The Best Jobs To Have While Living and Traveling Abroad

Travel isn’t always simple. Sometimes you plan a weeklong trip, but other times, you head overseas and see where the wind takes you.

While this is easy in theory, it’s much more complicated on paper. But it doesn’t have to be. Next time you’re traveling abroad and decide you want to stick around for a while, consider these amazing jobs that can help you support yourself while living in foreign lands.

best travel jobs


No matter where you travel, chances are there is a bar somewhere nearby. Because drinking is such a popular pastime across cultures—both in dinky dives and luxurious restaurants—it’s easy to get a job if you know how to concoct famous cocktails. Take a short bartending course and practice your skills so that you’re ready to prove yourself next time you’re job searching overseas.


Because freelancers can work from nearly anywhere, it’s the perfect job for those who love to travel. If you’re living overseas and are the creative type, use your knowledge to fund your experience. Whether you’re a writer, blogger, photographer or web designer, there are positions all over the world that you can take part in. Websites like Upwork make it easier than ever to work anywhere you please.

Tour Guide

If you’re planning to live somewhere, you may as well get to know it—with an insider’s perspective. Learn anything and everything you can about the place you’re making your temporary home then set out to find a job as a tour guide. You’ll have already learned what you need to know to get the job; you’ll just have to convince them that, even though you’re not a local, you know your stuff.

Teach English

Teaching English is one way to make a bundle while helping others. This ever-popular way to make money abroad comes naturally to those that have spent any time teaching or tutoring. But, realistically, if you’re good with people and learned English as your first language, it’s not difficult to complete the job. You’ll make friends and learn from the locals as you’re teaching them as well.

Offer Lessons

Aside from teaching English, use your knowledge to your advantage. Offer lessons in something you’re familiar with. Whether it’s a form of dance, a popular instrument, surfing, scuba diving or even yoga, you can make some money while showcasing your skills. Slap up signs and wait for the calls to roll in. Whether they’re from locals or tourists passing through, you can do something you enjoy while still making some cash.

Work in Construction

In a constantly evolving world, construction is a major part of most societies. Because labourers are pivotal to these types of projects, seek out work that allows you to work in the construction field. Don’t worry if you have no experience with scaffolding or carpentry—there are plenty of other realms where your skills may be beneficial. Labour hire may consist of work in electricity, painting, welding, plumbing or even traffic control.

Work at a Resort

If you’re living somewhere where tourism is the main attraction, consider becoming a part of that world and getting a job at a local resort. Focus on your strengths—you can work in customer service, in a restaurant or on a team of event planners. If you’re interested in working in sales, considering selling timeshares, a business that can be incredibly lucrative in resort destinations—especially if commission is involved.

Au Pair

Another popular job for those living abroad, becoming au pair is a fun and unique way to explore your new home. While taking care of local kids is a fulfilling experience in and of itself, you can use it as an excuse to explore even more. Take them out to all of the parks in town or visit local museums. No matter what you do, you’ll see the world differently through their eyes.

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