality ranging from multi cuisine restaurants, cafes, lounges, entertainment, games, etc. There are a few dedicated areas for children as well. Let’s just say that if anyone has a wish to travel around the world like the old days Sea Princess is probably the best way to do it.

Carnival Legend – One of the shorter cruises by comparison as the maximum duration in it is 10 nights return. The Carnival Legend usually cruises between Sydney and Hawaii with a few stops on the way. This ship has been in foray for quite a long time now and people have been boarding it to explore the scenic sea route between Australia/New Zealand and Hawaii along with a few islands in the Pacific Ocean. The guests on board the Carnival Legend are mostly adventure seekers as the ports in between offers great scope for snorkeling, diving, hiking among other activities. There are multiple restaurants on board to have your fill all the while enjoying wonderful entertainments which have been meticulously chosen.

dream holidays from syndey

A cruise holiday can become the dream holiday that you have been waiting for all your life. So just plan a little ahead and enjoy your dream holiday.

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