Relaxed Day Tours in Hoi An to Add to your Itinerary

Hoi An is one of the loveliest towns you will ever visit. If you ever happen to be in Vietnam, do pay a visit to this melting pot of culture, architecture and simple living. There is so much to see and do here and you can pick from one of the many amazing day tours in Hoi An to quench your wanderlust.

From all the tours in Hoi An, I absolutely loved the bike ride to ancient town, bamboo boat tour and the sunset cruise. I wish I had more time as I would’ve loved to try paddle-boarding but sadly we just had one sunny day and I spent it crab fishing.

Simple and Fun Day Tours in Hoi An

Hoi An day tours are not only easy but also super fun as they are mostly carried out on bicycles. Now who doesn’t love riding a bike? I know I do especially if its through paddy fields and lovely villages of Hoi An.

Colorful boats with a lovely view of Japanese bridge in the Ancient Town

Colorful boats with a lovely view of Japanese bridge in the Ancient Town

Tours in Hoi An are plentiful, just like the tailor shops. So, it can be hard to choose which operator to go with or which tour to opt for. My top pick was tours from my hostel (Vietnam backpackers hostel) – Not only were their local and western staff amazing but they ensured everyone was safe and having fun.

Cost – Each tour was priced at a very affordable USD 8.

Biking in Ancient Town, Hoi An

Biking in Hoi An is one of the best experiences you can have in this laid back quiet town. You simply must hop on a bike and cycle around to enjoy the sights and sounds. We did a lovely bike tour around the Ancient town and even though it was raining, the downpour didn’t dampen our spirits, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

colorful rainjackets hoi an

Our group roaming around old town in our colorful rainjackets

The hostel provided us with lovely colorful rain jackets and it was wonderful cycling in the rain. The bustling markets, colorful streets, temples and the famous Japanese bridge were all part of our fun-filled tour.

Visiting an Ancient House

As part of our half day bike tour in Ancient town, we visited a 250 year old house and enjoyed high tea there. We got to explore Vietnamese architecture and learnt so much about the tools used in ancient times.

Bedroom of the ancient house we visited

Bedroom of the ancient house we visited

A look inside the ancient houses of Hoi An

A look inside the ancient houses of Hoi An

Later, we were served with high tea and local delights and pampered to the hilt. Vietnamese people are so lovely and kind that we all totally loved this experience of being part of their humble abode, even if for an hour.

high tea in hoi an

Our group enjoying healthy green tea and snacks

Lantern Making Classes in Hoi An

After that fabulous experience, we headed for a lantern making class.

lantern making classes

Busy fixing the glue on my pretty lantern

This is perhaps the “most” fun I had in a very long time. I felt like a kid in an Arts & crafts classroom with a patient teacher. Playing with colorful cloth and glue to make my very own lantern was exhilarating – oh and you get to keep the lanterns too!

Hoi An River Cruise

Cruising on Thu Bon River

Cruising on Thu Bon River

A sunset cruise on the Thu Bon river is the perfect way to end your day. You can easily take two tours in a day without feeling stressed – these tours are fun and easy – two reasons I loved them so much. I coupled up my crab fishing with the sunset cruise tour on the day I arrived and both were a perfect introduction to Hoi An for me.

sunset cruise on thu bon

Sipping beer on deck, waiting for the sun to set

Once you are on the river cruise, you can enjoy beer and good company as well as stunning sights as you cross the Ancient Town and enjoy some sky porn as the sun sets. You can move to the deck and the guides encourage drinking games and other fun stuff so you can get to know fellow travellers easily.

cruise on thu bon

Chilling on the deck, playing drinking games

Crab Fishing in Bamboo Boats

crab fishing on bamboo boats

This was perhaps my favorite tour of all. I simply loved catching crab and flaunting my conical hats. This tour takes you through the real Hoi An village life and its an excellent way to immerse in the local culture.

Read about my crab fishing experience in details and watch the video here.

What’s more? You can even enjoy a day trip to Danang to get some sun, sand and sea into the equation.

Disclaimer – I was a guest of Vietnam Backpacker Hostels and enjoyed these tours with their lovely staff and other fellow travelers. All opinions, as always are my own! 

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