24 Hours in Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

Hotel ibis Delhi Airport is located in the chic Aerocity, just 2.5 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. Due to its close proximity to the airport, it is popular among airline staff, business travelers and leisure travelers alike.

The hotel boasts of modern decor and top notch amenities for travelers. With some of the most unique concepts in the hotel industry and outstanding hospitality, ibis won us over.

My experience at Hotel ibis Delhi Airport

hotel ibis

My husband and I were invited to the lovely ibis hotel and spent a luxurious 24 hours being pampered by their exceptional staff. From our room to the overall decor, facilities and the food – everything was incredible.

Our room at ibis Hotel

As soon as we entered, we were pleasantly surprised by the inviting and cozy room. The decor was modern and matched the red and white tones of rest of the hotel. A lovely elephant greeted us. Okay, it wasn’t a real elephant but the most adorable towel animal I have ever seen and I have pictures to prove –

hotel ibis rooms

Our comfy room and hey check out the cute elephant

yummy macaroons

Oh did I mention we got Macaroons too?

Before I arrived, I was told they have a unique technology to ensure the best night sleep ever called the Sweet Bed. Needless to say, I don’t believe in hearsay and wasn’t convinced at all. 20 minutes after getting into the ultra comfortable bed, I knew they were right. I truly did not want to get out of my bed all day. Out of 24 hours, I think I spent maximum time snuggled up in the most perfect bed I have ever slept on – No kidding!

room at ibis hotel

Room with LCD TV, comfy beds and washroom with sliding door

swimming pool at ibis

Now that’s what I call a room with a view – Check out their huge swimming pool!

The washroom was neat and compact. The sliding door reminded me of the airplane toilets and the compactness was like a cruise cabin loo. Plus, from a hair dryer to all sorts of fancy toiletries, they had everything one would require without seeming cluttered at all.

Compact and neat washroom

Compact and neat washroom

Special perks of staying at ibis Delhi Airport

If you are a guest of ibis, they treat you like royalty. They have thought about every possible need a traveler might have while in transit or here for a stopover in the city to explore. With so many perks, you just cannot go wrong –

Lovely bar with funky graffiti

Lovely bar with funky graffiti

Delhi metro card – ibis Delhi Airport is situated 10 mins walking distance from the nearest metro station. They also offer their guests with metro cards so you can skip the long queues at the counter and get straight to city center in no time. It is faster, easier and very convenient.

Printing and internet workstations – In almost every nook and corner of the hotel, they have desktops for anyone who wants to check an important email or charge their gadgets. Printer facilities are also available in few workstations for guests if you need to print your boarding pass, e-tickets or anything without even stepping out of the hotel. Everything you need, is right there.

Entertainment – Have a few hours in transit and don’t really want to sleep? Well, then play some board games, dine in their 24 hour restaurant – Spice it or have a couple of drinks at Hub. They also serve chips, nachos, peanuts etc at the bar on MRP – This means you can get a pack of Nachos for just Rs 20 ($0.30).  I haven’t seen any other hotel offer that yet! Also while you are at it, check out their cool bar graffiti which changes every few days.

chess at ibis

Fancy a game of Chess?

Female solo traveler wing – With so many women feeling unsafe while in Delhi, especially expats or travelers, ibis Delhi Airport puts their minds at ease with their “all-female” wing. This is perfect for solo females traveling to India.

Food at Spice it – 24 hour in-house dining

Spice it is the lovely multi-cuisine 24 hour restaurant at ibis Delhi Airport.

Spice it at Hotel Ibis

Spice it at ibis Delhi Airport

As you are about to enter, you have to wait and gawk at the unique tea stall. I was delighted by the rustic charm of the stall with a very real ‘Delhi roadside look’. You can self serve hot Indian masala tea anytime into an authentic wooden tea cup.

Delhi roadside style tea stall

Delhi roadside style tea stall

We were greeted by Chef Sandeep Chaudhry who tantalized our taste buds to the core throughout our stay. The best part about the food at Spice it was that everything tasted home made. I am a big fan of home cooked food and if I can get the same flavor in a classy joint, I would jump on it. Plus they had so many unique items on the menu which, honestly, I haven’t seen anywhere else, among popular delicacies. Okay let me ask you if you have ever had  Ajwaini Arbi (Colocasia root) or Kathal Sabji (Jackfruit in gravy) in a buffet anywhere? I know, I haven’t and they were delicious!

Just few of the buffet delights

Just few of the buffet delights

They even have a 5 course Mango menu which starts with a fresh mango drink and ends with mango desserts. The main menu consists of appetizing gourmet dishes like – meat caramelized in mango sauce , mango based pastes with kebabs, chicken and mango salad to name a few. If you are a mango lover, you will absolutely go ga-ga over this special menu.

mango menu

Few items off the special Aam-mazing Mango Menu

Spice it has ample indoor and outdoor seating with separate area for bar and cafe. Outdoor seating is quite amazing with wooden cabanas, comfy sofas and tall stools – something for everyone.

wooden cabanas

Wooden cabans add to the charm and lovely place to dine or chill in evenings

So if you are still no convinced, just book a room and try it out yourself!

Here’s a video to show the true ibis experience

Booking information

Website – https://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-7484-ibis-delhi-airport/index.shtml
Email – H7484-RE@ACCOR.COM
Telephone – (+91)11/43020202

Special Thanks to – Amisha from Accor Hotels for the seamless collaboration, Anuj and his team (especially Vaibhav since we had a chance to talk at leisure) for the splendid hospitality, lovely mementos and unforgettable VIP treatment.

Disclaimer – We were guests of ibis Delhi Airport and I was truly floored by their hospitality, array of amenities for guests and the delightful food. The review and experience is 100% my own and unbiased in any way. 


  1. I love that they have a female-only wing! The buffet sounds amazing, too. Mmm… now I want Indian food. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous accommodations. I liked the towel animal you received at check-in as well as they incredibly dark-dyed macaroons. 😉 yum! The hotel looks very clean and stylish.

  3. Looks like such a fun experience! That Sweet Bed sounds heavenly. Love that there are games to play and so much delicious food!

  4. Looks like a great place to stay, especially if you are having a long layover. I like the idea of the women’s wing. Great way to make sure people feel comfortable.

  5. What a great hotel to stay in, it looks so classy and comfortable. I love finding towel origami on my bed whenever I check in to a new room!

  6. The all female wing sounds like a great idea! How thoughtful of them to think of their guests’s comfort that way and deliver.

  7. I like hotel airports that have food available for 24 hours. There is nothing worse then coming in from a late flight only to find out every food place is closed. If I eat at Spice It, I definitely want to try the 5 course mango meal. Yum!

  8. Once I also enjoyed the most luxurious bad I have ever slept in one hotel residence and it can’t be better! Unfortunately there are still lots of hotels that don’t care about the beds. They don’t understand one thing… that their guests are there to sleep! 🙂

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