5 Amazing Exercises to Keep you in Shape While Travelling

There’s no excuse to be letting go of healthy habits when travelling the world. You might be a million miles away from the comfort of your gym at home, but the land and the sea beckon for you to make the most of them and keep your exercise going no matter where you are. Here are five great ways to stay fit during your travels:


yoga girl beach

Imagine standing on a mountain that overlooks a beautiful turquoise sea, meditating to the soundtrack of singing birds. This could be you! Yoga is renowned for its meditative qualities, and when travelling, some of the most beautiful sights beckon for you to use them to your advantage. It’s undeniably so, so good for your body, too – yoga combines strengthening and stretching with deep breathing and relaxation, something that definitely can’t be said for many other exercises! It’s not uncommon for places to have frequent yoga classes, and so it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if your destination has any to join so that you know the hotspots.


Who said a car is the only way to get around? Hop on a bicycle and traverse gorgeous mountainous terrain or long, winding roads for a workout with a view. It’s a good idea to rent a bike from wherever you’re staying – you’ll likely be able to – and find where the best trails are. Cycling is obviously most beneficial for your legs, as you’ll be working them to push the pedals. Your leg strength and endurance effectively benefit massively, which is definitely a good thing if you’re travelling as you’re bound to be walking a lot, too! Not only do your legs reap the benefits, but your overall body fat will decrease also.


running for travels

You can do it anywhere. Running is the most popular cardiovascular exercise there is, and for good reason – all you need is a good pair of shoes, as recommended by TINZ. You literally can run anywhere, too, so whether you’re by the beach in a quaint little town or staying in a bustling city, you’re bound to find the perfect route for you. By running, you’ll be improving your overall stamina and losing body fat simultaneously, as well as releasing endorphins – the chemical that, when produced by your body, makes you feel happy. Exercising and happiness may not go hand in hand for you, but it’s been scientifically proven!


swim when traveling

Whilst you’re on your travels you’re probably not looking to do lengths of your hotel pool, but swimming is actually one of the most beneficial exercises there is. It definitely counts as cardio but is much more intensive than the majority of other activities – both your arms and your legs have to work for you to swim, and as a result it’s also a great exercise for muscle building. And, of course, you’ll be losing weight – as well as becoming more flexible! Swimming is a great all-rounder that can be done either in the pool, the sea or any other body of water you’re relaxing in. Just make sure not to splash!



If you fancy a challenge, hiking is right up your street… or mountain! Hiking trails are plentiful across the world, all providing a very different experience but guaranteeing that you’ll have a great time wherever you are. Hiking is, once again, a good cardio exercise but it also boosts your energy levels and burns calories. Interestingly, it can also alleviate insomnia, as Live Strong highlight! It’s a very similar exercise to running yet provides a unique experience with its potential to allow you to climb hilly peaks, cross jagged mountains and explore dense forests around the globe.

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