Baiyun Mountain – Great Spot for Hiking in Guangzhou

Baiyun mountain (also known as “white cloud mountain”) was on top of my list of places to visit in Guangzhou, China. However, I had no idea it was such a scenic spot and made for a perfect half-day hike!

Baiyun Mountain – What to expect, see and do!

With no maps or info about Baiyun, I headed off to explore it on my own. Little did I know that it took around 4 hours just to hike up and back down – plus much more if you wanted to explore all routes, hike further up to Moxing summit and see all the other wonderful parks and exhibits there.

After a bit of mental calculation, I realized I won’t be able to see everything and would probably skip few parks. The place is HUGE with a total area spanning across 28 square kilometers! I also decided to take the cableway one way to experience riding high above the pagodas and forests. To save time, I got the mini bus to Moxing summit as well – There, that cut my “hiking” to half and I still could not see it all. I was literally running around to find my way and ‘understand’ the whole structure.

moxing summit baiyun

Loved these love charms up at Moxing summit “photo” point

moxing summit photo

These charms were so cute, I simply had to take a close up

baiyun mountain photo

More charms – You can see I was obsessed by these

Yes it can be confusing if you don’t have a map or if you are not Chinese, but it is still very much worth a visit, make sure to check out the bird spring valley park and the top – Moxing summit which has lovely love locks all around – Hey, it’s time to prove your love people! Other spots in Baiyun worth a visit are – Yuntai garden, Jinye pond, Luhu park and Santailing park.

Practical tips for Hiking Baiyun Mountain

baiyun mountain guangzhou

Lovely well paved hiking paths at Baiyun


Most signs are in Chinese and I only found two foreigners among the crowds, who were just as “lost” as I was. Here are few tips to ensure you maximize your time exploring the place instead of retracing your steps, like I did.

Carry a Map in English & Chinese

Ensure you have a bilingual map which marks all important routes and spots in both languages. You might not find anyone who knows English, so knowing where you want to go in Chinese would be very helpful.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Needless to say, there’s a lot of walking involved, unless you want to take the mini bus on all 3 routes to/fro and cableway both ways. To really experience the place, I would suggest to wear comfortable walking shoes and enjoy the unpaved paths as well – the buses literally just take you from point A to B so you can’t really enjoy anything in between. I would also suggest to carry your earphones and good music for those longer stretches – it can really put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

walk in garden baiyun

Long walks in and around lovely gardens like this one in Baiyun is surely a must

Keep some Mosquito Repellent

There a lot of greenery all around – pretty trees, flowers and grass which is the best part about Baiyun. You know what this means though, right? – Mosquitoes! Avoid getting your blood sucked by carrying a lotion/spray and dabbing it every few hours. The mosquitoes are huge and can really bite… I am not kidding!!

Best time to visit Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun opens at 0600 hrs, I would recommend going before 8 am (At the latest) to avoid the crazy rush. If possible, avoid weekends too. I went there on a Sunday so it was extremely busy with lot of school events and families. You can see its one of the top rated attractions in Guangzhou – so, try to skip the crowds if you can.

How to Reach Baiyun Mountain

Bus from baiyun mountain

Comfortable buses to/fro Baiyun for just CNY 2

Since there is no metro station in close proximity, hop on a bus no B16, B18, 32, 46, 60, 63, 127, 175, 179, 199, 210, 223, 241, 257, 285, 298, 540 or 841 which would take you straight to Baiyun for just CNY 2. To check if you are on the right bus, you can ask the driver if it goes to ‘Baiyun Shan’ (Shan means mountain in Chinese) or simply show them the written version –  白云山.

There are buses to other gates and parks as well incase there’s no stop for the ones mentioned above nearby, plus a metro station around 1200 meters away on Line 3 called Meihuayuan Station. Baiyun is very accessible so make it a point to pay it a visit when in Guangzhou.

Opening hours & Entry Fees

insect band grass sculptures

Lovely insect band grass sculptures at Baiyun bird park

Open from 0600 – 1700 hours everyday. You could literally spend the entire day there.

Entry to the Baiyun park is only CNY 5 (Approx $1) so if you hike everywhere that’s practically all you pay. However, cableway to the top is CNY 25 one way and a mini bus would costs CNY 10 per route, per way. Other popular parks/attractions cost an additional CNY 5 to enter so you can choose where you want to go but for me, Moxing summit was totally worth it.

Have you been to Baiyun mountain or been hiking in Guangzhou? If so, I want to hear about it. Tell me in comments below.


  1. Baiyun Mountain really deserves a place on my bucket list as a pitch-perfect place for hiking! Thanks for the inspirational post, Jo!

  2. It looks beautiful, would love to do this hike. I will have to track down an English map!

  3. I will be there end of August looking forward to following your travel guide. Thank you

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