11 Reasons to Go on a Bike Trip

Motorcycles are the best bet to beat the city’s maddening traffic— we all know this one reason of hopping on a bike and going out on a vacation. But do you know, there are many other reasons for taking a bike vacation or let me make it straight— there are many reasons to love your bike vacation? Let’s know them.

Biking in Philippines

Biking in Philippines

  1. Catch the beauty of nature: How often do wake up early simply to appreciate the beauty of nature? When was the last time, you dragged yourself out of your comfy bed to admire the sunrise? Unfortunately, in today’s hustle bustle of life, we have lost contact with our Mother Nature. Though, it may sound cliché’, there is nothing amazing like going out on a bike vacation and reconnect with the nature. As it is said, four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul, a bike vacation unshackles you and your journey so that you can behold the beauty of nature in your eyes.
  2. Peaceful sleep: When was the last time you had a peaceful sleep? You win my sympathy by saying— You don’t remember. Yes, it’s the harsh reality of today’s time that nearly 20% people in the world are sleep deprived and many resort to sleeping tablets to get the daily dose of shut and open eye. But there is no tossing, turning and resting for a person who has been engrossed in peddling relentlessly for 6 hours or pushing the accelerator (in case of motor bikes) non stop. After a long and tiring journey, flopping down on a hard bed is just as satisfying as checking into a 5 star hotel.
  3. Get Vitamin D: Though, a car looks great when it comes to comfort, it restricts your exposure to the Sun. Yes, some dose of Vitamin D is necessary for your body and therefore, not getting enough sunlight can deteriorate your mood and more alarming, a deficiency of Vitamin D is linked to cardiovascular ailments. So, go out on your motorcycle and soak in Vitamin D.
  4. Meet new people: As they say, “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason”, and when you are on a bike, many people cross your path. By socialising with a constant stream of new people, you are exposing yourself to some great and exciting ideas, which will surely reflect on your personality.
  5. Burn calories: It requires efforts while riding a motorcycle to maintain balance, shift brake, control the clutch, etc. As your body muscles fight with the wind to stay on a bike, this resistance helps you burn calories along with strengthening muscles which ultimately boosts your metabolism. Folks who go out on long motorcycle journeys burn nearly 600 calories per hour. Anything which makes you slimmer, fitter, and smarter should always be in your book!
  6. Conquer the obstacles: You are wrong if you think that your journey will be pleasant and stress-free. Any unwelcome situation can arise to disrupt your otherwise smooth bike journey. However, the feeling of crossing every obstacle and emerging as a winner is something which is indescribable. It’s the suffering that reminds us—that all you need is strong willpower and nothing is impossible. When you are on a bike trip, you don’t know where you will sleep or eat but what you will discover is that there is always a place to sleep, food to eat and friendly folks to give you company. A motorcycle trip helps you deal with the oddity of life and any set of circumstances that life may throw at you.
Driving end to end while doing stunts on the bike

Dirt biking in Laos

  1. Get freedom: Many of you might have already heard the famous cliché’ that says, travelling is all about the journey not the destination. Perhaps no other mode of transportation can give you freedom like a motorcycle. Go where you want to, stop when you want to, do anything you want to—your ‘chariot’ will obey your instructions.
  2. Push yourself: Sometimes, a sudden jolt is required to realise how much we are capable of. A bike ride is no less than a reality check of our strength— Over 200 kms in one long haul is indeed a good feeling.
  3. Know yourself: When you spend hundreds of empty hours hunching over handlebars, you get plenty of time to contemplate about life. The steady turns of the wheels induces an almost serene state that gives you ample time to think about yourself.
  4. Create some magical moments: A spontaneous race to the hill with local people on bikes, or a cup of tea in a mud hut of a family—that’s the kind of adventure only a biker can experience.
  5. Contribute towards social causes: Did you know, in 2016, four women went on a bike tour across South Asia to propagate India’s ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ campaign everywhere? Over the last few years, a spurt has been recorded in the number of people taking up motorcycle tours for social causes. Indeed, it is a good feeling when you know that your biking can make people aware about something good!

That’s it, there are definite health advantages of a bike vacation, both physically and emotionally. As always, ride smart. Get a proper training before taking your bike on a long-distance journey and never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even one shot of beer is enough to increase your reaction time and hamper clutch operation and turning ability.

Also, don’t forget to buy a motorcycle insurance before going on a bike trip. You never know what life has in store for you or in other words, you never know whom you will meet at the end of the road, so go with a comprehensive bike insurance that will protect you and your journey from both natural and man-made calamities like accidents, fire, storm, flood, theft, etc. Moreover, if during a trip, you run out of the fuel or your bike suddenly breaks down due to mechanical issues, the roadside assistance rider will come to your rescue.

So, when there are lots of reasons to go on a bike vacation, why should you wait?

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