Dalat Photo Gallery – City of Eternal Spring

Dalat in Vietnam, also known as the City of eternal spring, was my top place to visit in Vietnam. I hadn’t even heard of Da lat before I got to Vietnam and decided to check it out just because I was going from Saigon to Hanoi and taking all stops en-route. This happened to be one of the best decisions and sadly, even this lovely Dalat photo gallery does not do justice to this pretty town.

Colonial architecture, wide roads, scenic drives, themed bars and mesmerizing waterfalls were just few of the many amazing things which drew me to Dalat.

Dalat Photo Gallery – Portraying the best of Dalat

If you have visited Dalat or plan to, check out these amazing pictures which take you on a virtual tour of this city.

This picture of Dalat was clicked while sipping coffee at rooftop diner in our hostel. Great food, good company and views like this, make Dalat an incredible destination for backpackers.

Rooftop view of Dalat

Rooftop view of Dalat

My second favorite photo of Dalat is this sweet little corner restaurant. Just walking around Dalat is awesome with the clean streets and unique architecture to gawk at on every corner. Dalat is also a very green and environment friendly city – very different from other parts of Vietnam, as you can see.

Cute corner restaurant in Dalat

Cute corner restaurant in Dalat

This dragon adorning the entry to Linh Ah Tu pagoda was so articulate and interesting. What a lovely photo opportunity whilst playing with different angles.

Dragon photo dalat Linh Ah Tu pagoda) dragon dalat

Waterfalls in Dalat were the best part really, apart from maybe riding a bike on those nice wide roads. Waterfall trekking at elephant falls or wandering around Datanla falls was an amazing experience. Here are some pictures to prove how much fun they were!

datanla falls

Lower Datanla falls

Datanla falls dalat

Upper Datanla falls

elephant falls dalat

The mighty elephant falls

Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat is just a short walk from most hotels and hostels, bang in the city center. This was my first look at Dalat and it kept me mesmerized for a while. So much so that I rushed back to the lake to relax and take pictures, right after checking in.

benches by the lake dalat

Benches by the lake to enjoy the view and unwind

I took full advantage of the incredible view, gardens and coffee shops all around.

Xuan Huong Lake

Chilling by the lake and enjoying the views

Xuan Huong Lake view

Xuan Huong Lake view

Gardens by the Xuan Huong Lake

Gardens by the Xuan Huong Lake

Having meals together is a local custom (Something we must incorporate in our daily busy city lives too). Each hostel has a free family dinner on first day to acquaint all fellow backpackers. This is a great ice breaker and you end up spending the rest of your trip with your new found hostel buddies. You can also discuss must visit places in Dalat and add important ones to your Dalat itinerary.

dinner in hostel

Family dinner with new hostel buddies

Walking around town takes you along colonial style churches and beautiful building. Tell me, does it even look like Asia?

chicken church

The stunning Dalat Cathedral aka Chicken church

Dalat Cathedral

Dalat Cathedral is the biggest church in town

Chicken church on a wide angle

The photogenic Chicken church on a wide angle

Architecture dalat

And then of course you can find cute cafes all around. This hidden gem was enroute from city center to elephant falls, no signs and no one around to take our order. It was just a part of a local house but the decor with antiques and hammocks stole my heart.

cafe dalat cafe antiques

Lastly, paying a visit to the Gaudi inspired Crazy House is an absolute must. A mix of Alice in wonderland and harry potter with a tinge of Barcelona’s architecture in Gaudi’s patent style, this place does not disappoint.

Ample photo opportunities and 360 degree city views from top of the crazy house.

Crazy house dalat

The beautiful and unique Crazy house

crazy house entrance

At the crazy house entrance

So what do you think of my Dalat photo gallery? Does it make you want to visit Dalat? Tell me in comments or share your own experiences of traveling to Dalat.

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