Deoriatal Trek – A Journey of Self Discovery

Deoriatal, Deoria tal or the local name Devariyatal, no matter how you spell it, this spot will always be etched as one of the prettiest campsites in my memory.

Okay let’s rewind a little bit here to give you some background on how Deoriatal happened. I was part of a “All women adventure” group of GIO (Great Indian Outdoors) for few days during my adventurous sojourns with the company last week. As soon as I joined the lovely group of eight ladies, all beginners, I was excited to embark on this journey with them.

Trek to Deoriatal Lake

Our kick-ass all women team was ready to take on the mountains so instead of doing the drab 2 kms stretch from Sari village to Deoriatal, we decided to hike all the way from Ukhimat market, which was an additional 6 kms.

Since I had a fresh travel tattoo on my leg (which was aching and making it hard for me to walk) and I was still recovering from my Vietnamese escapades from the week before, I wasn’t quite sure if I could make it all the way.

snow capped himalayas

Promising views of snow capped mountains kept us motivated

My only real long trek experience was the awesome trek to Kheerganga which wasn’t much of a consolation as I was not sure of what to expect here at all – in terms of terrain, altitude and level of difficulty. As always my preparation and planning was poor.

Clueless and unsure, I simply knew I had to do it so I grabbed a trekking stick and embarked on my new adventure with determination. Others in the group had their own dilemmas and inhibitions but we all, as a group, decided to stop overthinking and just do it! This helped because, well, we sure did it and had a blast while we were at it!

easy walk deoriatal

Easy walk amidst paddy fields after the initial steep incline

The trek itself was full of one scenic view after the other. From snow capped mountains to paddy fields, pretty villages and dense forests, we covered all sorts of landscapes and terrains so there was never a dull moment. We paced ourselves well and took regular short breaks.

monkey deoriatal

Found cute monkeys & plenty of birds enroute

We even found a lovely spot underneath some trees and GIO team was kind enough to arrange packed lunch for us hungry, tired trekkers. Getting to enjoy homely meals under a tree where there are no shops for miles around was such a luxury in itself. As always, GIO exceeded our expectations with the quality of food.

Deoriatal uttrakhand

Frequent stops and lunch break in the shade is something all you need!

Deoriatal – First Look

camping in deoriatal

Our Alpine tents were all set up – with a direct view of the Himalyan range

After around 4 hours of trekking, we had reached our destination – Deoriatal, standing tall at 2438 meters. Just one look at the picturesque setting made us all jump with joy. Picture this – A lovely round lake covered with forests on all sides and snowcapped mountains peeking behind it – That’s Deoriatal!


Deoriatal Lake with reflections of Chaukhamba

The sight infront of us was so breathtaking that we could barely contain our excitement.  Next, we were taught how to pitch our Alpine tents (And yes, even use our sleeping bags). We were rewarded with pipping hot tea and Maggie for our stellar efforts.

tea after trek

Enjoying our evening tea after a long day of trekking

Things to do in Deoriatal

There is a lot to do in and around your campsite in Deoriatal.

Walk around the lake –


The exquisite lake offers lovely views and a nice jungle walk around it

The walk around the lake entails a short trail along the dense woods on one side and the stunning landscape with reflections of the snow capped peaks in the lake on other. This is a must-do as soon as you reach the camp or early next morning.

Take pictures –

hike to chopta

Getting clicked on the short hike towards Chopta

You cannot help but click away to glory at this spectacular sight in front of you. The view will simply mesmerize you and lift your spirits instantly. The best time for photography is early morning when the sun kissed snow covered peaks reflect beautifully on the Deoriatal lake.

Birding –

A pretty Blue Jay perched on a tree top

A pretty Blue Jay perched on a tree top

This is a great spot for bird watchers. You can spot some common birds like Blue Magpie, Verditer flycatcher and several tits and bulbuls.

Spot Peaks at the Watch Tower  –

deoriatal beauty

Snow capped Himalayan peaks towering over Deoriatal lake make for stunning views all day long

A small watch tower is built few meters from the campsite and you can climb up for the perfect view of the himalayan range. Deoriatal gives the best views of the Chaukhamba peak.

Further trekking –


Scenic morning walk in the hills – I could wake up to this everyday

Early next morning, you can enjoy a trek in the woods. We did a short 1.5 hour route and got back to base, however, you can also go all the way to Chopta and continue your adventure from there.

After our short trek, we headed back to Sari village, which was an easy downhill 2 km trek. From there, we had a bus waiting for us to be taken to our lovely fixed campsite in Chalkot.

Trek to Self Discovery

all women adventure

Our proud all women adventure group at Deoriatal

Each one of us had their own reasons to do this trek and later on, I realized how important it was in further developing our confidence to trek upto Tungnath & Chandrashila. I also believe that challenging yourself and testing your limits is a long journey towards self discovery and being amidst nature is always a great way of shutting off from the bustling metropolis life most of us are stuck in!

This one trek brought out so many ‘self realization moments’ for each of us and at the end of the group’s 4 day trekking trip, everyone was happy and proud of their accomplishments with a renowned strength and belief in self. I truly believe now that trekking can be spiritual as well as uplifting in so many ways.

Confident trekkers heading back to base

Confident trekkers heading back to base

Tip – There is no electricity in Deoriatal so carry your power banks and charge your important gadgets (like torch & camera) beforehand. Highly advisable to simply switch off your cellphones and enjoy digital detox for a night in arms of mother nature.

Big thanks to our GIO guides – Govind and Pinki for their constant encouragement and caring attitude. They were simply awesome and managed everything to perfection.

Disclaimer – I was a guest of GIO Adventures on this 10 day adventure trek around Uttrakhand, India. Deoriatal trek was part of my itinerary and I simply loved it. 


  1. Such a beautiful place! That lake looks stunning. I love hiking in beautiful places, so relaxing 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Deoriatal before but it looks gorgeous. I love the idea of a self-discovery trek. I always feel the most challenged and connected when I’m in nature.

  3. Trekking is so good for the soul and mind isn’t it!! This looks like a beautiful place to go trekking!! Travel opens up so many opportunities for self-discovery and growth!

  4. If this was your first camping trip, everything else might be disappointing after this! What a spectacular experience, and the tour company seemed to think of every detail. How lucky for you…

  5. Thank you so much. This lake looks amazing. I love trekking because it gives you so much time to think and connect with the world around you. All while being totally cell phone free!

  6. Wow, what an amazing experience to see this wonderful region and landscape. I loved checking out all the images of the birding adventures.

  7. Cool experience! I have never tried camping yet so your pictures look inspiring. So cool to see cute animals and breathtaking views!

  8. Sounds right up our alley as nature and outdoor enthusiasts 🙂 Kudos for completing the trek with a newly fresh tattoo! I love these kind of challenging treks too – they’re usually more about the self realization than the trek itself!

  9. Such a lovely place..looks completely calm and serene. A place to contemplate oneness with nature. The camping site looks great.

  10. First off your pictures are fantastic. I find it so facinating this whole strength in numbers theory. You were doubting whether you can make it the entire was and some of the other ladies had some inhibitions but all was overcome by supporting each other. I think that is amazing. The beautiful scenery is a bonus!!!

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