5 Fun Things to Do In Cape Town

Cape town is a lovely destination which combines natural beauty and big city life to perfection. With scenic routes, national parks and ample flora and fauna, it is one city I truly loved. Usually, I prefer the beach, jungles or mountains over a city but Cape was truly wonderful. Finding fun things to do in Cape town was hardly a chore.

There are tons of places to see and things to do in Cape, but I was strapped for time so I had to choose. Having a preference of being outdoors as compared to museums or monuments, here’s are my top five choices.

List of Things to do in the Mother City in 2017

Fun things to do in Cape Town

Visit world of birds

World of birds wildlife sanctuary and monkey park is located in the lovely suburb of Hout Bay. With over 330 bird species, monkeys, mammals and reptiles this is a fun outing for all age groups. You can see all kinds of birds from owls to eagles, penguins to fowls and many more. The colorful feathers are sure to brighten your day.

birds of prey world of birds

The highlight of my visit to the park was the monkey enclosure where you can get up close and personal with the cute little squirrel monkeys. They will really just come up to you, jump all over and check your pockets for food (ensure you are not carrying any though, we don’t want them to get sick as they have a fixed diet).

world of birds cape town

Entry fee and timings – 0900 – 1700 hrs daily, Adults 95 R & Children 45 R (Approx $6, $3 resp) 

Tip – Visit during the feeding time so you can see the penguins, pelicans and various birds of prey being fed by the keepers. The monkey jungle (where you can get close with the Squirrel monkeys) also has fixed timings from 1130 – 1300 and 1400 – 1530 hrs so ensure you are in the park during these times to maximize your experience. 

Check out the penguin colony

I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t go all “ga-ga” over the adorable penguins.

boulders beach penguin colony

Seeing the African penguins at Boulder’s beach was on my bucket list so I am glad I made it. You can watch penguins taking a dip, roosting with their babies or just enjoy their funny ‘Charlie Chaplin’ walk.

mom and baby penguin penguin colony at boulders

Entry fee and timings – Summer: 0800 – 1830 hrs // Winter: 0800 – 1700 hrs , Adults 65 R, Children 35 R

Tip – Its a really small place and you can cover it entirely within 30 mins. So plan a couple of other things en-route or around Simon’s town to fully utilize your day and pack it with options.

Check out the short walking route 


Take a cable ride up table mountain

One of the best ways to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty is to get on top of the table – literally.

top of table mountain

Take a rotating cable car all the way up to the top of the table mountain. Beware! You will be awe-stuck by the scenic 360 degree views so prepare yourself for some splendid sights.

view from top of table mountain

Entry fee and timings – 0830 – 1700 hrs in Summers, Adult 240 R, Children 115 R. For detailed timings and operations hours/discounts please click here

Tip – Buy your tickets online to avoid standing in queue or visit after 1400 hrs to avoid the mad rush. If you visit later, you will get less time as it closes around 1730 hrs (in summers) so if you want to stay longer book in advance and save time. Stay tuned to their website to check weather conditions and average waiting time in queue before you book or plan your day. 

Chill at the V & A waterfront

The Victoria and Alfred waterfront is a popular place to chill in Cape Town with plenty of boutique outlets, shopping mall, helicopter rides, boat trips, restaurants and breweries to boast off. You can enjoy a seal watching harbor tour or if you are brave enough, dive with the sharks. With non stop live entertainment , cape wheel and train rides for kids – there are many options at V & A.

cape wheel v & a

Entry fee and timings – It is free to enter V & A but Cape wheel is 100 R (Approx $7). 

Tips – Its an excellent place to enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants by the bay. So visit during lunch/dinner hours and enjoy some gastronomical delights. If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town visit African Safari Home for a list of excellent hotels in and around the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and greater Cape area. 

Drive along the scenic Chapman’s peak route 

Located 15 kms south of Cape, Chapman’s peak offers sensational coastal views along winding roads. Although, I really liked several routes in Cape as I rented a car for self-drive (best decision ever), this was one of the most breathtaking. With several spots along the short 20 minute route to stop and soak in the view, Chapman’s is surely a must-experience in Cape. I went during a thunderstorm and I could see dark clouds and choppy waters hitting the cliffs – it was quite daunting and surreal. For me, as a thrill seeker, it was quite a rush but it is definitely not advisable for safety reasons.

chapmans peak scenic route

Entry fee and timings – Toll fee 40 R per vehicle, Open always (Weather permitting) 

Tip – Avoid this drive during rains as roads can get very slippery and driving can get tricky. Always check weather, visibility and road status on their site before visiting. 

Have you ever visited Cape Town? Did any of these make it to your top list?

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  1. We’re taking in 5 days in Cape Town this coming August, so it was perfect timing that I stumbled upon your post! Thanks for the tips – we’re really looking forward to the penguin colony, and to hiking through Table Mountain for some wildlife experiences 🙂

    • Megan, you will surely love Cape Town. If you are looking for hikes and wildlife, check out the West Coast National Park which is 2 hours from CT. I wish I had more time as the park was on my list but sadly, I could not make it. Huge tip – 2 weeks in SA is too less 🙁

  2. Those monkeys are so cute!!!I haven’t been to South Africa yet, but your photos are so great. Hopefully I can go see the penguins one day!!

  3. I love this post, it’s inspirational! I really want to go to South Africa, get to know it and then take a ferry to St. Helena Island 🙂

  4. I’m going to go ahead and bookmark this as Cape town is on my to do list. Absolutely beautiful photos, I especially like the 360 views from up high!

  5. Jo this is such a great list! There must be something wrong with someone who doesn’t go ‘ga-ga’ over penguins. Cape Town is on my list so will have to check out the penguin colony. They’re so cute!!!

  6. I also went ga-ga over the penguins. 🙂 But then I also reacted that way when I saw the views from Table Mountain. I’m hoping that travel plans to Cape Town can be made in the next few years — so much to see and do!

  7. I was JUST talking to my boyfriend bout how we both really want to see Capetown someday! He’s more into the crazy shark-diving stuff, so thanks for some more suggestions here that I think we both would like 🙂

    • Actually I had planned to go to South Africa, in the first place, for the crazy shark diving thing but could not do it due to time crunch as it would be an entire day and the good sites are 3 hrs from Cape. Sigh. Well, next time 🙂

  8. I did all of these except for the World of Birds! I loved the penguins so much I went twice! And I did the V & A Waterfront on New Year’s Day which was pretty relaxing because it wasn’t so crowded. I can’t wait to go back to Cape Town!

  9. Wow! There are so many animal activities to do in Cape Town!

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