Boracay Pub Crawl – Insanity Redefined!

Disclaimer – This is for hard core party peeps. Are you one? If your answer is “Hell yeah” read on..

Boracay is a tiny island in Philippines, boasting of pristine white sand beaches, palm trees and breathtaking sunsets. Since times unknown, Boracay has been a mecca for party goers from across the globe. People flock to this pretty party destination to rejuvenate at the beach every morning and indulge in debauchery and crazy shenanigans as the sun sets.

Breathtaking sunsets in Boracay

Breathtaking sunsets in Boracay

The white beach is lined with pubs, bars and clubs – There are so many that you will surely be spoilt for choice. If you are a first timer in Boracay, trust me you will be absolutely lost as to where to even start.

As a solo traveler in Boracay, my first night was wasted in simply getting a vibe of the place. I was roaming around the white beach, back and forth, several times, looking for the best place to grab a beer and a bite. With umpteen options, it can be quite a daunting task.

The next evening, I was smarter and booked the ‘Boracay Pub Crawl’ and that was the BEST decision I ever made (well, atleast for that trip). With their 100% guarantee of fun, you just cannot go wrong, now can you? Plus, who doesn’t wanna be a part of a wild moving jamboree on the beach? I know I do!

Our moving Jamboree on the beach

Our moving Jamboree on the beach

For just $14 you get free shots, entry to best clubs in town, free t-shirt, your own shot glass, a chance to meet awesome new people and play drinking games with a crazy lot of 50+ maniacs! Yes, I say maniacs because even though everyone seems pretty sane before the party starts, once the alcohol starts flowing, it turns out to be one of the wildest parties on the beach. The crawl carries on till wee hours of the morning (Though official time is midnight, you end up making tons of friends and since you are drunk as a skunk, you will surely not stop).

Friendly and enthusiastic tour leaders are the best part of the pub crawl. They ENSURE each and every person is being social and having fun. They would ask random questions about other crawlers and you kinda need to know something about everyone in the group, or you are penalized, sometimes with shots of Bacardi Rum *Hic*.

So let me quickly take you through the entire pub crawl process and what to expect –

Be prepared to have a WICKED time

Be prepared to have a WICKED time

As you reach the designated spot (their own shack on the beach), you are given your freebies and your first shot. Hey! You need to get in the mood for the party, right?

Shots galore at the Boracay Pub Crawl

Shots galore at the Boracay Pub Crawl

Next, you can redesign your tee. You can cut it in any funky way you want, make it a crop top or just cut off the sleeves/neck or draw something cool on it – be creative! You also need to write your name on it so that its easier for others in the group to remember.

These girls were having a hen party at the crawl - so cool

These girls were having a hen party at the crawl – so cool

Their are random “get to know” games so you can mingle and are literally forced to talk to others. So if you are an introvert – do it, you will learn so much and it would be a wonderful experience, I promise. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone for sure but end up enjoying this opportunity to interact with 30-50 people in one night. I know for someone who is anti-social this can sound intimidating but you need to give it a whirl.

Wigs and Swigs are all part of the fun

Wigs and Swigs are all part of the fun

Then you all, as a group, head out to the beach and do some bar hopping. There will be a lot of games, screaming, pictures, shots (A LOT of those) and a hell lot of – Dancing! You will even be going in tuk-tuks around town to other bars which aren’t by the beach, hence less touristy but definitely kick-ass.

The night ends with a headphone party… and the music is out of this world. This party alone can make you go from sober to sloshed, especially if you are like me and also get high on music!

Getting high is just one element...

Getting high is just one element…but a crucial one ;p

Since I was traveling solo, I was more than happy to interact with others and make new friends. So, personally for me, it was one heck of a night!

Tips – Be social! Smile! Talk to others! Make new Friends! Have fun and prepare yourself for a wild night. Follow this equation and you will not be disappointed.

Click here to book your ticket to insanity!

So, tell me have you ever done a pub crawl and how was your experience?


  1. We just got back from the Philippines and are so bummed out we didn’t end up going to Boracay. We weren’t very interested in going as we thought it may be too touristy now, but we keep hearing such wonderful things about it that I think we may just have to experience it for ourselves! This pub crawl looks like a fun experience.

    • Exactly – I almost skipped Boracay after hearing how it is so commercial and full of people (Aka dirty). but I am so glad I went to check it out myself. Kinda changed plans last minute, hopped on a flight and went to see what the fuss is all about. So worth it!

  2. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but this sounds like a fab night out! Such fun having a huge group of new friends to party with!

  3. Looks like fun. It reminds me of club 18-30 trips when I was younger

  4. Sounds like an exciting night! I’m almost 90% sure I’d be asleep during this time though haha. But it really does seem like a great way to meet other travellers !

  5. I’ve seen this boracay pub crawl a million times and it always looks so much fun. Unfortunately, it’s no longer for me – I’d be waving a white flag after the second drink and would want to go to bed already. Lol.

  6. I was just in the Philippines for 3 weeks and I was sad I didn’t have time to visit Boracay!! This looks like so much fun and I love how everyone turns into maniacs haha

  7. This is a great way to meet others while traveling solo! I’ve been meeting to go to Boracay and I tend to be an introvert, so this is the perfect thing to do there for me! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sounds like a fun night! I’ve heard so much about Philippines and am dying to visit!

  9. Wow this looks like a lot of fun! I’d totally be down to go to this if we hadn’t retired from the party scene.. I think with my grandma status now I’d fall asleep before the party even starts haha

  10. Wow this looks crazy, I’m not sure I could handle all that but it is a great way to meet people! Going to bars alone is the worst part of solo travel, so at least with a bunch of people you have automatic friends!

    • My first night was sitting at a bar listening to live music – all alone with a drink and some finger food. I enjoyed it but I did feel it looked kinda sad haha. so it was def nice to meet all those people.

  11. thanks Jo for the awesome article you made of us!! reading you makes me feel happy because you completely define our vision and product! thanks a lot and i hope next time you come in Boracay i will be your captain for the pubcrawl !! one of the Boracay Pubcrawl Captains! from Boracay with love !

    • Jeez, I wish I could remember the name of my captain but I was soooo sloshed haha. Thanks for a great time guys and so happy to hear you loved the blog! Looking forward to more crazy nights in Boracay when I re-visit!

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