10 Reasons Why I love the Beach Life

Updated – 20th July 2017

I have always been a true blue beach bum by heart (Okay I absolutely love the Jungles too). But, to stay on topic – I love the beach. Period.

Give me a sun bed, a beer and a book – I can just lay there like a crocodile all day long – I am not kidding! Okay, well, maybe a couple of beers – Burp!

Now, why do I love being close to water so much, you might wonder? Well, here’s my personal view and top 10 reasons why I head to the beach every chance I get.

10 Reasons Why I love the beach

i love the beach

Living on a tropical island with palm fringed trees is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? However, I love the beach because of how it makes me feel, rather than the aesthetic factor (though it adds to that wonderful feeling). I have no idea why do people like the beach, I am sure everyone has their own reasons but for me, here’s what matters –

Water sports/activities

Being close to the sea means you can enjoy an array of water sports and activities like – surfing, jet ski, kayaking, boat trips, snorkeling, deep sea diving and so much more. These activities not just keep you fit but form a major part of your vacation.

Getting ready to snorkel in Phi Phi

Getting ready to snorkel in Phi Phi

Chilling Factor

Beer on the beach , chill music at the shacks , sound of waves – all adds to the chilling factor of a beach destination.

Beer on the beach adds to the chilling factor

Beer on the beach adds to the chilling factor

Beach Parties

Beach parties are my favorite – I would rather shake a leg on a beach than in a club (Well, a club close to the beach works well for me too – lol). Places like Krabi, Boracay, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Ibiza, Koh Rong – all make for excellent beach party locales.

Buckets of crazy at the full moon party

Buckets of crazy at the full moon party

Catch of the day

I am a big foodie so being close to the sea means one thing –  SEAFOOD! Enjoy fresh seafood at the beach shacks and don’t miss the “Catch of the Day“.

Catch of the day at Philippines

Catch of the day at Philippines

Calming effect

Walking on sand & watching the waves has an extremely calming effect on me and surely one of the top reasons I love beach life. In that very moment, just looking over the waves, I seldom forget everything and just savor the moment. Sunsets – Ahhh the amazing sunsets at the beach. Just watching the sun go down over the sea is simply breathtaking. It is also a great time for self refection and introspection.

Watching the waves - Phuket

Watching the waves – Phuket

Stunning views

I am a sucker for palm trees dotting the horizon – That’s the view I want to wake up to everyday.

i love the beach

Stunning view Anjuna, Goa

Beach Umbrellas

Oh the colorful beach umbrellas are super adorable. Give me a chance and I will probably work under a beach umbrella at my home – But then, I would rather blog from a beach paradise instead. I love beaches and anything to do with them as you can see.

Cute Beach Umbrellas Bali

Cute Beach Umbrellas Bali


Beach, sea, waves, palm trees, sunsets – all make for excellent back drops for your awesome photos. It’s no wonder that my camera is out of my bag as soon as I hit the beach.

beach life

Posing on the beach – Ashwem, Goa!

Laid back vibe

Bike around small beach towns and enjoy their ever calm and laid back lifestyle. Coming from a big metropolitan city, I crave for this peace and tranquility without any pressure to win the rat race. It’s just the entire aura which makes you let go and relax.

Biking around Phuket

Biking around Phuket

Friendly people

Now if you have ever been to a beach town Vs a big metro city, you would know exactly what I am talking about. People living in/around the sea are much more friendly and I know why – if you have 10 reasons to love where you live, you would be smiling too – I know I would.

Love the beach

Love the beach

So, now you have 10 reasons why I love the beach but are you a beach bum like me too? Do you like the beach as much as yours truly? Say yay and state your reasons in comments below.


  1. I was always a mountain/lake/river girl myself, but when I married my husband (who is a beach bum), I realized all the amazing stuff about beaches! And my favorite is probably the people that I meet on the beach. 🙂

  2. Hey Jo! I am not a beach person, but after reading your article I think there is something I can learn from you — being able to chill and relax. So far, I just can’t do nothing and lay on the beach. How do you do that?! 😀
    And, of course, I totally share your love for seafood. What can be more tasty than that? 🙂

  3. Christine Krzyszton March 2, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    You look so happy on a beach so that must be where you should be all of the time. I am not a beach person but love looking at the water and being on the water. Enjoyed reading about why you love it so much.

  4. Lovely post, I love the beach as well, I grew up inland and now am closer to the water. It has such a calming effect that I can really relate to 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree more! I love beaches. I don’t care if it’s cold or warm I love spending my time there. Especially over summer for beach parties aswell and just sunbathing and enjoying 🙂 Great post! xx


  6. I love the beach too! I don’t live near one so my beach visits usually only occur during holiday times. But I’m the same with my camera – practically attached to my hand on the beach – particularly around sunset!

  7. Nothing better than watching the sunset on the beach!

  8. I love spending time at the beach, it is such a relaxing place and you round up pretty much sums up why I love the beach so much.

  9. Love the
    beach for the same reasons, but also always enjoy being back in the city 🙂

  10. Does their need to be a list of reasons? haha if you don’t love the beach you’re crazy! All the reasons you listed are why you should love the beach.

  11. I wish I could live near a beach. It’s amazing how the beach breeze just takes all your stress away! I’m totally a beach bum!

  12. Amen! The beaches back home are pretty nasty so it’s extra rewarding chilling out on beautiful beaches when we’re away.

  13. Love the beach life! I grew up and live in Colorado so husband and I are taking the plunge and moving to Thailand to Ko Samui and Ko Phangan for 6 months this year! Hahah hitting the Full Moon Party for a second time 😉

  14. I’m a beach girl too and I couldn’t agree more on the reasons why you love the beach life. I always prefer the beach over cities, the former is just much more relaxing and yes – people are friendlier too. 🙂

  15. Most Filipinos I know love the beach. We are the sort who were born of the sea! I love the laid back beach vibe and especially the party scene but I can’t handle the sand. The scenery is so beautiful so how could you not feel inspired by the visuals of the dazzling ocean?? 😀

  16. I love the beach myself, but I hate what it does to my skin. I lived in Okinawa for 3 years and while that was incredibly beautiful, I also got tired of wearing shorts and flip flops all the time. I love to dress up! Great post and I agree with most of what you said!

  17. I NEED to try diving and more water sports this summer!! Who doesn’t enjoy the beach too 🙂

  18. I love the beach too and resonate with your first reason: activities. Sitting and looking out at sea is nice and all but if I’m not in the water boogie boarding or swimming around, I’d be really bored actually. It’s way more fun when you’re moving 🙂

  19. I love a day at the beach to unwind, but after a while I need some action so I love getting out in the waves, snorkelling and diving or looking for great cliffs to jump off of.

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