6 Beautiful Places You Should Visit at Least Once in Your Life

Looking for epic destinations to add to your bucket list? Here are some awesome must-visit cities from around the globe you need to visit.

Top Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List NOW

Patagonia, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park

No trip to Patagonia is complete without visiting Los Glaciares National Park. You can visit the Perito Moreno Glacier to see the only glacier in the world that continues to grow. Mt. Fitzroy has a peak of 3,375 and the Fitz Roy Trek is a stunning area that is filled with challenging trails or easy ones depending on your skill level. You may even see animals like condors, foxes, rheas, and guanaco on your journey.

Jaipur, India

jaipur india palace

You’ll never forget a visit to Jaipur, it is the capital of Rajasthan and it is located in North India. Be sure to visit the exciting fortifications of Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort. You can also explore the palaces of Rambagh Palace, City Palace, and Jal Mahal. You can even rent a suite in a palace and live like royalty during your vacation. The area is also known for its tiger sanctuaries and you can spend your days on safari looking for these giant elusive cats and exploring the jungle.

Tavira, Portugal

Algarve portugal

Tavira is one of the most popular towns in the Algarve and it is a must for visitors to the area. Having said this, it still retains its historical charm, and doesn’t have the touristy atmosphere that some Algarve towns have.  Tavira is divided by the Ria Formosa, however you can easily cross from one side to the other on one of the attractive bridges.

You can take a tour of the river, and you if you’d like to spend some time lying on the beach, you can get a boat to the nearby Tavira Island. There are lots of quaint little winding streets, and every house has its own unique personality. You can explore the stunning architecture of the more than 35 historic churches that still stand. There are plenty of great accommodation options here and many delicious restaurants serving authentic Portuguese cuisine.

The Seychelles

seychelles coast sea beach

The Seychelles are located off the east coast of Africa. It is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean that is popular for its beaches and its ecotourism. The capital city is Victoria and is located on the island of Mahé. From Mahé you can easily find your way to one of the other islands by bus, airplane, ferry, or rented car.

Be sure to visit Curieuse to hang out with the 300 Aldabra tortoises that have been placed there for conservation. Praslin Island is famous for Anse Lazio Beach, one of the top ten beaches in the world. You can spend your days island hopping or find a nice quiet beach and relax in the sunshine with a great book.


fiji bucket list

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific that known for its kayaking. The area is full of pristine beaches that go on for miles, stunning blue lagoons, and lots of exciting opportunities to explore. A great place to start is The Yasawa Islands where you can paddle through twenty volcanic islands and explore the stunning Sawa-i-lau caves. If you need a break from paddling you can go for a swim or give snorkelling a try.

York, England

york cathedral

York is a fortified city in northeast Yorkshire, and is a beautiful preserved historical city. The Romans founded it in 71 AD and it has many beautiful sites to visit. There are scenic bridges crossing over the River Ouse which flows through the centre of York.

You can rent self-drive motorboats to explore the river, or if you are already on a canal holiday, then make sure you moor up here for the day to explore this beautiful city. Be sure to spend some time appreciating the stunning architecture of York Castle and York Minister.

So, how many of these spots have your ticked off already? I have only been to Jaipur and “almost” made it to York (when I visited Leeds) but Fiji and Portugal are definitely high on my list. 

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