Best Travel Backpack for Backpackers in 2018

Your travel backpack forms the most essential piece of equipment you will ever need on any journey. Whether you plan to stay away for a week, a month, a year or even forever, only a durable and reliable bag will be able to last you the entire trip.

Selecting a rucksack meant for travel, requires careful consideration as well as a sizable investment these days. However, with the large number of confusing options available in the market, it becomes quite a formidable task to select one that suits your needs to the tee. If, after all the research and hard work you select a wrong backpack, you will end up carrying a very awkward item of luggage throughout the trip.

To eliminate the confusion, follow these simple tips so as to ensure that you are getting the perfect backpack for your next trip. Simply by focusing on the three main areas of features, capacity and body fit, you can easily determine what will suit you the most and last you the longest.

How to choose the best travel backpack for backpacking?

travel backpack

Choose the right size

Traveling isn’t only about saving money on baggage costs, it is also about convenience. Any bag which is full to the brim and unduly heavy, can result in excess strain and tons of back pain, especially when you are walking the extra mile to reach your hotel or looking for one.

No matter what the duration of your trip may be, you are bound to carry your backpack around, at least once every few days if not more. So why make it bulky? After all you will require the same among of things for a year long journey as for a month long one. By strategic organisation and packing, you can fit all your belongings in a bag no larger than 50L.

Find one that fits you perfectly

Since the body type and needs of every person is unique, it is of utmost importance to select a backpack that feels the most comfortable when you don it. Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes depending on the model and brand.

The main questions to be answered here are of how well the straps adapt to your shoulders and if you are at ease with the fabric which will be constantly rubbing against the back of your arm. Avoid a free size bag and consider buying one specific to your size.

Opt for water resistant material

The worst thing on a trip is getting caught in a rainstorm with a non waterproof bag and having to tote the soggy bundle around. Choose a material thst is thick and lightweight and not necessarily 100% waterproof. So long as the insides stay dry should be fine. Some bags come with tarps, which can be put on in case of a sudden downpour.


A traditional backpack should have plenty of necessary storage slots and pockets.There should be ample space to store your notepads, extra batteries, hard drive, business cards etc. Make a visual representation of what you are carrying and check the pockets in the bag you need accordingly.

Ensure that each compartment in your bag has two zippers so that they can be locked whenever needed. Use TSA friendly locks, which can be opened without breaking, in case of an inspection.

Choose a proper color

Apart from the universal choice black, backpacks come in a variety of colors and shades. You should focus on one which suits your style and matches your dress code, rather than opt one for looks alone. Backpacks occupy almost half of the area of your body, so an ugly colored pack may not stand out visually well the way you intended.

More than anything else pick up something you really like. If you stress on the perfect bag idea, you will never get one, simply because it do not exist. Even if you were lucky enough to actually find one, over a period of time it will become redundant as your requirements are sure to change. So just keep the above tips in mind and have fun with something you enjoy going out with.

Best Travel Backpack in My Opinion

I absolutely LOVE my Cabin Zero backpack for several reasons.

Not only is it lightweight, but easy to strap on with very comfortable shoulder straps. I love my green camouflage bag as it blends well with my outdoorsy spirit.

The insides have waterproof lining which keeps my clothes and camera safe even if there’s a sudden downpour.

Plus, it fits in the cabin luggage easily. I had no issues traveling for one month to Malaysia with this ultra lightweight backpack by my side, carrying all my essentials. You can use the front zipper partition for delicates and toiletries.

Convinced with my choice? Get your own Cabin Zero backpack, simply click here to choose your design & style with an instant 10% flat discount if you use coupon code – CZWANDERWITHJO. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – I received the Cabin Zero travel backpack to try out for myself and I honestly loved it during my Bako jungle adventure so I can genuinely recommend it. 

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